Here’s The Best Restaurants For FIU Students

By Natalie Alatriste
FIU’s Modesto Maidique Campus is located in the heart of Kendall, making it difficult to find anything other than a fast-food joints or chain restaurants to dine at. Here are some of the best places in or around FIU, including some you may not even know exist.

Chili’s Too! on campus

Though anyone associated with FIU knows about Chili’s Too, it has earned its place on this list for one reason. This eatery may not have its mother restaurant’s full menu, but it does have one important thing: the only bar on campus. This is the only spot you can find alcohol on FIU grounds, located in the Graham Center. For the menu, click here.

Moe’z Express

No, this isn’t the Moe’s Southwest Grill that you’re probably thinking. Open until 3 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays, this restaurant is ideal for those with a serious case of the late-night munchies. Moe’z serves an array of different cuisines, ranging from healthy options—you will even find a paleo menu—to comfort food. FYI: This is the place that crushes potato chips and puts it on hot dogs, quesadillas and maicitos. You can also find a hearty steak or lean chicken for dinner. YUM! It’s located at 10544 S.W. 8th Street. Check out the menu here.

specialTEA Lounge & Café

One of the area’s best-kept secrets. This tea lounge serves over 60 premium loose-leaf teas and tisanes, and it’s also the only café in Miami-Dade that serves local, organic, certified-Fair Trade coffee, according to its website. And specialTEAisn’t just good for tea and coffee. The wraps, sandwiches, salads, and bites are also top notchg! It’s all very fresh—there’s no false advertising here. The café is located at 10766 Coral Way. Check out the menu and read more about it here.

Bustelo Café on campus

This Cuban


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