The Miami Heat Didn’t Pick This Male Dancer Even Though He Is Clearly Amazing

Look we don’t know a whole lot about dancing at Rise Miami News. But Keith Wilson seems to have it all.
Flair. Pizazz. Short shorts.
As first reported by Local 10 News, Wilson tried out for the Miami Heat Dance troupe last week and was the centerpiece of a routine choreographed to “Run The World (Girls)” by Beyonce.
As the video from Local 10 reporter MJ Acosta shows, Wilson was clearly pretty damn good.

Despite his obvious abilities, Wilson did not earn a spot on the Heat dance team.
Now Wilson goes back to his day job as an instructor at Executive Vibes Contemporary Dance Theater in Miami.
“The Mission is to develop dancers who possess technical proficiency, creative liberty, a prospective on aesthetics, a dancer that thinks critically, and appreciates them for being artistic,” a statement explaining the theater’s mission says on Facebook. “Furthermore it is an organization that desires to re-define the prospective of youth and teens artistry within society.”
Safe to say that Wilson has been doing that for years.
Cover Photo Credit: Screenshot of MJ Acosta video/Local 10
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