Indiana Cops Force Man Out of Car at Gunpoint as Pregnant Wife Goes Into Labor in Gut-Wrenching Video

James and Dana Reiner had a experience with police that no one should have to go through.
As James was driving his pregnant wife to the hospital in January of 2012 in Indiana, Portage police officer Anthony Dandurand tried to pull them over.
But Dana’s water had broke, so James continued driving to the hospital, calling 911 to explain to the dispatcher that his wife was about to give birth and needed to get to the hospital as quick as possible.
Rather than communicate the message to the officer, the dispatcher advised the Reiner’s to pull over to inform the pursuing officer of the situation at hand.
The video shows James pulling over, and Officer Anthony Dandurand yelling, “On the ground! On your face now! Get on your fucking face!”
James pleaded with the officers that his wife was pregnant.
Officer Dandurand asserted that he didn’t care.
Dana was screaming in pain during the entire ordeal.
After 20 minutes of being detained by officers, an ambulance finally shows up only to get to a hospital that is 10 miles away. When a woman is pregnant every minute counts, and these officers didn’t take the baby, mother or father into consideration.
James even asked one of the officers if he could get up off the ground, and the officer told James to stay right there on the ground; this was after the police had established the fact that Dana was pregnant and in labor.
The reckless officers even went so far to mock the father while he was face down on the ground and handcuffed, saying, “perhaps we should taser him”,
One officer stated, “Now you’re going to be in the Lake County jail when your kid is born. That’s what’s going to happen.”
“Did you tase him?” another cop asked.
“No,” replied another officer.
“It’s not too late, is it?” said a cop.
“You want


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