CD 7 race features millionaire candidates, John Mica and Stephanie Murphy

Republican U.S. Rep. John Mica and his Democratic opponent, Stephanie Murphy, in Florida’s 7th Congressional District are the two wealthiest congressional candidates in Central Florida this year, each with net worths topping $1 million.
Mica’s net worth ranges between $3 million and $9 million, most of it tied up in real estate, according to his latest personal financial disclosures filed for this year.
Thanks to various trust funds held by her husband, Sean Murphy, which she lists, Stephanie Murphy is not far behind. Her personal financial disclosure, filed this week — later than it should have been, according to federal rules — shows their combined net worth ranging between $2.4 and $4.8 million.
Among five congressional races in Central Florida, — Congressional Districts 6, based in Volusia County; 7 in Seminole and northern Orange counties; 8 in Indian River, Brevard and east Orange counties; 9 in Osceola County, eastern Polk County and southern Orange; and 10 in west Orange — the contest between Mica and Murphy is the only one featuring two millionaires, according to disclosures.
[Democratic nominee Bill McCullough in Florida’s 6th Congressional District has not filed his statement yet. He has sought two time extensions but both have expired. He said it was an oversight involving a contractor, and the disclosure would be filed yet this week.] Mica’s disclosures have changed little over the years, and he has been one of Florida’s wealthiest six or seven members of Congress for a long time. He lists six-figure cash savings in two banks, almost no stock, condominium units in Cocoa Beach and Washington D.C., a home in Winter Park, and several rental properties, all apparently fully paid off. He lists no liabilities.
His income includes his congressional salary of $174,000 plus rental payments that range somewhere from $42,000-$130,000 a year.
Murphy’s financial disclosure is far more complex, thanks largely to the inclusion of her husband’s holdings and incomes. There are a


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