Val Demings, Stephanie Murphy condemn Donald Trump visit to Sanford

Recalling her childhood growing up in segregated and then racially-volatile Jacksonville, Democratic congressional candidate Val Demings condemned Donald Trump Tuesday on his visit to Sanford, declaring, “his divisive, sexist, and racist rhetoric is not welcome here!”
Demings, a candidate in Florida’s 10th Congressional District, and Democrat Stephanie Murphy, a candidate in Florida’s 7th Congressional District, joined a small rally of a few dozen Hillary Clinton supporters in Sanford early Tuesday afternoon to counter Trump’s rally a few miles away at the Orlando-Sanford International Airport.
“I come to you today, the daughter of a maid and janitor. I stand before you as an African American woman. And I have seen this country, the United States of America, navigate through some very dark days. But it was also during those days that I saw leaders of all races and even of all parties work together to unite and not divide us,” Demings said. “Donald Trump is spiraling out of control.
“And he has demonstrated that he will take anybody with him who is willing to go with him,” she continued. “His divisive, sexist and racist rhetoric is not welcome here! And I know in my heart, a person who has had tremendous opportunity in this country, I know in my heart [that his rhetoric] does not reflect in the majority of people living and working in the Untied States of America.”
Demings and Murphy countered Trump’s rally within Florida’s 7th Congressional District, where Murphy is taking on Republican, 12-term incumbent U.S. Rep. John Mica of Winter Park. The district covers all of Seminole County and much of north-central and northeast Orange County. Demings is taking on Republican nominee Thuy Lowe of Sorrento in CD 10, which is southwest of CD 7, covering west Orange County.
For weeks, Murphy has been trying to link Mica with Trump. Mica


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