Stalking Away The First Amendment: Part 1

Homestead Police Department (HPD) has silenced the First Amendment with false stalking charges and restraining orders.
Their abuses leading to two of my three false arrest, and to me being served with four frivolous restraining orders.
Sadly, such abuses are not limited to Florida, and occur nationwide.
I have researched this new trick in the police playbook being used to stalk away the First Amendment.
PINAC presents this series as a case study on such stalking abuses in Florida and across the country.
Included are discussions on the federal subsidies which create disincentives to fixing the problem, and discussions on Florida stalking law related to the First Amendment and online activities.
The focus is on cops who violate the law, yet when exposed hide behind laws meant for the protection of battered and abused women.
HPD’s actions inspired creation of the Coward of the Month award, with John Monaco being the first nominee.
[youtube] My Transgressors Choose To Invoke God
Some may choose to skip over this section, but being a Christian I must oblige these officers with truth as they are lacking in knowledge.  
Generally, I leave the good Lord out of secular discussions, but HPD officers John Monaco (video above) and Alejandro Murguido (email) blasphemously invoke God.
They bear false witness against their neighbors, not just me, breaking laws as ancient the Decalogue.
Swearing oaths to be the keepers of the law, they do not keep it themselves, instead lording it over others.
I am just waiting for them to abuse scripture, while claiming a blessed status.
Like the Pharisees they lower their profession to one of revenge and tax collection for their temple (City Hall), simultaneously claiming hero status and victimhood.
Hypocrites, Ye Brood of Vipers!
This fight is not against flesh and blood, but against principalities.
I pray for them, while rebuking them, praying they would repent of their sin, turning back to God.
Regardless, their intimidation will never force me into quietly walking away while they continue unrepentant in their crimes against humanity.
OK Back To Secular Earthly Damnation
This began when I asked HPD Officer Murguido


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