WATCH: Phoenix Cops Handcuff Man for Video Recording Police Station from Public Sidewalk for “Safety” Reasons

Phoenix cops handcuffed and detained a man for 35 minutes for recording on a public sidewalk outside a police station, citing “safety” reasons.
The man’s name is Elijah Wesbrock, according to his YouTube channel.
But the two officers who detained him apparently were unable to pry that information from him during the entire time they harassed, intimidated, handcuffed and frisked him for weapons.
They even turned off his camera, which was when they threatened to confiscate it, telling him he would be unable to retrieve it without providing his name.
But Wesbrock says he never gave it up.
This is how he describes it on his YouTube description:
I wish you could hear the things they said after they shut off my camera! The funniest was that if I didn’t provide my name they would have to put my camera in the impound and list it under John Doe hahaha! They said it would be nearly impossible to get it back if that was the case! LIES!!!!! Know your rights!
Wesbrock recorded three videos from the incident, posting them on Monday, including the main video of the detainment, a second video of them driving away after detaining him and a third video of them appearing to try and follow him through a muddy field as he walks away.
The first video starts off with two cops pulling out of the parking lot and driving up to him as he stands on a public sidewalk outside a police station; a male officer and a female supervisor.
“You have your ID, bud?” the male cop asks after stepping out of his car and walking up to him.
Then the female cop saunters up and starts pawing on him while pondering, “Why are you taping the police department?”
“Please keep your hands off me, officer,” Wesbrock replies.
“Is there a reason why you’re photographing the


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