WATCH: Ohio State Police Release Dash Cam Video Showing Cop Overreacting by Releasing Attack Dog

The Ohio State Highway Patrol released dash cam video from Monday’s incident in which they released a police dog on a man trying to record his cousin’s arrest.
The dash cam video shows the cop trying to pull over Samuel Tolbert for driving without a license plate, but Tolbert did not appear to realize he was being pulled over until after he pulled up into the driveway of his cousin’s house.
The video shows the cop was stuck behind another car when he turned on his sirens, but by then, Tolbert had driven off.
But the cop apparently took it personal, so when he pulled up behind Tolbert in his driveway, he threatened to release his dog to attack him.
“I’m sending the dog if you get out of the car,” the cop yelled as Tolbert was stepping out, who appeared surprised that the cop had pulled up behind him.
“Get down on the ground! Get down on the ground! Get down on the ground!” the cop continued to yell.
But Tolbert appeared to be telling the officer that he needed to corral his dog that was in the front yard, so the cop told him to “get the dog.”
However, when Tolbert stepped out of frame to get the dog, the cop apparently started fearing for his life, running after him with his taser drawn, yelling at him to “get down on the ground.”
That was when Tolbert’s cousin, Dannie Oliver, who was outside taking out his garbage, also stepped out of frame with his phone, trying to record.
So now all three are out of frame, including the house dog, who can be heard whining as the sound of a scuffle can be heard.
The cop tells Oliver to go back inside, but Oliver says he is on his own property.
Oliver then steps back into the frame, which is when Tolbert


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