Donald Trump campaigned as a disrupter, begins governing by chaos

Trump’s temporary halt to the U.S. refugee program — the most consequential policy he’s unveiled in his presidency’s opening days — wreaked havoc at airports and sparked protests across the country. The order left Trump’s own government agencies scrambling, his Republican Party divided and allies around the world uneasy. A federal judge issued an emergency order temporarily blocking part of the measure, setting up a legal battle ahead.
Trump could have avoided at least some of these consequences. He could have consulted significantly with the agencies tasked with implementing the order. He could have delivered a speech explaining his action and its intent in detail to the American people. His team could have prepared a contingency plan for the newly banned travelers already en route to U.S. as Trump signed the order.
Instead, Trump showed that not only does he intend to follow through on his controversial campaign promises, he plans to do so in the spirit of the mandate his advisers believe he has: disrupting Washington and setting fire to the playbook its leaders have long relied on.
It’s not clear whether the White House acted Friday knowing the consequences that would follow. But Saturday, as protesters crowded U.S. airports where legal U.S. residents were stuck in limbo, the president declared he was pleased with the results.
“It’s working out very nicely,” Trump said Saturday.
Trump is known to tolerate considerable instability and fluidity in his inner circle. His campaign was often improvisational and unpredictable, driven at times by the split decisions of the candidate. As a chief executive of a private company, Trump rarely had to contend with the complexity or scrutiny involved in operating the federal government.
Even before the chaos surrounding the refugee restrictions, Trump was sowing confusion in his first days in office.
He announced an investigation into voter fraud — on


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