Blake Dowling: The Russian (hackers) are coming

We hear about the Russian mob and Russian hackers all the time, especially in politics and technology.
The Russian mob is all over the dark web selling ransomware toolkits and fake credit cards. The Russians created ransomware, a threat that continues to wreak havoc all over the world in various forms.
We can’t all be comedian Bert Kreischer and be friends with the Russian mob. Nice work, Machine.
See the Showtime special about Bert in Russia if you dare. I knew Bert when he was a young Florida State frat boy (ATO) and was always up for a rowdy evening.
You can see the clip here; be warned, it contains adult language.
Moving on …
In recent years, talk has moved from the Russian mob and hackers to the Russian government.
We all know the stories about the Democratic National Committee emails and stories of our new POTUS (An acronym I hate, by the way. So annoying. I used it just to bother myself).
So, what is really going on? Is the Russian state backing hackers to cause chaos around the globe, interfering with our elections, communications and media? It would certainly appear so.
Let’s be real, their president does not mess around; their Olympic Athletes are more juiced up than an Orange Grove, and their attempts at hacking appear to be legit, but the Kremlin has always denied involvement.
Bulgaria, Germany, France, Britain and the U.S. – all targets of various types of cyber-attacks.
Last month, a joint report by the National Security Agency, CIA, and FBI concluded that the Russian intelligence services did, in fact, target U.S. organizations involved with our most recent presidential election.
Their goal? To create chaos, steer public opinion and disrupt our democratic processes.
This type of warfare has been going on for years, but in the past year, it has really taken a more public spin.


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