Blake Dowling: Drones, drones everywhere — Super Bowl to Prison

Yay sports!
Or “yay ball,” as one of my techie staff members used to say (she had zero interest in football, etc.)
Yay sports, indeed. This weekend was awesome for sports, with the most thrilling Super Bowl ever. And I also attended the Kentucky-Florida basketball game; what a battle in the brand-new Gville arena.
If you love hoops, watching 6 of the top 10 teams get knocked out Saturday was exciting; for Gator fans, a 20-point whipping of Kentucky (doesn’t happen often) so we get to enjoy that one for a while.
Fast forward to Sunday; seeing Lady Gaga bring the thunder in her Super Bowl halftime performance, then wondering how she got on the roof.
Also, on another subject, a huge shoutout to LG for her message of unity and being pro-America. So many haters out there nowadays. Best country ever, 42 years as a resident. No plans to leave — regardless of Carter, Reagan, Clinton, Bush, Obama, Trump or whoever is in the White House.
I would stay even if Lady Gaga was president. Cool outfit she was rocking; very presidential.
There is no need to comment on a flying drone pug, is there?
So, how are there lights in the sky above the game?
My dad lives in Houston and the only flights he says are allowed around the Dome game weekend are Military Black Hawk choppers. So, what are those lights again?
Drones, my friend.
Each dot is actually a flying drone, part of Intel’s Shooting Star Drone squad. Each one is about a foot long and covered in LED lights. The drones are all programmed from a central location that runs a dance routine.
Talk about a big stage, taking account the fact that security was as tight as any game in history, the stadium


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