WATCH: Ohio Deputies Pepper Spray Man Strapped in Restraint Chair

A Ohio sheriff’s department once again has been exposed on video pepper spraying a detainee strapped in a restraint chair, a disturbing incident that took place a month after an almost identical video surfaced that was written off as an “isolated” incident by the sheriff who runs the jail.
The practice does not seem very isolated considering the victim in the latest attack expressed fear about getting strapped to the chair before he even saw the chair.
“I’m not going in the chair, am I?” asks Charles Wade as soon as he soon as he steps into the Montgomery County Jail after being arrested on drunk driving charges on October 17, 2016.
Sure enough, deputies announce that they will “chair him,” which means strapping him into a full-body 7-point restraint chair, described as providing “the most secure way to restrain violent or combative prisoners while ensuring officer safety.”
“I am not resisting,” Wade says in the video. “I’m not doing anything to fight you guys. If you cause any pain, my lawyer will know about it.”
He also repeatedly pleads that “I can’t breathe” as they pepper spray him multiple times.
Montgomery County Sheriff Phil Plummer
The video was obtained by a local journalist and activist named David Esrati who posted it on his website, showing Wade being processed at Montgomery County Jail on drunk driving charges.
Esrati, a longtime critic of Montgomery County Sheriff Phil Plummer, described the video as follows:
Charles Alexander Wade is no choir boy. He’s a 37 year old black man who has had his share of run ins with the law. No stranger to the Montgomery County jail, he’s asking if he’s going to be “chaired” as the deputies are removing him from the back of the State Highway Patrol cruiser, where he is lying face down across the backseat, with his hands cuffed behind


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