WATCH: Military Police Arrest Man for Silently Recording from Outside Air Force Base

It was a scene straight out of Nazi Germany.
Except it happened in the land of the free.
A military police officer at Luke Air Force base in Glendale, Arizona was caught on video arresting a peaceful cop watcher who goes by “Silent Citizen” on YouTube.
Because that’s his schtick.
Silent Citizen records police all while never saying a word, refraining from comments, insults or questions solely intended to incriminate the person answering them, which is supposed to be a Constitutionally protected right in the so-called land of the free.
But not in this February 21 video because, ironically, that’s just what Silent Citizen was doing – silently recording from a public crosswalk – when a camera shy, angry Air Force cop approached in a vaguely marked police vehicle, barking orders as if he had broken the law.
“Do you mind putting the camera away?” the Air Force cop asks, glaring at Silent Citizen for daring to have a camera out in public near the Luke Air Force Base, recording various things in plain, public view.
Isn’t the purpose of the military to protect our freedoms, not violate them?
“Do you mind putting the camera away?” the cop asks Silent Citizen, requesting he relinquish his protected freedoms.
His orders are met with silence.
“Do you mind putting the camera away?” the military cop with the name Ledford printed across his uniform repeats.
“Do you speak English?”
Silent Citizens remains silent.
“Do you speak English?”
The Air Force cop responds to Silent Citizens silence, radioing in to dispatch.
“B-dog, this is Police 2. Individual is being . . . non-compliant,” he whines to the dispather.
“Sir, I’m gonna ask you again to put the camera away,” the Air Force cop requests.
“Alright! I need you to put the camera away,” the obviously angry cop barks.
Apparently feeling threatened at this point, Silent Citizen breaks his silence long enough to


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