Connecticut State Troopers Charged with Kidnapping for Beating and Torturing Man at Party

Two Connecticut state troopers were arrested Tuesday for nearly beating a man to death while they were off-duty after a night of heavy drinking and nightclubbing.
The troopers were angry that the man grabbed a woman’s butt at an after-party in one of the trooper’s home.
In classic mob style, the troopers even took pictures of the man’s drivers license in an attempt to dissuade him from telling the police.
Now, both troopers have been suspended and a judge has put them both on house arrest until their day in court.
WFSB reports that on February 18, Connecticut state troopers Xavier Cruz and Rupert Laird were out partying and drinking with friends at Club Karma in Hartford.
After the club closed, the group all went to Cruz’s house in Wethersfield to keep partying and drinking. But things got out of control once the drinks began to settle in.
Feeling extra flirtatious from the alcohol, Felipe Figueroa-Garcia grabbed a female guest by the butt. The woman told the troopers and that is when the torture-style beat-down took place.
The troopers forced Garcia to strip down to bare underwear, all while punching and kicking him more than 50 times.
At one point the troopers whipped out a police baton and began beating Garcia, splattering blood on the refrigerator, walls and floor.
Garcia was even made to stand on a metal cheese grater while on his knees.
“You know I can kill you right? If I was going to kill you no one would find your body,” Laird told Garcia while standing over him, pointing a gun, according to court documents. 
Eventually the troopers ordered Garcia to clean up his own blood, but when did not do a good enough job for them, they beat him again.
When the troopers finally stopped, they took pictures of Garcia’s drivers license and bruised body as a way to


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