New York Cops Profile Man for “Looking Back,” then Demand ID on Front Porch of his House

A New York cop racially profiled a man, approaching the front door of his house and insisting the man identify himself because he “looked back” at the officer as he drove past his house.
Rochester cop Jonathan Laureano insisted Nishean Napier provide him with identification after Napier walked outside to move his mother’s car to the other side of the street so she wouldn’t get a ticket.
As Napier walked outside to move the car while in the middle of making an Instagram post Laureano crept down his street in a police cruiser.
Napier looked back at Laureano, which the cop deemed as suspicious activity,
Laureano turned his car around, parked in front of Napier’s home, got out of his patrol car and approached Napier’s front porch  holding a pen and notepad and began demanding he provide his name, date of birth and phone number.
Napier presses the officer about what prompted him to approach his house to request his ID.
“What’d you just turn around for?” he asks.
“Because I’ve got dreads? Because I’m a black man with dreads?”
Laureano begins fumbling his notepad, contemplating how to explain what he was up to without outright admitting he just racially profiled Napier.
“You better get outta here,” Napier says with a chuckle.
“You got ID, man?” ask Laureano. “Did you say it was inside?”
“It’s in my house.”
“What’s your name man?” Laureano asks, opening his notepad, signaling to Napier he’s ready to write.
“It’s in my house.”
“That’s fine.”
“I don’t have to tell you my name.”
Laureano continues to fumble around with the notepad, indicating he’s still ready.
“What do you want my name for?” Napier wisely asks the cop.
The cop stands silent for a moment.
“Why do you want my name?” Napier ask Laureano slowly, so maybe he’ll answer this time.
“What did you stop for? Did you just profile me, though?”
“No one’s profiling,” Laureano replies, fumbling again


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