Texas Cop Wanted After Staging Suicide, Crossing Border into Mexico

A Texas cop who went missing on April 25 now has a warrant for his arrest after texting a suicide note to his wife, faking his own death then fleeing to Mexico in an inflatable raft.
But it was determined he was not dead after he was recorded on a surveillance camera having a meal at Wendy’s.
Interim Austin Police Chief Brian Manning says officer Coleman Miller Martin’s actions are an “elaborate ruse.”
Austin cop Coleman “Cole” Martin
The Austin Police Department issued an arrest warrant Friday for Martin, 29, and filed criminal charges for filing a false report against the officer – who intentionally sank his car in his efforts to stage his own death.
His vehicle was found Wednesday in Lake Amistad, which is located near the Mexican border.
Detectives learned Martin has a close relationship with a female who is not his wife. She told police his entire disappearance was an attempt to fake his own death and that he’s actually alive.
The woman showed police an email Martin sent her stating his plan to stage his own death had been successful.
Police issued a statewide BOLO or “be on the look out” after they were notified Martin was missing on Tuesday when his wife called 911.
Martin’s wife reported to dispatchers her husband was suicidal and left the house around 10 a.m.
Police say she and Martin exchanged texts throughout the day and at around 10:15 p.m. Martin texted a handwritten note saying he intended on committing suicide by drowning himself in a lake near the Mexican border.
Martin also left a card behind with a note saying he needed some time to himself.
Investigators in the case found Martin withdrew $300 in cash earlier in the day and purchased a raft at a sporting goods store in Austin and was later seen on surveillance video eating food at Wendy’s.
Officer Martin’s debit card records show he bought a rope and concrete


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