Good Cop who didn’t Shoot Suicidal Man with Unloaded Gun Sues West Virginia City for Firing him Over it

A good cop who decided to negotiate with a suicidal man with an unloaded gun instead of killing him filed a lawsuit against the West Virginia city that fired him over it.
The Weirton police officers who did shoot and kill the suicidal man kept their jobs.
According to the suit, officer Ryan Kuzma, who fired the fatal shot that killed 21-year-old Ronald William, sent text messages to the fired officer, Stephen Mader, calling him a “coward” who “didn’t have the balls to save his own life.”
Kuzma added Mader and his mother were “loud mouth pieces of shit” who would get an officer killed – although it appears Mader, a Marine veteran who served in Afghanistan, is anything but a coward.
Stephen Mader was fired for not shooting a man holding an unloaded gun.
After Kuzma fatally shot Williams in the head, it was determined the silver pistol he was holding was not loaded.
Nevertheless,, the Weirton Police Department called Mader a “bad cop” and a “disgruntled” employee” who “froze” during the incident.
It happened on May 6, 2016 after police received a call from Williams’ girlfriend about a domestic dispute.
“The call came in around 2:50 in the morning,” Mader said.
“The whole thing was over by 3:02(a.m.).”
“When he brought his hands from behind his back, he had a silver pistol in his right hand,” Mader recalled.
“I drew my duty weapon and I’m telling him, ‘Put the gun down, put the gun down.’”
“Just shoot me,” Williams told Mader after brandishing an unloaded pistol on him, according to the Huffington Post.
Unaware the silver pistol Williams was holding in his hand wasn’t loaded, Mader observed Williams didn’t appear angry and seemed more depressed.
With his gun drawn on Williams, Mader didn’t view him as an immediate threat,  so he worked to deescalate the situation.
“Saying the words ‘Just shoot me’ sent


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