WATCH: Minnesota Cop’s K-9 Attacks Innocent Woman Taking out Trash; Now She’s Suing

A Minnesota cop’s K-9 attacked an innocent woman as she was taking out her trash in September.
And now she’s suing.
St. Paul cop Thaddeus P. Schmidt failed to maintain control of his police dog that mauled her arm for more than 30 seconds after grabbing her and knocking her to the ground.
“You’re fine,” one officer can be heard telling the woman as he grabs her hand, pulling her away from the dog.
But that only appears to cause her more pain, since the dog’s bite is locked onto her arm pulling her in the opposite direction.
Another officer shouts commands at the dog to stop, but it doesn’t listen and continues mauling the woman.

“Please help me!” Desiree Collins, 52, pleads with the officers.
The dog ignores at least 10 commands from the officers to release the woman and continues to maul her arm for about 30-seconds as she screams for help.
“What you have here is a completely innocent person taking out their garbage, and a K-9 simply wasn’t controlled,” said one of Collins’ attorneys, Andrew Noel.
“It should have never happened.”‘
Officer Schmidt is the only defendant listed in the lawsuit filed by Collins’ attorneys.
Her attorneys claim he violated her right to be free from excessive force and unreasonable seizure in accordance with the Fourth Amendment.
According to the suit, multiple officers were were responding to a burglary call when when Schmidt and Gabe, a 5-year-old German Shepard, began searching for the suspects without any “definitive information” about the suspects’ whereabouts and without any “visual target.”
Schmidt placed Gabe on a long leash then gave three verbal warnings.
“Announce  yourself. Come out now. You will get bit,” Schmidt shouted while standing close to fellow police officers covering him.
“No reasonable officer would have believed that a warning given at this location, sheltered by homes and trees,” the lawsuit says.
“And at


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