New York Man Arrested for Posing as Cop to Get Discount at Starbucks

All he wanted was a law enforcement discount.
A New York man is in hot water after being arrested for impersonating a police officer in order to get a discount on his coffee on December 8.
Mark Setter, 48, flashed a fake badge and a BB gun, demanding a discount at a Buffalo Starbucks around 11 p.m. according to, FOX5NY.
Mark Stetter, 48, of Buffalo, New York
Sporting a gun inside of a holster attached to his belt, and his fake police badge, Stetter claimed he was a detective in order to gain access into the business after it was closed.
According to Buffalo police, Stetter then left Starbucks and attempted to buy a cup of Joe at Spot Coffee after closing time.
It was all fun and games until a coffee shop employee called the fuzz on Stetter.
After police arrested Setter and charged him with menacing, criminal trespassing and impersonating an officer, they determined his sidepiece was actually a BB gun.
This isn’t the first time a civilian was arrested for trying to flex phony blue privilege.
In 2013, authorities arrested Charles “Chuck” Barry after he made two stops flashing a fake badge at Dunkin Donuts in Florida.
Pasco County police said Barry made two stops at a store in Trinity before he was busted and his cover was blown.
After the first stop, a Dunkin Donuts workers told cops Barry was a regular customer who “comes through the drive through and demands a police discount for his order.”
Barry claimed to be a United States Marshal.
Michelle Hoeltk, a Dunkin Donuts employee, told deputies Barry had been “abusing his discount by coming in on the weekends with his family and demanding the discount.”
Hoeltk said Dunkin told Pasco County deputies managers decided to “no longer offer him the discount because of his continuous abuse.”
Eventually, his license plate number was captured on surveillance


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