Florida State Trooper Has Sex with Man’s Wife in Patrol Car

A Florida Highway Patrol trooper resigned Wednesday in the midst of being investigated for having sex on duty with a crash victim.
The crash victim’s husband Robert Abruzzese blew the whistle on the affair after receiving a text message that was sent to his wife’s phone from Trooper Scott Maus. The latest sexual arrangement between trooper Maus and the woman occurred in a church parking lot.
NBC 8 reports that Mrs. Abruzzese got into a car accident on Dec. 8 on Date Palm Boulevard in Port Richey, FL Maus was the responding officer to the scene where four people went to the hospital for critical injuries. But in a strange twist Maus offered to follow Mrs. Abruzzese home to make sure she arrived safely.
Once at Mrs. Abruzzese’s house, Maus exchanged numbers with her. Within days flirtatious text messages began to erupt between the two.
On December 20th Maus and Mrs. Abruzzese met at the Magnuson Hotel on Highway US-19 for sex, Maus was reportedly off duty on this occasion. But then on Dec. 21st Mrs. Abruzzese and Maus had sex in the back of a church parking lot inside of Maus’s patrol car while he was on duty.
On December 22nd Maus sent a text message to Mrs. Abruzzese’s phone saying,
“‘So, do you like being my little whore for a trooper?’
But to Maus’s surprise Mr. Abruzzese had his wife’s phone at the time and replied to the text saying, “I don’t know, let me ask your supervisor.”
In a previous exchange with Mrs. Abruzzese, Maus wrote, “I love your hair and that dress. It really shows off your curves.” Mrs. Abruzzese responded, “You look hot in your uniform. I would love to see you with the hat on too.”
Maus then tried to even things over by offering to get Abruzzese out of traffic tickets via this text message:
“I am very


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