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Lamonte Stewart: A Miami Comic Seeks To Raise His Game In Upcoming Shows

Friday, August 7th, 2015

Sick of the lack of variety in the local comedy scene? Didn’t even know that South Florida had a comedy scene? Need something fun to do tonight in the Magic City? Sick of me asking you questions instead of doing my job?
If you answered yes to any of those questions then local comic Lamonte Stewart is worth checking out.
A Connecticut native, Stewart has lived in South Florida long enough to be considered a local and he is doing something that few attempt in this part of the country- standup comedy.
“There is a decent amount of opportunity to perform in South Florida,” Stewart said. “Whenever I travel, I go to open mics because I like the feeling of going to a new place armed with my material. One thing I notice is that the quality of open mic’ers in South Florida seem better to me and I think that’s because we have so much time onstage to develop.”
Stewart said that he was inspired by Eddie Murphy and other well known comics growing up.
“The Best of Eddie Murphy on SNL and a Sunday night comedy hour on a Hartford radio station got me interested in comedy,” Stewart said. “I wore out the Eddie Murphy VHS tape and when I soon after heard Raw and Delirious, I was beyond floored. Steven Wright, George Carlin, National Lampoon and Cheech & Chong were acts that made a memorable impression early on.”
Stewart wasn’t always the type to stand on stage and make people laugh. As he tells it, he sort of fell into the profession.
“It wasn’t until after college that I went to a comedy show and wasn’t impressed by the comedian who was dismissive of the audience and upon realizing that he was still going to get paid, I started going to open mics in NYC,”

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