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Dangers of Diet Soda

Tuesday, August 11th, 2015

dietsodaIf you are a frequent user of diet soda or artificial sweeteners ” calorie ” , this should interest you , as recent studies found that these products have the opposite effect and can lead to weight gain , diabetes , metabolic syndrome, and heart disease.

The fake sugar basically tricks your body into thinking you’re consuming calories associated with sweet taste. This means that the body does not know how to process this kind of sugar and does not release the hormone that controls blood sugar and blood pressure .

The study was conducted by researchers at Purdue University ( Indiana), which used data on the correlation between diet soda consumption and body mass index ( BMI) of customers using this product.

Susan Swithers , behavioral and professor of psychological sciences at Purdue University neuroscientist , said : “Honestly , I thought diet soda would be slightly better compared to regular soda in terms of health . But in fact , has the opposite effect to what we think . If you eat , you’ve been cheating on your system, so when real sugar is consumed, your body does not know if she should try to process it because it has been fooled by the fake sugar many times “

Swithers and Professor Terry Davidson found that although ” artificial sweeteners may disrupt the body’s natural ability to ‘ count’ calories based on sweetness of food. This finding may explain why a growing number of people in the United States lack the natural ability to regulate food intake and body weight .

Although it seems like common sense that diet sodas would not be as problematic as regular sodas , common sense is not always right .
Increased consumption of artificial sweeteners and high-calorie beverages is not the only cause of obesity , but it can be a contributing factor . It could become a major factor , as more people turn to artificial sweeteners as a means of weight control , while others consume more high-calorie beverages to satisfy your cravings .

A recent report by General Dentristy found that excessive consumption of soft drinks can erode the teeth as much as methamphetamine or crack cocaine . Also, in 2010 a study found a correlation between women who drank diet soda during pregnancy and risk of preterm birth.

Some cases have been documented as that of a woman aged 31 , who suffered heart problems after drinking a soda a day for 16 years because he heard about the risks of diet soda .

Another  Monaco woman was taken to hospital after fainting and told doctors not to drink water since I was 15 years old, a diet soda , and about two liters a day. Doctors found that this woman had very low levels of potassium and a heart condition called QT syndrome, which can cause irregular heartbeat , although she had no family history of heart problems.


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