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WATCH: Georgia Deputies Kill Dog, then Order Owner to Decapitate it

Friday, December 15th, 2017

Georgia deputies forced a man to cut off the head of his dog after shooting it.
Or go to jail.
The man chose to decapitate his dog named Big Boy.
Big Boy’s owner Joe Goodwin recorded the incident with his cell phone.
Crawford County sheriff’s deputy James Hollis arrived at Goodwin’s home after Big Boy allegedly bit two people.
A Crawford County deputy shot the dog moments earlier.
The video begins with Hollis telling Crawford he’ll take him to jail unless he cuts off his dog’s head.
Goodwin wanted to take his dog to the vet.
“I tell you what,” Hollis yells at Crawford.
“I will (sic) takes you to jail and charge you and we’ll see how much a lawyer is then.”
“Charge me for what?”
“When I get there–when I get there and give you the charges.”
“With what? Are you going to make it up”
“I don’t make up anything. I’m gonna give you Georgia law, OK?” Hollis threatens.
“What’s the Georgia law? What law did I break?” Crawford asks.
“I tell you what, sir. You can sit there and try to record all you want, OK. We asking you to cut the dog’s head.”
“And you refusing right?”
“I ain’t even got a fucking knife to cut the mother fucker off,” Crawford tells the deputies before he begins to narrate.
“I have to cut my dog’s head off.”
“Because the cop just told me to.”
“Or if not, I’m going to jail, ya’ll.”
“That man right there. Then when I told him I did not want to cut my dog’s head off. He grabs me by the damn shirt and slams me against the truck, because I’m cussing.”
“It’s not against the law to cuss.”
Crawford County Sheriff Lewis Walker said Hollis shouldn’t have told Crawford to behead his dog.
“They did get someone on the phone with the health department that made an attempt to tell the gentleman what he

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Animal Control Officer Outraged after New Jersey Cop Shot his Dog

Tuesday, November 14th, 2017

An animal control officer is fuming after a New Jersey cop shot his dog.
John Timmins, who’s been an animal control officer in Bergen County for 17 years, said he’s never ordered a police officer to shoot an animal.
After his dog “Wildfire,” a four-year-old American Bulldog, was shot by Passaic cop Samuel Rivera Jr. on September 23, he wonders why there wasn’t more empathy for his dog after she escaped from his fenced-in backyard.
Rivera, the son of a former cop who went to federal prison for extortion as mayor, responded to a call about a dog chasing “innocent people in the area,” according to
When he arrived on the scene, Rivera observed the dog chase and attack a cat and chase another dog, which got away from Wildfire, according to his police report.
Wildfire was shot by Passaic cop Samuel Rivera Jr.
Timmins, however, disputes details in the report, which incorrectly characterized his dog as a pit bull and stated he understood the officer Rivera’s approach and “did not object to the outcome.”
At the scene, where Wildfire was chasing the cat and dog, a witness approached Rivera’s patrol car and told him the dog did not seem aggressive, according to dash cam footage.
So Rivera called for animal control and tried to capture the dog himself, but his attempts were unsuccessful.
The animal control officer in Passaic was 30 minutes away. So Robert Boyle, the head animal control officer, who is also the Chief of the Passaic County SPCA and sitting board member of the New Jersey SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) responded.
According to Rivera’s report, Boyle advised the dog should be “neutralized.”
Eventually Passaic’s animal control officer Brian Gunderson arrived.
The Passaic Police Department’s watch commander also agreed with Boyle’s assessment.
“That’s the saddest thing that she ran into those specific officers. Most officers

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California Woman Posts to Facebook about Two Lost Dogs; Cop Arrives and Kills them

Monday, November 13th, 2017

A California woman posted to a Facebook group about two lost St. Bernard dogs in her cul-de-sac.
Ten minutes later, a Red Bluff police officer showed up and shot them dead.
The officer claims the dogs were acting aggressively.
However, a witness at the scene gave a different story.
“There was two large St. Bernard dogs in my cul-de-sac. I posted on 530 (the area’s zip code) needs hoping somebody would recognize the dogs I feared they would be killed because of their large size. 10 minutes later a cop shows up corners them in front of a house and kills them!! I am beyond loosing my mind. One dog is still in the front yard suffering as we speak,” Amy Diane Ball posted to her Facebook page. 
It turns out, the dogs belonged to her neighbor, Kevin Hutchison, who also posted to his Facebook page about the loss of his dogs, a mother and daughter pair, along with some photos of the two pooches.

“We were the best of friends and I can’t believe I wake up one day to you being gone! Just feels like a crazy nightmare! Rest easy big sis!”

Now, people are taking to Facebook to warn others not to call police about stray dogs. One poster, John Gregory, apparently created a meme and public service announcement of sorts and posted it to Amy Diane Balls’ Facebook page.

The Red Bluff Police Department along with the Tehoma County District Attorney’s Office are investigating the shooting that initially killed one of the dogs and injured the other, according to KRCRTV.
However, Ball posted to her Facebook page that the injured dog died at the animal clinic. Red Bluff police said at approximately 9:30 a.m., the department received a 911 call about two large dogs running loose on Nelson Drive.
The caller said the dogs had

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Texas Judge Grants Qualified Immunity to Cop who Shot Innocent Man’s Dog before Detaining him at Gunpoint

Thursday, August 31st, 2017

A Texas judge granted qualified immunity to a cop who shot and killed a man’s dog for barking at him, meaning the cop cannot be held liable in civil court.
A Texas judge issued an order this month granting a cop who shot a man’s dog for barking and allegedly showing his teeth at him qualified immunity, meaning he can’t be held liable in civil court.
“[The dog} was just kinda walking at me, he wasn’t, he didn’t, I mean . . .” Austin cop Daniel Walsh could be heard saying before cutting off the end of his sentence, according to the lawsuit.
United States District Court Judge Robert Pitman ruled officer Walsh could possibly be held liable for detaining Julian Reyes,49, for a lengthy period of time, initially at gunpoint.
Several more officers drew their guns on Reyes after Walsh cuffed him face down and began conducting an investigation even though Reyes was at his own storage unit.
‘They had me laying on my face,” Reyes recalled.
The order was issued earlier this month, over a year after April 24, 2016 when we reported about Judge Robert Pitman allowing Reyes’ pro se civil claim against Austin officers Walsh, Christopher Anderson, former Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo and the City of Austin to move forward.
United States District Judge for the Western District of Texas Robert Lee PItman
It was around midnight on April 24, 2013 when officer Walsh shot Reyes’ dog Shiner Bock then handcuffed and detained him for over 15-minutes for suspicion of burglarizing the facility.
Reyes, however, had a key to a unit at the facility where he stored his art.
According to records, before admitting on dash cam Shiner Bock never posed a threat, Walsh arrived at a storage unit to investigate a call about a banging noise, which was later determined to be a piece of tin blowing in the

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Wednesday, July 26th, 2017

Alliance Ohio Police Officer Josh Tenney actions were captured on his Body Worn Camera when he summoned the friendly dog to him only to shoot it dead.
[youtube] A few minutes before the dogs’ owners had noticed his dogs were not in the yard and began searching for them only to find his dog China laying on the ground mortally wounded and dying, from shots fired from Tenney who claims the dogs were going to attack him.
The video starts with Tenney in his vehicle approaching a local auto parts store, the Body Worn Camera only captures the video and no audio of a brief exchange between Tenney and an unknown civilian, a few seconds later the audio is activated. Tenney can be heard calling the dogs with here puppy, puppy and he also whistles and claps. The dogs want nothing to do with him and move away from him in the direction of a do it yourself carwash.
Tenney continues to summon the dogs when China the largest of the three comes running towards him tail wagging in direct response to him calling her. This is when the smaller of the three dogs then attempts to slow China down to be the first dog to get whatever Tenney has for them.
This behavior is normal for this breed as well many others and is by no means a display of aggression towards a human, it is simply dog play.
Not know this or simply not caring Tenney can then be seen raising his pistol and killing China, for coming when he called her and for no other reason.
Local media reports that the spokesperson for the Alliance police claim that there were reports of the dog biting someone, yet no official report nor the imaginary victim has been presented.
This is simply another cases of a

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Teen Trying to Protect Deputies, Shot and Killed

Thursday, June 22nd, 2017

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office shot and killed a 17-year-old young man in the early hours of Thursday, June 22, 2017, after responding to a noise complaint regarding a house party.  According to local media outlets and the LASD, the deputies had encountered a dog in the yard and one deputy was bitten. The injured deputy then called for his supervisor and the dog’s owner tried to secure the dog by tethering it only to have the dog break free and head in the direction of a group of deputies re-entering the yard only a few minutes later. The teen attempted to grab the dog and was shot dead. The official release describes the incident as “unfortunate”.
LASD Press Release describing the victim as a “Suspect”, so typical.
DATE:  Thursday, June 22, 2017
TIME:  3:47 a.m.
LOCATION:  38500 blk 10th St East, Palmdale
UNIT:  Homicide Bureau, Lieutenant Moore
 Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Homicide Bureau detectives are responding to the 38500 block of 10th St East, Palmdale, to investigate the circumstances surrounding a deputy-involved shooting.
The suspect was struck by gunfire and transported to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead.
 There is no additional information available at this time.
Whenever a Deputy-Involved Shooting occurs involving Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies and it results in the fatality of a suspect, multiple independent investigations immediately begin at the scene.  These include separate investigations by the Los Angeles County Department of Medical Examiner – Coroner, Sheriff’s Homicide Bureau and Internal Affairs Bureau.  The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department immediately notifies the Office of the Inspector General who sends a representative to the incident scene and provides independent oversight throughout the investigative process.  Once concluded, every aspect of the shooting is reviewed by the Sheriff’s Executive Force Review Committee.  The Office of the Los Angeles County District Attorney also

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Kansas Cop Kills Army Veteran’s Service Dog, then Issues him Two Citations

Tuesday, April 18th, 2017

A Kansas cop shot and killed the service dog of an army veteran who suffers from PTSD on Thursday, according to the Daily Haze.
Augusta police officer Devon Keith says he was forced to shoot Alan Fitzgerald’s dog “Midnite” claiming the dog charged an animal control officer after ramming a door until it opened – making the animal control officer fear for his life.
But Fitzgerald said his dog didn’t do anything wrong and officer Keith shot him for no reason.
Alan Fitzgerald and his service dog, Midnite, before a cop shot and killed it.
Neighbors who witnessed the shooting said the animal control officer was the one who opened the door and began acting aggressively towards the dog before shooting it.
Augusta police, along with animal control, showed up at Fitzgerald’s house Thursday afternoon after a neighbor called to complain about a German Shepard.
Fitzgerald said Midnite got out on Thursday, presumably chasing rabbits and cats as he often did. Midnite ended up several mobile homes down from his home, hovering over a neighbor’s small dog.
“It’s how he plays,” Fitzgerald explained.
Fitzgerald talked to the small dog’s owner, who said the smaller dog wasn’t hurt, just “shaken up” from Midnite towering over it.
Things settled and Fitzgerald returned home and was in the shower when he heard Midnite bark and then gunshots.
“All of a sudden, I heard this pound pound pound on the screen door,” Fitzgerald recalled.
“And I heard Midnite barking, obviously he’s going to bark because he’s guarding the house. All of a sudden then I heard shots fired and I heard my dog screaming in agony.”
Fitzgerald came out to see what was going on only to have a gun pointed at him inside of his own house.
“I got halfway out the door, and about right here where this crack is, there’s an officer standing with his

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Federal Court Rules Cops can Shoot your Dog for Barking

Monday, December 26th, 2016

A federal court ruled that cops can shoot and kill your dog if it merely barks at them, something they have been doing routinely for years now anyway.
The 6th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the decision of a lower court last week, siding with Michigan cops who shot and killed two dogs during a drug raid after they entered the home with a battering ram, according to the Huffington Post.
After cops busted down the door, one of the dogs only “moved a few inches” and the other ran down to the basement with its back to the cop when it was killed, according to the officers’ testimony referred to in the court’s opinion.
A civil rights lawsuit was filed by Mark and Cheryl Brown in 2015 against the City of Battle Creek, the Battle Creek Police Department and the three cops involved in the raid, which resulted in the couple’s two dogs being killed.
Lawyers for the Browns, who were not suspects in the raid, argued killing their dogs violated their right to be free from unreasonable search and seizure protected by the Fourth Amendment, which was dismissed by a lower court.
Battle Creek police were looking for the father of one of Cheryl Brown’s mother’s children, who they say was selling drugs from their home.
One cop testified the two dogs were sitting on the couch when one of them “lunged” at him, but added the dog had only moved “a few inches.”
Battle Creek cop Christof Klein immediately shot the dog.
Battle Creek cop Christof Klein (right)
Wounded, the dog ran to the basement where the other dog had fled upon cops entering after beating down the door.
Klein testified he began towards basement to “sweep” the home for drugs, then shot the dog he’d wounded again when it began barking from the bottom of the stairwell.
[The] “basement

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WATCH: Indiana Cop Shoots Family Dog in Front Yard Near Kids Tossing a Football After Ignoring “Beware of Dog” Sign

Wednesday, December 7th, 2016

Dash cam video shows an Indiana cop shooting a family dog named Pork Chop after the cop ignored a “Beware of Dog” sign and entered the yard.
The video shows two young boys tossing a football in the yard as Mishawaka police officer Franklin Ennis shoots the dog, which police describe as a pit bull, but its owner says was not a pit bull.
The cop was also wearing a body cam, but police claim the battery had died before the shooting. He said he noticed the Beware of Dog sign, but didn’t think much of it because he rattled the gate and no dog appeared.
The shooting took place on October 25, although Mishawaka police said they couldn’t release the video until an internal affairs investigation was completed, according to
The video begins showing Mishawaka cop Franklin Ennis approaching the family’s home after police received a call about a runaway boy.
Ennis walks up to two boys, asking them questions about the runaway boy.
“He was playing right here?” asks Ennis.
“No, he was playing in the street,” responds one of the boys.
Ennis decides to knock on the family’s door, which had a “Beware of dog” sign posted and shakes the fence attempting to flush the dog out in case it’s hiding in the yard.
“I took hold of the gate and moved it a little,” Ennis wrote in his police report.
Ennis knocks several times on the door, but nobody answers.
After his third attempt knocking, a dog runs towards him from the side of the house and Ennis fires a single shot, killing the dog.
The dog had been released by the owner from the back door, who comes walking around the front of the house behind the dog.
“Oh no you didn’t,” the dog owner says to Ennis. “Oh, tell me you didn’t just kill that dog.

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WATCH: Florida Deputy Blasts Her Finger Trying to Kill Dog

Friday, December 2nd, 2016

A Florida deputy blew off her finger while trying to shoot and kill a pit bull charging towards her in an incident  captured on body cam video.
Pasco County Deputy Monica Bray was dispatched to a homeless camp on November 25 after the pit bull attacked a resident.
Deputy Bray’s body camera shoots footage as she approaches a tent when the dog begins towards her, aggressively growling.

“Better stay there, brother,” Bray tries to warn the dog, reaching out her hands in an attempt to keep the dog at distance.
But almost instantly, the dog lunges at Bray, and she trips to the ground.
At this point, what exactly happens is unclear because the camera lens becomes obstructed.
Deputy Bray blasts two rounds, tearing through the dog, and one bullet tearing off her finger.
The dog goes silent.
Bray gets up from the attack and shouts at officers at the scene, “Fucking shot my finger off! I just shot my fingers!”
“Huh?” asks another deputy.
“I just shot my finger,” Bray repeats.
“Okay, it hurts. I don’t want to look at it. Go in my trunk; there’s a towel,” she can be heard telling another deputy who orders her to her car.

“Hold on. Get in my car. Let’s go,” insists a male deputy.
The dog’s owner stated she doesn’t believe Bray had to shoot the dog and said the dog was on a leash and later posted a video to Facebook where she can be heard sobbing, “Why don’t you put him out of his misery? You let him suffer like that.”
Her neighbor disagrees.
“I saw the dog come out and attack the Pasco County Sheriff’s officer, a female, and she was backing up to get away from the dog, and she fell down,”the dog owner’s neighbor, Jim Aimes said. She was on her back and the dog was headed for her. Someone had

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NYPD Cop who Killed Dog with Wagging Tail Abused Authority, Review Board Determines

Monday, October 10th, 2016

The New York City police officer who shot and killed a dog with a wagging tail while its owner yelled “he’s friendly! he’s friendly!” abused his authority, the Civilian Complaint Review Board determined
The review board also substantiated charges against two fellow officers who were with NYPD officer Ruben Cuesta that day, forcing their way into the building that on February 13, according to the New York Daily News.
The cops were at the building responding to a domestic violence call at another apartment when Yvonne Rosado opened her door and her pit bull, Spike, came running out, wagging its tail.
Cuesta feared for his life and shot the dog, then scurried down the stairs.
Rosado, who was dressed in her undergarments, appeared to go into shock, placing her body over her dog as it slowly died, wagging its tail.
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She then walked down the stairs to confront the cop, slipping and falling on the dog’s blood, before taking several swings at Cuesta.
The cops restrained her and she was not charged.
Now that the civilian review board made its determination that the cops abused their authority, the NYPD will conduct its own investigation, taking the board’s recommendations into consideration.
In other words, they can easily come up with a completely different determination, saying Cuenta feared for his life, which would make it justified.
After they killed the dog, they had it cremated, sticking Rosada with the bill if she wanted to have her dog’s remains
In 2010, the NYPD killed her legless cat, Bebe, breaking its neck during the search of another apartment, according to the New York Daily News.
Below is the edited video. Click here for the extended video, which is a PINAC exclusive.
Rosada has filed a lawsuit against the city over the latest incident. Cuesta

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GRAPHIC: Idaho Cop Murders Dog In Own Yard, Demands Cash from Owner for Remains

Friday, September 16th, 2016

An Idaho cop murdered a dog in its own front yard while serving an arrest warrant on a compliant citizen after officers took advantage of a door left ajar.
The arrest warrant turned into a death warrant for the beloved family pet named Targaryan.
Now Caldwell police are threatening to charge an innocent woman with “having a vicious animal at large.”
And they sent her a $200 bill before they’ll release the remains of her deceased beloved pet dog.
But the body camera videos released today show a very different story.
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After the August 18 incident, Caldwell police told the local news that the dog “lunged” at the officers but the video reveals an officer who is apparently afraid of dogs who fires his gun after his partner seemed to have no issues with the mixed-breed 85-pound dog who barked but did not charge or lunge.
Alinah Stelly’s sister was wanted on a warrant and the Caldwell Police knocked on her door to serve it, but they didn’t alert the young woman who was drying her hair with a maroon towel as she casually chatted with them for a few seconds to the real reason for visiting her townhouse.
They had an arrest warrant for Stelly’s 31-year-old sister on a probation violation.
“I’m looking for Crystal, Crystal Holden,” said the Idaho cop.
It was a subterfuge on the part of the officer, but one that they are legally allowed to use when serving an arrest warrant.
“What is this for?” asked Stelly.
“I’ve just got to talk with her… for some follow up,” replied the Caldwell police officer.
The 20-year-old Stelly dutifully went upstairs to get her sister, and accidentally left her front door slightly ajar
That’s when the Caldwell police officer quite literally crossed the line from acceptable to probably unconstitutional policing.
He crossed the threshold of Alinah Stelly’s private residence

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St. Louis Cop Shoots at Dog, Striking Owner Instead, Managing Not to Get Attacked

Friday, October 30th, 2015

A St. Louis cop investigating a double-homicide Wednesday pulled out a gun to kill a dog, but ended up shooting the dog’s owner instead, who happened to be the mother of one of the murder victims.
The woman was struck in the leg and will survive.
The dog, who was not shot, apparently did not attack the cop as he had feared. The cop’s name has not been released.
According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:
A woman whose son was killed in a double homicide Wednesday was shot in the leg when police fired at her dog during an incident at a home near the homicide scene Thursday afternoon.
Chief Sam Dotson told reporters that at least three officers responded to a home in the 4400 block of Taft Avenue at the request of Missouri’s Children’s Division, as social workers tried to remove a 1-year-old from the home. Officers also were in the area investigating a double homicide that occurred in front of the home about 10:30 p.m. Wednesday, he said.
When the social workers and at least one officer made their way into the home, a pit bull jumped a waist-high barricade that was keeping it confined to the kitchen and ran toward the officer and the social workers, Dotson told reporters.
The officer then fired one shot at the dog fearing it would attack him or the social workers, but struck a 42-year-old woman in the leg who was trying to contain the dog, he said.
Dotson characterized the woman’s injury as non-life-threatening and minor.
The shooting is reminiscent of another incident that took place in Iowa in January where a cop, also fearing for his life, shot at a dog, only to strike the dog’s owner, Autumn Steele, killing her.
The dog was only grazed and did not attack Burlington police officer Jesse Hill, who was cleared of any

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California Deputy Caught on Video Entering Backyard and Killing Dog

Saturday, September 19th, 2015

In what is becoming a disturbingly frequent occurrence, a two-year-old pit bull named Face was shot and killed by a Fresno County sheriff’s deputy with the last name of Hernandez.
And the entire incident was caught on video by a neighbor.
In the footage, you’ll see two deputies enter a fenced-in backyard, then the lead officer (who we believe to be Hernandez) appears to motion towards or possibly kick at the dog.
Hernandez then quickly draws his gun and fires multiple shots into the approaching canine. The dog scampers away as the second officer stumbles over lawn furniture, seemingly unsure of whether or not to pull his weapon and fire into the dog like his partner.
Hernandez then walks up to the injured dog and appears to fire one last time, as if to finish the job.  Watch the video below and tell us what you see.
Here’s an excerpt from the first post made by Face’s owner on the page Justice 4 Face:
This morning a fresno county sheriff’s deputy shot my dog five times…..In my back yard ….Behind a locked gate in front a a two yr old kid …..
You know i used to believe that cops were good …Supposed to be honest and protect you and stuff….But latley i have has deputies lie in reports they have written….Lie on the stand and n9w tresspass into my backyard ….Threw my locked gate….Kick my dog then shoot him five times in front of a two yr old kid they were here to protect because of a neighbors complaint of her crying for 30 min…..Wth right
why not knock on the front door perhaps….Or read the sign on the locked gate that says beware of dog ….Guard dog on duty…..Or look threw the chain link fence and see if the child was in any danger….Which she was not ….Untill she

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South Florida Cop Who Left Police Dogs to Die in Heated Car Won’t be Charged

Tuesday, September 8th, 2015

A South Florida cop who left two dogs inside his patrol car while he napped inside his home will not face criminal charges. After all, investigators said, Hialeah police officer Nelson Enriquez did not intend to kill the dogs. And intent, according to the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office, is a requirement to proceed with criminal …
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Nebraska Police Kill Beloved Dog In Front of 13-Year-Old Owner

Friday, September 4th, 2015

A Nebraska family is calling for the termination of a Wilber police officer, after shooting and killing their beloved border collie and boxer mix in front of the 13-year-old owner. The incident took place on Wednesday, when the dog, Todd, got loose in Rania Hagemeier’s family’s backyard after someone forgot to latch the back door. …
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Georgia Cop Shot After Responding to Wrong Home; Homeowner and Pet Dog Also Shot

Tuesday, September 1st, 2015

Responding to a 911 call about a suspicious person breaking into a home Monday night, Georgia police pulled up to the wrong home and stepped inside, walking in through the back door after finding it unlocked – apparently shooting the homeowner and his dog upon entry. And apparently shooting themselves in the process. We can …
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Philadelphia Cop Kills Dog by Running it Over In Front of Owner, Then Tells Her It “Isn’t a Child, It’s Just a Dog”

Wednesday, August 19th, 2015

On August 9, a Philadelphia police officer ran over a woman’s beloved pet dog as the woman watched, telling her that “it’s just a dog,” as the woman sobbed and held her companion’s dying body. Sidara D. Son was hanging out with friends and her dog, Phoebe, in her yard when they saw Sargeant Chad …
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Canadian Cops Kill Dog That Video Shows Was Clearly Not a Threat

Tuesday, August 18th, 2015

A video surfaced today on Facebook showing Canadian police dragging a man out of a home when one of the officers walks up to a black dog wagging its tail in the grass and shoots it dead. Royal Mounted Canadian Police claimed the dog, Duke, had attacked one of their dogs. But the video, recorded …
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Ten K9 Officers Killed in Hot Cars Since April

Sunday, August 16th, 2015

A 3-year-old Belgian Malinois from the Brown County Sheriff’s Office in Wisconsin became at least the tenth K9 officer to be negligently killed by their partner after being left in a hot vehicle since April. The $17,000 dog, Wix, was on assignment with his human partner and handler Deputy Austin Lemberger, at the PGA Championship golf tournament, when the …
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