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WATCH: Michigan Cops Handcuff 11-Year-Old at Gunpoint

Thursday, December 14th, 2017

Body cam footage shows Michigan cops handcuffing an 11-year-old at gunpoint while looking for an attempted murder suspect on December 6.
The only problem: the murder suspect was a 40-year-old white woman named Carrie Manning.
Footage from the 45-second clip shows Grand Rapids cops treating Honestie Hodges like an adult suspect as she screams in terror.
Honestie approaches police with  her hands up, but apparently approached to quickly for one of the officers.
He tells her to put her hands on her head, instructing her to turn around and walk backwards towards him.
“You’re fine. You’re not going to jail or anything,” one officer tells Honestie while he cuffs her as her mother screams at officers in the back ground.
“That’s my child!”
“She’s 11 years old!”
“I didn’t know what was going on,” Honestie, who was on her way to the store with her mom when police confronted them outside of their door, said.
“I didn’t do anything wrong,” she told WXMI.
“I’ve never got in trouble by the Grand Rapids Police. I used to want to be a Grand Rapids police officer, but ever since that happened, I want nothing to do with them.”
Grand Rapids Police Chief  David Rahinsky said the officers acted incorrectly during a press conference, which can be seen below.
“Are there incidents where you deal with young people who present a danger to either other people or themselves? Yes,” Rahinsky told reporters.
“But I don’t believe this is one of them.”
“You listen to the 11-year-old’s response, it makes my stomach turn,” he said. “It makes me physically nauseous.”
“I think we need to take a look at everything we do because if an officer can point to policy or can point to training or point to hiring and say, ‘This is what I was told, this is how I was taught, this is consistent with practice,’ then we’ve

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New Jersey High School Students Take Stand Against Police Abuse after Brutality Video goes Viral

Monday, October 16th, 2017

Hundreds of students staged a walk out of a New Jersey high school in protest of police brutality after a video of an officer roughly arresting two fellow students went viral.
Officer Hanifah Davis was caught on video grabbing Nyasia and Kyasia Sorrells, twin sisters, by the hair, tossing them to the ground and mounting himself on top of them.
It was such an egregious display of brutality, a school board member was ticketed for stepping in to intervene.
The twins, who are honor roll students, were charged with obstruction and resisting arrest.
One of them was was also charged with aggravated assault.
On Friday,  students walked out of class and marched to the Orange Police Department’s station holding signs while chanting “We want justice!,” according to NBC New York.
The incident happened at the Orange High school after it was letting students out for the day.
Nyasia and Kyasia were getting pizza on Thursday near the high school when Davis attempted to clear the corner.
Video footage shows Davis telling the girls to back up.
When Nyasia approached, officer Davis grabbed her by the hair then tosses both of the girls to the ground.
“He grabbed me by my hair and swung me on the ground, and started like, bashing my head on the ground,” Nyasia Sorrells told Pix11.
“He has both of us on the ground, and his knees was on both of us, and we couldn’t do nothin’,” her sister Kyasia Sorrells added.
Orange police later identified the officer as Hanifah Davis.
The twins’ father, Mike Sorrells, was furious after viewing footage of the way his daughters were treated.
“They knew they was wrong. You don’t do that to nobody’s kids,” he said.
“He needs to be fired.”
“He needs to go to jail,” the father said,  adding his concern that video footage of the incident my have a negative impact on his daughters’

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WATCH: Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy Walker Interferes with Freedom of The Press Again

Tuesday, July 18th, 2017

Once again Daniel Saulman aka “Tom Zebra” known for his web page “Mistaken Bacon”  delivers as he exposes the now notorious Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy Ryan Walker (524706) who on March 15, 2017, arrested citizen journalist  of the former YouTube Channel +POETIC  claiming he violated California P.C. § 402(a) when he was far outside of the established perimeter, so much so there was no yellow barrier tape or any semblance of a barrier.
Mind You, +POETIC was not out COP WATCHING, COP BLOCKING or even performing a FIRST AMENDMENT AUDIT, he was walking towards his home after finishing a long day at work, when he came upon several Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department vehicles and started documenting his surroundings.
A 100% Lawful and Protected Activity as the State of California Legislature determined when it changed the law with the passing of California P. C. § 148 (g) as well as determined by the 9th Circut Court of Appeals in the written opinion regarding Fordyce vs City of Seattle. Yet somehow LASD Deputy Ryan Walker assigned to the South Los Angeles Sheriff’s Station either fails to understand the Law or simply does not care to follow it.
Which should come at no surprise when one examines the past and recent history of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, with Former long time Sheriff Lee Baca and his cronies are either in or are going to spend some time in a federal prison, not the typical model citizens many a Law Enforcement Agency claim they employ. Yet individuals like Walker are gainfully employed and granted the authority to throw citizens in a cage and kill a citizen if they fail to comply.
The Video starts with Daniel riding up on a traffic stop where an LASD Deputy can be seen searching the interior of the stopped car for anything to arrest and charge the

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Texas Cop Killed Jordan Edwards Because of PTSD from War, Cop’s Mother Claims

Friday, May 5th, 2017

The family of the Texas cop fired after shooting an unarmed 15-year-old honor student is blaming the tragic death on the cop’s post-traumatic stress disorder from serving two tours in the Iraq war.
Statements about his mental health possibly reveals clues about his intended defense if former Balch Springs police officer Roy Oliver ever gets criminally charged.
His mother, Linda Oliver, says her son is an honorable family man who would never have endangered Jordan Edwards because her son has two toddlers of his own.
“‘He’s a wonderful family man and father. He has two precious little ones himself,” she told the Daily Mail.
 “He is very honorable, very community-driven,” Oliver continued.
However, the car Edwards was riding passenger in when he was killed was driving away from police when he opened fire with his AR-15.
Police say they had ordered it to stop, but the driver of the car, Edwards’ older brother, may not have even heard their commands because he didn’t realize anything was wrong until he saw smoke coming out of his brother’s head a block later, which was when he stopped the car and flagged down police for help.
Linda Oliver (left). Roy Oliver (right).
“He was raised to consider more than just himself, to think about the community, and I’ve very proud of him and the choices he’s made,” his mother said.
However, Edwards’ parents were also proud of their son, a freshman who played football and maintained good grades. He was loved by his coaches and teachers, according to CNN.
Oliver says she has compassion for the tragedy suffered by the Edwards family, but said she will withhold judgement of her son until all the facts come out.
“I retired from educating so I could have easily had him as a student at one point,” she said. “Other than that I really can’t say much.”
The Texas police

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Texas Police Fire Cop who Killed Jordan Edwards in Unjustified Shooting

Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017

The Texas cop who shot and killed an unarmed 15-year-old boy leaving a party Saturday night, then lied by claiming the boy was in a car driving in an “aggressive manner” towards police, has been fired.
And by the looks of it, it won’t be long before Roy Oliver is criminally charged.
After all, Balch Springs Police Chief Jonathan Haber – who initially stood by Oliver’s account that he shot and killed Jordan Edwards to protect fellow officers – was quick to backtrack his statements after watching the body cam footage showing the car driving away from officers when Oliver fired his rifle, striking the boy in the head.
The footage has not been released, but things are moving swiftly in Texas, much swifter than we normally see after police shootings where it usually takes months to “investigate” something that should be determined in minutes.
According to the New York Times:
It happened again, this time on a residential street in this working-class Dallas suburb. A police officer shot and killed a black teenager on Saturday night under questionable circumstances, thrusting him, his department and his city onto the national stage.
On Tuesday, the chief of the Balch Springs Police Department announced that he had fired the officer who used a rifle to shoot into a moving vehicle full of teenagers and killed Jordan Edwards, 15, as he was seated in the front passenger seat.
The officer, Roy Oliver, joined the department in July 2011. The police chief, Jonathan Haber, declined to say what policies were violated, citing Mr. Oliver’s right to appeal the termination. Chief Haber said he made the decision based in part on the department’s internal affairs investigation, which has been completed, and the body-camera footage from the two officers at the scene, Mr. Oliver and another unnamed officer.
“You have my assurances that my

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Texas Cop Kills Unarmed 15-Year-Boy in Questionable Shooting

Monday, May 1st, 2017

A Texas cop shot and killed a 15-year-old boy named Jordan Edwards Saturday night, claiming the boy was inside a car that was driving in an “aggressive manner” towards another officer.
But that’s the same old excuse police always use when they shoot into moving cars; an overused cop cliche that has been proven false many times by video evidence.
And it will likely be proven false here once the Balch Springs Police Department release body and dash cam videos from the incident that took place around 11 p.m. in a suburb outside Dallas.
How do we know?
For starters, the gunshot that struck Jordan Edwards in the head as he was sitting in the passengers seat did nothing to stop the car.
In fact, it was not until the driver of the car, the boy’s older brother, noticed smoke coming from his brother’s head after driving another block that he realized something was wrong, according to an attorney for the family.
The brother then stopped the car and flagged down an officer, civil rights attorney Lee Merritt told the Washington Post.
When was the last time you’ve seen a fleeing suspect stop his car and flag down a cop for help?
But this is how the Balch Springs Police Department justified the shooting:
“There was an unknown altercation with a vehicle backing down the street towards the officers in an aggressive manner. An officer shot at the vehicle striking the front seat passenger.”
So even the cops admit they had no clue what was going on referring to it as an “unknown altercation.” And even the cops do not dispute the attorney’s claim that the boy’s brother flagged down an officer.
Had the cops truly believed the car was a danger to officers, they would have continued shooting the car until it came to a complete stop or at least ordered

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Body Cam Footage Shows Jordan Edwards Shot and Killed in Car Driving Away from Police

Monday, May 1st, 2017

At first, Texas cops claimed they shot and killed 15-year-old Jordan Edwards because he was in a car driving in an “aggressive manner”  towards an officer.
But Balch Springs Police Chief Jonathan Haber has since said the car was driving away from officers before the cop fired, killing the teen who was riding passenger in a car driven by his brother.
Haber said this after viewing the body cam footage that still has not been made public but it might not be long considering how frank the chief is being on its content.
Edwards’ brother said he did not realize his little brother had been shot until after seeing smoke coming out of his head about a block away.
That was when he pulled over and asked police for help, apparently thinking somebody other than police shot his brother.
After all, both police and the teens say they heard gunshots prior to Edwards being shot and killed, but they could have just been firecrackers because police did not make a single weapons arrest that night.
But the sound of gunshots is what prompted, along with his brother and three other teens, to leave the house party where somebody had called police to report on drunk teens walking the streets.
Police were inside the house when the sounds of gunshots shattered the night.
Even if somebody was discharging a firearm, it had nothing to do with the teens in the car, who were not arrested for being under the influence.
Even the chief is saying the shooting was  unjustified.
According to the Dallas Morning News:
Balch Springs’ police chief admitted Monday that a car was driving away from police when an officer fired into it with a rifle and fatally shot a 15-year-old boy in the head.
After reviewing body cam footage, Police Chief Jonathan Haber said the teen behind the wheel Saturday

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WATCH: Louisiana Deputy Body Slams 80-Pound, 7th-Grader at Bus Stop

Friday, March 17th, 2017

A Louisiana sheriff’s deputy was caught on video body slamming a seventh-grader less than half his size to the ground while breaking up a fight at Westdale Middle School.
Now the Baton East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Office is defending the deputy’s actions.
A spokeswoman for the department, Casey Hicks, responded to WASB  about the video saying that sometimes use force is necessary in order to neutralize situations.
But the teen’s mom, who doesn’t want to be identified, said the deputy’s use of force was extreme for a boy who weighs only 80 pounds.
“He was involved in a fight and was wrong for fighting, but yes, the officer was wrong for taking and slamming him on the ground. That’s not the proper way to break up a fight,” she said.
“He could’ve broke his hip, his arm, or anything.”
Hicks claims the deputy in the video used the proper amount of force and had no other option but to toss the teen on the ground like a rag doll.
“Rather than deploy a taser or pepper spray that may affect those around the subjects fighting, the deputy physically removed the juvenile,” Hicks argued.
“Had the deputy tried to physically restrain the juvenile while he was combative, he may have then been required to use additional force, which could have resulted in injury. It is unfortunate when law enforcement must intervene due to individuals choosing to engage in violent behavior,” she added, pointing out the video doesn’t show what happened before the boy was body slammed.
But the deputy appears to outweigh the boy by more than 100 pounds.
According to his mom, the teen’s back was examined by a doctor and didn’t suffer any serious injuries from being tossed by the deputy, although he did suffer some cuts and bruises from the incident.
“I really didn’t believe it and then I really didn’t

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WATCH: Southern California Cop Pulls Out Gun and Fires While Struggling with Unarmed Juvenile

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017

A video is going viral on Facebook showing an off-duty Los Angeles police officer pulling out a gun and firing as he struggles to arrest an unarmed boy who appears to be about 14.
The incident took place Tuesday in Anaheim, which is in Orange County, so the cop was completely out of his jurisdiction.
The student being arrested can be heard saying he is not even sure the man is a cop and the students witnessing the arrest are also not sure. Some are even saying they have called police.
At one point, other students begin to defend their classmate by pushing the man off him, which is when he pulls out his gun and fires in what appears to be a negligent discharge.
Luckily, nobody was struck. At no point did the man ever pull out a badge.
Eventually, uniformed cops arrive and handcuff the boy and pat the man down, but he is not arrested.
According to the Los Angeles Times:
Because the police officer used his gun, homicide detectives were assigned to the case and interviewed witnesses at the scene.
The names of the two teens arrested were not released because they are juveniles. One was booked on suspicion of battery and making criminal threats, and the other on suspicion of assault and battery.
It’s unclear what led to the dispute.
Wyatt said the off-duty officer is cooperating with the inquiry and has not been arrested. His name was not released.
The video was posted to the Mediatakeout Facebook page with the following description:
14 Year Old Latino Gets Into ARGUMENT . . . With Off Duty Police Officer . .. And The Cop Pulls Out His Gun . . . And Starts SHOOTING AT THE KIDS!!! (All This . . . Over An ARGUMENT?????)
The video was posted this morning and is quickly approaching a million views.
[youtube] The post

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WATCH: Louisiana Cop Cleared for Beating Restrained 16-year-old Boy on Video

Saturday, December 10th, 2016

A Baton Rouge police officer was cleared of any wrongdoing for striking a restrained 16-year-old boy several times in the head at the city’s annual Earth Day event in an incident caught on video last April.
The department found there was “insufficient evidence” to support a complaint against Sergeant Todd Bourgoyne in the beating of Ja’Colby Davis, according to the Baton Rouge Advocate.
“The internal affairs complaint against the policeman, Sgt. Todd Bourgoyne, was found to be “not sustained” by Chief Carl Dabadie Jr. on August 25, according to police spokesman Lt. Jonny Dunnam, meaning investigators didn’t find evidence of wrongdoing or a violation of department policy.”
Bourgoyne, a 22-year veteran of the department, was placed on administrative leave with pay following the incident but was quietly placed back on active duty two weeks later, four months before the conclusion of the investigation, even though this wasn’t the first time Bourgoyne has been investigated by the department for his conduct.
According to a previous Advocate article:
“The officer was suspended for 87 days in early 2000 after admitting he kissed, hugged and sexually touched a woman in her apartment the same night she’d called police to report a domestic dispute with her boyfriend, according to contemporaneous reports in The Advocate.
Bourgoyne initially denied the woman’s allegations to both internal affairs investigators and the police chief before admitting to the complaint and accepting the punishment, which also included a stipulation that Bourgoyne undergo an evaluation to see if he should get treatment.
While testifying at a later unrelated civil service hearing for another officer, then-Police Chief Greg Phares said Bourgoyne’s actions may have constituted sexual battery and that, in retrospect, “I would probably take different and more severe action.” An editorial by The Advocate at the time criticized the suspension and called for Bourgoyne’s dismissal.”
Police had accused Davis of

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WATCH: Massachusetts Police Detective Threatens to Beat, Kill and Plant Drugs on Teens in Newly Released Videos

Monday, November 7th, 2016

Videos of a Massachusetts police detective threatening to beat, murder and plant drugs on two teenagers, then cover it all up — videos which prosecutors sought to keep secret — have been released, thanks to The Republican newspaper.
The videos show police interrogating the two teenagers, who along with a third, police suspected of stealing a police SUV after breaking into a business and stealing rolled coins.
During the videos, Detective Gregg Bigda makes a number of threats against the teens — neither of whom had an attorney or legal guardian present, or were read their rights.
The interrogations were conducted at the Palmer Police Station. Bigda tells both teens that he is eventually taking them back to the Springfield Police Station, which he stresses does not have cameras.
In the first video, he tells a 16-year-old boy in a red shirt: “See that camera up there? It don’t fucking exist [at the Springfield Police Station]. So anything happens to you at my place never happened. If I don’t write it in my report, it never happened.”
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He later tells the teen: “You know I’m gonna beat the fuck out of you when you get back to Springfield right now, ’cause you just lied to my face … When we get back, I’m gonna tune you the fuck up, because you just lied to me. And I’m telling you in advance, and I’m being nice to you.”
In the second video, a teen wearing a gray-shirt says that his face hurts. Bigda responds: “You think it hurts now? You know where we’re going after this? We’re going back to fucking Springfield.”
He then explains how the Springfield Police Station doesn’t have cameras. He makes another threat to injure the teen’s face later in the video, even

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Cleveland Police Justified in Killing 12-Year-Old Tamir Rice, Reports State

Sunday, October 11th, 2015

A rookie cop with a documented history of emotional instability and firearm incompetency was justified in shooting and killing Tamir Rice, the 12-year-old boy who had been playing with a pellet gun in a playground near his Cleveland home last year.
That is the opinion of so-called “experts” who were asked by the Cuyahoga County District Attorney’s Office to “investigate” the shooting that was captured on surveillance video and showed a pair of Cleveland cops driving up to the boy with one of the officers hopping out of the passengers seat and opening fire.
Cleveland police officer Timothy Loehmann later claimed that Rice had been “reaching for his waistband,” where he had the pellet gun tucked, which, of course, made him fear for his life.
But the video shows Loehmann did not even give Rice a chance, hopping out of the patrol car before it even comes to a complete stop and opening fire.
Within two seconds, Rice is laying on the ground with a bullet in his abdomen.
Loehmann also claimed that he had shouted warnings to Rice, but neither witnesses nor the video backs up that claim.
Nevertheless, a Colorado prosecutor and a former FBI agent released reports Saturday, stating that the shooting was justified. The Ohio State Highway Patrol also released a report where it tried to determine the speed of the police car as it pulled up to the gazebo.
But these opinions are hardly unbiased as they all come from people affiliated with law enforcement.
The case still needs to go before a grand jury to determine whether Loehmann or his partner, Frank Gamback, will face charges.
But not only are grand juries highly susceptible to a prosecutor’s influence, whom usually will try to justify any police shootings, the release of these reports will no doubt be introduced as evidence when it comes to the

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Texas Arrest of Clock-Making Student is the Latest in Long Line of Zero Tolerance Overreactions From School Officials

Thursday, September 17th, 2015

On September 16, Miami police officer Paul Gourrier was suspended for handcuffing a five-year-old elementary school student.
In Roanoke, Virginia, a sixth-grader was charged with a crime and suspended for a year for bringing a leaf to school that officials mistook for marijuana.
And in Lynchburg, Virginia, an 11-year-old autistic child was charged with a misdemeanor for kicking a trash can, and then several months later with a felony charge of assaulting an officer. The student pushed the police officer when he tried to physically escort the child to the principles office.
News reports of seemingly unreasonable reactions by school officials across the country to student misbehavior have become commonplace – often involving law enforcement.
The most recent and probably the most publicized case occurred Monday in Texas where a 14-year-old Irving high school student named Ahmed Mohamed brought a clock he made to school to show his engineering teacher.
The Irving police department ended up arresting Mohamed, claiming his clock was a “hoax bomb”. The image of a young child in his Nasa t-shirt standing with his hands cuffed behind his back has sparked international outrage and earned Mohamad an invite to The Whitehouse from President Obama.
There has been a great deal of speculation that Mohamad’s arrest was racially motivated, and while that is a distinct possibility, it seems to be part of a larger trend.
Incidents like these are precipitated by the widespread adoption of zero tolerance policies. Following the Columbine shootings in Littleton, Colorado in 1999, school districts nationwide sought to take discretion out of the hands of school administrators and adopt uniform policies regarding rules and discipline.
Under the new regulations, school administrators are required to follow strict guidelines in handling serious rule infractions. Often this means relying on law enforcement to handle issues previously taken care of by school employees.
The intent was

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