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New Mexico Cops Settle “Fuck” Lawsuit for $25,000, Taxpayers Will Pay

Tuesday, October 6th, 2015

New Mexico cops falsely arrested a grown adult citizen in public for saying “fuck”, now Farmington taxpayers agreed to pay $25,000 to settle the resulting censorship lawsuit under the 1st Amendment.
Three Farmington officers grossly overstepped their boundaries acting as censors, when they arrested Trujillo for violating the local Disorderly Conduct ordinance, in the absence of any provoked parties when he said “fuck” in an IHOP restaurant.
In fact, the family with small children whom police claimed to be protecting refused to give their names or in any way become involved in the three officers’ false arrest “to ensure the obscene language didn’t continue.”
Without threat of a fight or injury, there’s no probable cause for a Disorderly Conduct arrest which is commonly called a “contempt of cop” charge for its frequent use by police in punishing citizens for disagreement, with false arrest.
The police were disorderly in this case, starting a fight that’s gone on in courts for years.
New Mexico’s state constitution also has extra safeguards against this type of law enforcement overreach, as Trujillo’s counsel pointed out in his lawsuit against the a City of Farmington for arresting the man who said “fuck”, as you can see below.
Source: Twitter
Unfortunately, the town of Farmington’s Police Chief Hebbe doesn’t seem to give even one flying fuck about the un-American actions of his cops, since the settlement doesn’t admit guilt.
Local news outlet KOB reported:
“In the course of a conversation that’s one thing, but in the course of loud, boisterous or intoxicated language in a restaurant with children and families around who are objecting to it – that is something different,” said Farmington Police Chief Steve Hebbe.
You can’t say it on TV or radio, but can you say it loudly in a restaurant with in ear shot of small children?
“It certainly depends on the circumstances,” says Hebbe. “In this

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