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WATCH: Minnesota Cop’s K-9 Attacks Innocent Woman Taking out Trash; Now She’s Suing

Friday, December 8th, 2017

A Minnesota cop’s K-9 attacked an innocent woman as she was taking out her trash in September.
And now she’s suing.
St. Paul cop Thaddeus P. Schmidt failed to maintain control of his police dog that mauled her arm for more than 30 seconds after grabbing her and knocking her to the ground.
“You’re fine,” one officer can be heard telling the woman as he grabs her hand, pulling her away from the dog.
But that only appears to cause her more pain, since the dog’s bite is locked onto her arm pulling her in the opposite direction.
Another officer shouts commands at the dog to stop, but it doesn’t listen and continues mauling the woman.

“Please help me!” Desiree Collins, 52, pleads with the officers.
The dog ignores at least 10 commands from the officers to release the woman and continues to maul her arm for about 30-seconds as she screams for help.
“What you have here is a completely innocent person taking out their garbage, and a K-9 simply wasn’t controlled,” said one of Collins’ attorneys, Andrew Noel.
“It should have never happened.”‘
Officer Schmidt is the only defendant listed in the lawsuit filed by Collins’ attorneys.
Her attorneys claim he violated her right to be free from excessive force and unreasonable seizure in accordance with the Fourth Amendment.
According to the suit, multiple officers were were responding to a burglary call when when Schmidt and Gabe, a 5-year-old German Shepard, began searching for the suspects without any “definitive information” about the suspects’ whereabouts and without any “visual target.”
Schmidt placed Gabe on a long leash then gave three verbal warnings.
“Announce  yourself. Come out now. You will get bit,” Schmidt shouted while standing close to fellow police officers covering him.
“No reasonable officer would have believed that a warning given at this location, sheltered by homes and trees,” the lawsuit says.
“And at

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Animal Control Officer Outraged after New Jersey Cop Shot his Dog

Tuesday, November 14th, 2017

An animal control officer is fuming after a New Jersey cop shot his dog.
John Timmins, who’s been an animal control officer in Bergen County for 17 years, said he’s never ordered a police officer to shoot an animal.
After his dog “Wildfire,” a four-year-old American Bulldog, was shot by Passaic cop Samuel Rivera Jr. on September 23, he wonders why there wasn’t more empathy for his dog after she escaped from his fenced-in backyard.
Rivera, the son of a former cop who went to federal prison for extortion as mayor, responded to a call about a dog chasing “innocent people in the area,” according to
When he arrived on the scene, Rivera observed the dog chase and attack a cat and chase another dog, which got away from Wildfire, according to his police report.
Wildfire was shot by Passaic cop Samuel Rivera Jr.
Timmins, however, disputes details in the report, which incorrectly characterized his dog as a pit bull and stated he understood the officer Rivera’s approach and “did not object to the outcome.”
At the scene, where Wildfire was chasing the cat and dog, a witness approached Rivera’s patrol car and told him the dog did not seem aggressive, according to dash cam footage.
So Rivera called for animal control and tried to capture the dog himself, but his attempts were unsuccessful.
The animal control officer in Passaic was 30 minutes away. So Robert Boyle, the head animal control officer, who is also the Chief of the Passaic County SPCA and sitting board member of the New Jersey SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) responded.
According to Rivera’s report, Boyle advised the dog should be “neutralized.”
Eventually Passaic’s animal control officer Brian Gunderson arrived.
The Passaic Police Department’s watch commander also agreed with Boyle’s assessment.
“That’s the saddest thing that she ran into those specific officers. Most officers

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Texas Judge Grants Qualified Immunity to Cop who Shot Innocent Man’s Dog before Detaining him at Gunpoint

Thursday, August 31st, 2017

A Texas judge granted qualified immunity to a cop who shot and killed a man’s dog for barking at him, meaning the cop cannot be held liable in civil court.
A Texas judge issued an order this month granting a cop who shot a man’s dog for barking and allegedly showing his teeth at him qualified immunity, meaning he can’t be held liable in civil court.
“[The dog} was just kinda walking at me, he wasn’t, he didn’t, I mean . . .” Austin cop Daniel Walsh could be heard saying before cutting off the end of his sentence, according to the lawsuit.
United States District Court Judge Robert Pitman ruled officer Walsh could possibly be held liable for detaining Julian Reyes,49, for a lengthy period of time, initially at gunpoint.
Several more officers drew their guns on Reyes after Walsh cuffed him face down and began conducting an investigation even though Reyes was at his own storage unit.
‘They had me laying on my face,” Reyes recalled.
The order was issued earlier this month, over a year after April 24, 2016 when we reported about Judge Robert Pitman allowing Reyes’ pro se civil claim against Austin officers Walsh, Christopher Anderson, former Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo and the City of Austin to move forward.
United States District Judge for the Western District of Texas Robert Lee PItman
It was around midnight on April 24, 2013 when officer Walsh shot Reyes’ dog Shiner Bock then handcuffed and detained him for over 15-minutes for suspicion of burglarizing the facility.
Reyes, however, had a key to a unit at the facility where he stored his art.
According to records, before admitting on dash cam Shiner Bock never posed a threat, Walsh arrived at a storage unit to investigate a call about a banging noise, which was later determined to be a piece of tin blowing in the

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Wednesday, July 26th, 2017

Alliance Ohio Police Officer Josh Tenney actions were captured on his Body Worn Camera when he summoned the friendly dog to him only to shoot it dead.
[youtube] A few minutes before the dogs’ owners had noticed his dogs were not in the yard and began searching for them only to find his dog China laying on the ground mortally wounded and dying, from shots fired from Tenney who claims the dogs were going to attack him.
The video starts with Tenney in his vehicle approaching a local auto parts store, the Body Worn Camera only captures the video and no audio of a brief exchange between Tenney and an unknown civilian, a few seconds later the audio is activated. Tenney can be heard calling the dogs with here puppy, puppy and he also whistles and claps. The dogs want nothing to do with him and move away from him in the direction of a do it yourself carwash.
Tenney continues to summon the dogs when China the largest of the three comes running towards him tail wagging in direct response to him calling her. This is when the smaller of the three dogs then attempts to slow China down to be the first dog to get whatever Tenney has for them.
This behavior is normal for this breed as well many others and is by no means a display of aggression towards a human, it is simply dog play.
Not know this or simply not caring Tenney can then be seen raising his pistol and killing China, for coming when he called her and for no other reason.
Local media reports that the spokesperson for the Alliance police claim that there were reports of the dog biting someone, yet no official report nor the imaginary victim has been presented.
This is simply another cases of a

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Maryland Jury Awards $1.26 Million to Family after Cop Wrongly Shot their Dog

Saturday, May 13th, 2017

A Maryland jury awarded a family $1.26 million Tuesday after deciding a cop wrongly shot and killed their dog, Vernon, on February 1, 2014 – the largest award in American history for such a case.
“The verdict sends a strong message to the police about community expectations,” attorney Carl J. Hansel said after the verdict, according to the Capital Gazette.
“The duty to serve and protect extends to our animal family members as well.”
However, the Anne Arundel County Police Department had already determined the shooting was justified, claiming the dog was aggressive, which made the cop fear for his safety.
But the evidence proved otherwise, which is why the jury ruled against the officer.
Hansel called the shooting of Michael Reeves’ dog by Anne Arundel County cop Rodney Price “senseless, unnecessary and unconstitutional.”
During the three-day trial, officer Price admitted the dog did not bite or injure him before he fired two shots, one entering the dog’s sternum and another shot through his side when the dog’s body was perpendicular to Price’s gun.
Hansel stated a necropsy performed after the shooting contradicted Price’s testimony regarding how the shooting occurred.
Price, a one-year veteran, was investigating a burglary at the time, canvassing the neighborhood looking for witnesses around 4 p.m., when a male Chesapeake Bay retriever “confronted” the officer in Reeve’s front yard,  according to police.
Vern barked and ran towards Price.
Price then fired two shots at Vernon, killing the dog.
Officer Price visited the Reeve’s family a few days after the shooting to explain what happened.
Former Anne Arundel County Police Chief Kevin Davis, met with the Reeves family,  promised a full investigation into the shooting and offered his condolences.
The internal investigation exonerated officer Price, finding the dog was aggressive.
During the trial, the jury was asked specifically if the dog attacked Price.
The jury determined Price was not attacked by the

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Kansas Cop Kills Army Veteran’s Service Dog, then Issues him Two Citations

Tuesday, April 18th, 2017

A Kansas cop shot and killed the service dog of an army veteran who suffers from PTSD on Thursday, according to the Daily Haze.
Augusta police officer Devon Keith says he was forced to shoot Alan Fitzgerald’s dog “Midnite” claiming the dog charged an animal control officer after ramming a door until it opened – making the animal control officer fear for his life.
But Fitzgerald said his dog didn’t do anything wrong and officer Keith shot him for no reason.
Alan Fitzgerald and his service dog, Midnite, before a cop shot and killed it.
Neighbors who witnessed the shooting said the animal control officer was the one who opened the door and began acting aggressively towards the dog before shooting it.
Augusta police, along with animal control, showed up at Fitzgerald’s house Thursday afternoon after a neighbor called to complain about a German Shepard.
Fitzgerald said Midnite got out on Thursday, presumably chasing rabbits and cats as he often did. Midnite ended up several mobile homes down from his home, hovering over a neighbor’s small dog.
“It’s how he plays,” Fitzgerald explained.
Fitzgerald talked to the small dog’s owner, who said the smaller dog wasn’t hurt, just “shaken up” from Midnite towering over it.
Things settled and Fitzgerald returned home and was in the shower when he heard Midnite bark and then gunshots.
“All of a sudden, I heard this pound pound pound on the screen door,” Fitzgerald recalled.
“And I heard Midnite barking, obviously he’s going to bark because he’s guarding the house. All of a sudden then I heard shots fired and I heard my dog screaming in agony.”
Fitzgerald came out to see what was going on only to have a gun pointed at him inside of his own house.
“I got halfway out the door, and about right here where this crack is, there’s an officer standing with his

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West Virginia Woman Arrested for Blocking Cop from Shooting her Dog Files Lawsuit

Monday, January 30th, 2017

The West Virginia woman who was cleared on obstruction charges after standing between her dog and the cop who wanted to kill it has filed a lawsuit.
On May 9, 2015, West Virginia state trooper Seth Cook arrested Tiffanie Hupp, 24, on obstruction charges after she stepped between the trooper and her dog Buddy, who was chained to a tree on her family’s property and wagging his tail when Cook aimed his gun at the dog’s head attempting to shoot it.
Cook testified that he was not in fear for his life, but was only following training that required him to kill all dogs that approach him, even if they are wagging their tails.
The mother of two told Photography is Not a Crime the cops weren’t even called to her family’s property in Parkersburg for a dispute involving a dog.
Instead, they were there to mediate a tiff between her stepfather-in-law and his neighbor.
Hupp was acquitted by a jury on February, 29th, 2016 after her lawyer, David Schels, played a video of the incident taken by her husband Ryan before resting his case.
Video, included below, shows Cook walk on to Hupp’s property, draw his loaded gun and point it at Buddy’s head.
Cook orders Hupp, who was playing with her 3-year-old son Riley, to “control your dog now.”
When she quickly moves between the trooper and Buddy, attempting to protect the dog and her son from being traumatized from witnessing his dog being shot, Cook grabs Hupp, throws her against the ground, pushes her against his police cruiser and arrests her for obstructing an officer.

After arresting her, Cook entered the Hupp’s home without a warrant and confiscated all recording devices the event was potentially captured on.
“After he put me in the patrol car and arrested me, he just walks up to the trailer and up

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WATCH: Ohio State Troopers Allow K9 to Attack Complying Man, Telling Him to “Stop Fighting My Dog”

Tuesday, January 24th, 2017

Ohio state troopers were arresting a man while his cousin live streamed on Facebook Live Monday, resulting in troopers releasing a police dog to attack the man with the camera.
Holding the phone was Dannie Oliver, who was explaining to viewers that the cops had just slammed him to the ground, pointing guns and tasers at them.
It is not clear why his cousin was being arrested but it appears as if he had just pulled into the driveway with the cops behind him.
As his cousin was being handcuffed, he yelled out to Oliver to call his mother to inform her of the arrest. The cousin also asked Oliver to retrieve his drivers license from his car and to turn the car off as it was still running with the door wide open.
Oliver obliged, reaching into his cousin’s car, but that made the cop fear for his life.
“Listen, get out of the car!” the cop yelled.
“I’m trying to get his ID for him,” Oliver responded.
“I don’t care, get inside your house,” the trooper responded, running up to him and grabbing him.
“Hey, hold up, you ain’t gotta grab me, dog,” Oliver responded.
“You’re about to go to jail! It’s called obstruction of official business!”
“But you just heard him ask me to get it, so why didn’t you tell me not to get it?” Oliver asked.
But that was when they released the police dog on him – even though he was not threatening the cops or anybody else for that matter.
“The fucking dog is attacking me!” Oliver yelled. “Aghh, aghh, my leg! My fucking leg! Get the dog!”
“Stop fighting my dog!” a cop commanded.
“I’m not fighting your dog!” Oliver responded. “He got my fucking leg! He biting my leg off!
“I was going in the house, so why you released the dog on me?”
The cops started

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Wisconsin Deputy Slams 15 Shots of Vodka, Steals Man’s Sweatshirt, Passes Out in Patrol Car, Blames Bartender

Friday, January 20th, 2017

How many shots does it take for a cop to pass out in their patrol vehicle while in uniform and on-duty as a police dog helplessly sits in the backseat?
It took 15 shots of vodka for a Wisconsin deputy to do just that.
St. Croix County Sheriff’s Deputy Ryan Fowler ended up having a .23 blood alcohol content – nearly three times the legal limit.
In fact, Fowler still had the squad car in drive with his foot on the brake when responding officers found him passed out from his drunken stupor.
But he later blamed the bartender at the Comfort Inn for getting him drunk.
The incident took place in October 2016 but reports of the incident were only released until recently.
Deputy Fowler was in North Dakota as extra security reinforcement for the pipeline standoff. He was one of five deputies that were called from the St. Croix County Sheriff’s Department in Wisconsin.
A few hours before Deputy Fowler was suppose to report to duty, he downed at least 15 premium Vodka shots at the Comfort Inn hotel where he and his colleagues were staying.
Additionally, Fowler had taken some sort of prescription medication.
Twincities reports that on October 12 around 11:30 p.m., after downing the shots, Fowler walked to his patrol car with his k-9 dog in an attempt to drive to the pipeline.
But he was too drunk to make it out of the parking lot.
He then became cold and offered to pay $5 for a random man’s sweatshirt. The man identified as Daylan Chasinghawk gave Fowler the sweatshirt but Fowler never coughed up the money.
That was when Chasinghawk called police to report that a deputy stole his sweatshirt.
Once police arrived at the hotel, they found Fowler in his patrol car drunk with the transmission in drive, his foot on the brake, and the doors locked. Officers had to

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Federal Court Rules Cops can Shoot your Dog for Barking

Monday, December 26th, 2016

A federal court ruled that cops can shoot and kill your dog if it merely barks at them, something they have been doing routinely for years now anyway.
The 6th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the decision of a lower court last week, siding with Michigan cops who shot and killed two dogs during a drug raid after they entered the home with a battering ram, according to the Huffington Post.
After cops busted down the door, one of the dogs only “moved a few inches” and the other ran down to the basement with its back to the cop when it was killed, according to the officers’ testimony referred to in the court’s opinion.
A civil rights lawsuit was filed by Mark and Cheryl Brown in 2015 against the City of Battle Creek, the Battle Creek Police Department and the three cops involved in the raid, which resulted in the couple’s two dogs being killed.
Lawyers for the Browns, who were not suspects in the raid, argued killing their dogs violated their right to be free from unreasonable search and seizure protected by the Fourth Amendment, which was dismissed by a lower court.
Battle Creek police were looking for the father of one of Cheryl Brown’s mother’s children, who they say was selling drugs from their home.
One cop testified the two dogs were sitting on the couch when one of them “lunged” at him, but added the dog had only moved “a few inches.”
Battle Creek cop Christof Klein immediately shot the dog.
Battle Creek cop Christof Klein (right)
Wounded, the dog ran to the basement where the other dog had fled upon cops entering after beating down the door.
Klein testified he began towards basement to “sweep” the home for drugs, then shot the dog he’d wounded again when it began barking from the bottom of the stairwell.
[The] “basement

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REHIRED: Minnesota Deputy Convicted Of Drunkenly Beating K9 Partner After Groping Casino Patrons

Wednesday, November 16th, 2016

A Minnesota sheriff’s deputy who was convicted of animal cruelty on his own K9 service dog in a video recorded beating has been rehired by the Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office.
The Law Enforcement Labor Services police union fought to keep the convicted criminal cop Brett Barry on public payrolls.
State arbitrator Gil Vernon decided that the deputy will be forgiven for his rampage, even though it was a drunken frenzy that would land any regular citizen in jail for assaulting a police officer – his K9 partner.
Ironically, Barry will now be paid to guard Ramsey County’s detention unit, instead of spending time behind its bars to repay society for his crime.
The Minnesota deputy didn’t just beat his dog either.
Deputy Barry’s drunken on-duty rampage included previously undisclosed sexual assaults by the 20-year veteran which remained buried in the Ramsey Sheriffs internal affairs records until today, seventeen months after the incident, according to the StarTribune:
Ramsey County sheriff’s deputy Brett A. Berry forcibly kissed and groped patrons at the Black Bear Casino before beating his K-9 partner in frustration several minutes later, according to documents released Tuesday. An internal affairs investigation into Berry’s actions on June 15, 2015, said that he acted in an “aggressive manner” toward three people while drinking at the casino’s Cobalt lounge in Carlton, Minn.
“His conduct in the Cobalt Lounge toward [redacted] patrons was disrespectful,” said the investigation report. “He agreed that his conduct … was inappropriate.” Berry, 49, of Oakdale, pleaded guilty in January to beating his K-9 partner, Boone, but the full extent of his unwanted advances at the bar hadn’t been disclosed until the sheriff’s office released documents from its investigation Tuesday.
Judging by the redacted blow-by-blow about “someone identified in the investigation only as “off duty [redacted],” whom he grabbed by the shirt.
When security confronted the deputy, he demanded, “Who the [expletive] am I harassing? I have a right

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GRAPHIC: Idaho Cop Murders Dog In Own Yard, Demands Cash from Owner for Remains

Friday, September 16th, 2016

An Idaho cop murdered a dog in its own front yard while serving an arrest warrant on a compliant citizen after officers took advantage of a door left ajar.
The arrest warrant turned into a death warrant for the beloved family pet named Targaryan.
Now Caldwell police are threatening to charge an innocent woman with “having a vicious animal at large.”
And they sent her a $200 bill before they’ll release the remains of her deceased beloved pet dog.
But the body camera videos released today show a very different story.
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After the August 18 incident, Caldwell police told the local news that the dog “lunged” at the officers but the video reveals an officer who is apparently afraid of dogs who fires his gun after his partner seemed to have no issues with the mixed-breed 85-pound dog who barked but did not charge or lunge.
Alinah Stelly’s sister was wanted on a warrant and the Caldwell Police knocked on her door to serve it, but they didn’t alert the young woman who was drying her hair with a maroon towel as she casually chatted with them for a few seconds to the real reason for visiting her townhouse.
They had an arrest warrant for Stelly’s 31-year-old sister on a probation violation.
“I’m looking for Crystal, Crystal Holden,” said the Idaho cop.
It was a subterfuge on the part of the officer, but one that they are legally allowed to use when serving an arrest warrant.
“What is this for?” asked Stelly.
“I’ve just got to talk with her… for some follow up,” replied the Caldwell police officer.
The 20-year-old Stelly dutifully went upstairs to get her sister, and accidentally left her front door slightly ajar
That’s when the Caldwell police officer quite literally crossed the line from acceptable to probably unconstitutional policing.
He crossed the threshold of Alinah Stelly’s private residence

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Maryland Police Lie to K9 Handler, Abduct and Hide Police Dog in the Name of “Safety”

Wednesday, September 30th, 2015

Anyone who follows police accountability issues knows that the police are authorized to – and indeed often do – lie in the performance of their duties.
Ostensibly, this is to trick the suspected criminal into divulging something that will help officers build their case, but it’s always interesting when this prevarication is turned inward.
We don’t know what’s causing Maryland police lie to each other today.
But it’s spawned an online and very public “blue on blue” petition for justice for a retired officer.
Chip, the Belgian Malinois who served as a K9 Officer in Montgomery County’s police deparmtent in Maryland.
Officer Gil Fones of the Montgomery County Police Department has handled K9 officers for two decades during his 27 years of service.
Chip, the officer’s most recent partner – a Belgian Malinois – was recently taken from him abruptly and without explanation.
Originally, department leadership had informed Fones that Chip was being retired, but that the officer would have the option to adopt him, consistent with how they’d handled such occurrences in the past.
Then, after they’d taken the dog and kept him in a kennel for several weeks, they quickly changed their story, saying that they were going to euthanize Chip or move him to an undisclosed location.
The reason they gave was that Chip had bitten his handler during a recertification exercise in April 2015.
Montgomery County publishes numerous photos of their K9 officers with their partner cops, and of their officers efforts towards the canine community onto their official Facebook page.
Clearly, their department shows concern for canine life, but it’s unclear why they’re suddenly separating Chip the K9 service dog from the person and his family with whom he’d bonded.
Chip worked with Officer Fones for over four years. In addition to working with the dog while on patrol, the Fones family looked at Chip as a member of their household.
The sudden

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California Deputy Caught on Video Entering Backyard and Killing Dog

Saturday, September 19th, 2015

In what is becoming a disturbingly frequent occurrence, a two-year-old pit bull named Face was shot and killed by a Fresno County sheriff’s deputy with the last name of Hernandez.
And the entire incident was caught on video by a neighbor.
In the footage, you’ll see two deputies enter a fenced-in backyard, then the lead officer (who we believe to be Hernandez) appears to motion towards or possibly kick at the dog.
Hernandez then quickly draws his gun and fires multiple shots into the approaching canine. The dog scampers away as the second officer stumbles over lawn furniture, seemingly unsure of whether or not to pull his weapon and fire into the dog like his partner.
Hernandez then walks up to the injured dog and appears to fire one last time, as if to finish the job.  Watch the video below and tell us what you see.
Here’s an excerpt from the first post made by Face’s owner on the page Justice 4 Face:
This morning a fresno county sheriff’s deputy shot my dog five times…..In my back yard ….Behind a locked gate in front a a two yr old kid …..
You know i used to believe that cops were good …Supposed to be honest and protect you and stuff….But latley i have has deputies lie in reports they have written….Lie on the stand and n9w tresspass into my backyard ….Threw my locked gate….Kick my dog then shoot him five times in front of a two yr old kid they were here to protect because of a neighbors complaint of her crying for 30 min…..Wth right
why not knock on the front door perhaps….Or read the sign on the locked gate that says beware of dog ….Guard dog on duty…..Or look threw the chain link fence and see if the child was in any danger….Which she was not ….Untill she

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South Florida Cop Who Left Police Dogs to Die in Heated Car Won’t be Charged

Tuesday, September 8th, 2015

A South Florida cop who left two dogs inside his patrol car while he napped inside his home will not face criminal charges. After all, investigators said, Hialeah police officer Nelson Enriquez did not intend to kill the dogs. And intent, according to the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office, is a requirement to proceed with criminal …
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Kansas Man Swings Dog As Weapon Against Police Officer, Fails Miserably, Faces Cruelty Charges

Thursday, August 27th, 2015

A Kansas man swung his small dog on it’s leash to use it as a weapon to hit an officer in perhaps one of the worst possible ways to combat police, The incident was captured on dash cam footage below. It all began over a report of a man under the influence,walking around and through people’s yard’s; …
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Wisconsin Cops Tase, Shoot Woman Who Called Police For Help

Saturday, August 22nd, 2015

Wisconsin cops didn’t help the situation much when a Kenosha citizen called the local boys in blue on her neighbor’s english bulldog. Local media isn’t reporting the woman’s name, but said that she’s still in the hospital licking her wounds, mostly inflicted by the police. The Kenosha resident was bit by the dog, named “Tank”, …
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