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WATCH: Ohio Cops Taser Two Men for not Sitting Down

Wednesday, December 13th, 2017

Recently released body cam video shows two Ohio cops using their tasers to punish two brothers for not sitting down in their own home, even though neither of them were under arrest for committing a crime.
One of them suffered a collapsed lung, according to
The incident left both men, who had clean records, with criminal convictions.
Cincinnati police officers Richard Sullivan and Lawrence Johnson responded to a call from Angela Brown, who called police to have her sons, Richard Coleman and James Crawley, removed from her apartment.
Their mother never specified why she wanted her sons out of her house, but Coleman says in the video that his mother is drunk.
According to the Cincinnati Enquirer:

The men told city investigators they were at their mother’s apartment to help her grocery shop, with one saying Brown previously invited him to live there.
One of the experts said that the videos show the two officers actively escalating the situation instead of calming things down and eventually “using the Tasers as a form of torture to get them to do what they wanted them to do.”
“Anyone with any common sense can see the officers never give the kids a chance … and they immediately turned to a weapon that is one step below using lethal force,” said Gary A. Rini, a longtime police officer and commander from suburban Cleveland who now works as a police consultant and expert witness.
Following the incident, one of the brothers made a complaint to the Citizen Complaint Authority, which was created as part of the 2001 Collaborative Agreement to investigate allegations against police. Fraternal Order of Police President Hils requested that city investigators hold off on interviewing the officers until after the two men were fully prosecuted.

Officers Sullivan and Johnson arrived around 3:30 p.m. on August 8 to find Coleman, 24, sitting on the couch

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WATCH: Texas Deputies Detain PINAC Correspondent for Suspicion of Burglary while Video Recording Government Building from Sidewalk

Saturday, November 11th, 2017

A YouTube video shows Texas deputies detaining PINAC correspondent Phillip Turner for suspicion of burglarizing vehicles, and possibly plotting to help an inmate escape from jail in late September.
Their reason: Turner was video recording the City of Midland Police and Communication Center and Information Systems Department from the sidewalk.
That, of course, gave deputies the impression that Turner was plotting to bust someone out of jail, then break into cars right in front of the police station where seven cameras are mounted on the front of one building.
Not to mention capturing the evidence on his own camera for safe measure.

The Midland Police and Communications Center and Information Systems Department is described as a highly specialized unit of personnel which provides centralized communications service support to the Midland County Sheriff’s Office, Midland Fire Department and the Midland Police Department.
Part of the communications center is located underground and is the Public Safety Answering Point for Midland County, according to its website.
The video begins with Turner walking down the sidewalk taking photos of vehicles and the building with several cameras.
“How many cameras do they need?” asks Turner, who frequently hears the same question from officers as he tours the State of Texas conducting similar audits.
Eventually, two sheriff deputies pull up in an SUV with their emergency lights lit up and approach Turner.
“How’s it going? I’m deputy Cook with the sheriff’s office. It’s just curious; somebody’s taping around the sheriff’s office. I’m just trying to figure out what’s going on.”
Turner explains he’s just taking pictures of vehicles and that he was attempting to locate the main building of the complex.
“Do you have an ID or anything? Deputy Cook asks. “To show who I’m talking to.”
“I don’t have one on me, ” Turner replies.
“What’s your name,” deputy Cooks asks, reaching for his radio to run Turner’s name through

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USDOJ Refuses to Allow Journalists into Jeff Sessions’ Press Conference Fearing Negative Coverage

Thursday, September 21st, 2017

The United States Department of Justice says it welcomes all journalists into their press conferences as long as they follow a short list of criteria listed on its website.
However, that turned out to be a lie as a pair of Portland journalists learned earlier this week.
The journalists were from Flossin Media, a black-owned, Portland-based digital magazine founded in 2004 that covers social justice issues as well as other general interest issues.
On Tuesday, they were trying to enter a press conference in Portland where United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions was going to denounce sanctuary cities like Portland who have refused to cooperate with federal officials in deporting undocumented immigrants.
Flossin Media journalist Michele Darr said she emailed Sessions’ press secretary, Devin O’Malley, a day earlier to RSVP for the press conference.
And O’Malley responded by asking Darr a series of questions about what type of stories they have published during the previous six months, she said in a telephone interview with Photography is Not a Crime.
Darr told PINAC that she asked other Portland media outlets if they had to answer similar questions, but was told no, that they only had to RSVP.
However, Darr was under the impression that Flossin Media would be placed on the list because she complied with the following guidelines listed on the USDOJ website, emailing O’Malley the required information.

However, when Darr tried to enter the press conference, Homeland Security officers said they were not on the list as you can see in her video.
Flossin Media photographer and videographer Hailei Aberson-Holford was also denied access to the press conference.
Meanwhile, countless other journalists were being allowed inside as Darr remained professional but persistent while standing in the rain.
According to its website, Flossing Media owns and operates within print, video, epic events, street teams, graphic design, digital distribution, online social marketing, and

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WATCH: PINAC Correspondent Kicked Out of Free Speech Rally in Oregon

Sunday, September 17th, 2017

PINAC correspondent Mike Smith attended a free speech rally in Portland only to be physically thrown out by police.
Smith was at the Patriot Prayer rally at the waterfront last Sunday, which is a popular place in the Oregon city for events and protests. There were several other groups counterprotesting the Patriot Prayer group which is why police were there to keep the peace.
The police sectioned off an area for media personnel in the middle of the protests but when Smith attempted to enter the media area, cops told him he wasn’t allowed because he was a counterprotester. Smith repeatedly told the cops that he was on assignment as a correspondent with PINAC News and not a counterprotester.
Police kept Smith from covering footage as seen in picture.
Smith even showed the cops his PINAC issued press pass, but they still assumed that he was a counterprotester at the rally to start trouble.
It was then that Sergeant Mirau told Smith that he could enter the press area on the other side of the gate, as seen in the video.
Smith walks all the way to the other side of the media entrance area and crossed the yellow line for media only to be told by a different set of officers that he still was not allowed in the media area.
And this time officers even threatened to arrest Smith.
Smith tried getting the name and badge numbers of the officers but then other officers came to physically remove Smith from the general protest area.
Meanwhile, the corporate media reporters who were allowed to enter the area were photographing the altercation but it does not appear as if they were published.

Other angles from the protest show officers throwing tear gas canisters at videographers.
Smith had this to say concerning the incident:
“I believe the Portland police trampled on my rights. I

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Oklahoma Military Police Harass and Intimidate Citizen for Recording Air Base

Tuesday, September 12th, 2017

Oklahoma military police, assisted by two Oklahoma state cops, were recorded lying to a citizen journalist in order to get him to surrender identification while peacefully and lawfully recording the Oklahoma Air National Guard base from a public space on August 31.
“Are you aware in the state of Oklahoma when a law enforcement officer asks you for identification that you’re required to produce it?” asked Master Sgt. Jason Cattleman, even though that is a blatant lie.
Castleman, whose Facebook page shows a photo of him posing in front of the White House, couldn’t seem to understand why anyone would want to record a military installation.”
Sgt. Master Jason Castleman poses in front of the White House. (photo courtesy of Facebook)
“What is going on?” Castleman asks.
“Just taking pictures,” said the citizen journalist who goes by Picture Perfect on YouTube.
“Because I want to.”
“Why do you want to?”
“I don’t have to explain myself to you, sir.”
“Well, you understand as law enforcement officers we have an expressed interest in why you want to film the installation….”
“I understand that, but that fence right there is your jurisdiction. Right here you’re off your installation, you’re off your installation; you don’t have any jurisdiction.”
“Uh, are you an attorney?” Castleman asks. “I wasn’t aware.”
“Have a nice day, sir.” Picture Perfect replies. “I’m not gonna sit here and argue with you for you to make smart ass comments.”
“I’m just curious, because, uh, you were informing me of my jurisdiction.” Castleman says before turning to the Oklahoma state police officer standing nearby.
“Yeah, on that base, not out here.”
“Can you tell me where this gentleman’s jurisdiction lies,’ Castleman asks pointing to the Oklahoma state cop standing next to him.

“Uh, who are you? Oklahoma military department, I would assume he has Oklahoma jurisdiction.”
“I’m a state police officer,” the cop replies.
“I don’t give a damn

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WATCH: Undercover Minnesota Cop tells Photographer, “I Work for St. Paul Police, B***h! I’m Gonna Slap you Down!”

Saturday, September 2nd, 2017

An undercover Minnesota cop was caught on camera threatening a man and shoving his camera into his face when asked for his badge number after he and his partner mistook him for a vulnerable missing person.
“911,” officer Benny Williams told 36-year-old St. Paul resident Andrew Casey before physically confronting him.
“I work for St. Paul police, bitch,” Williams added.
Williams also threatened to tow Casey’s legally parked car for recording him, and spit on him.
“Put it in my face again, and I’m gonna slap you down,” Williams can be heard threatening Casey in the 20-second video posted to his Facebook page.
Williams has since made a video apologizing, which can be seen below.
St. Paul Police Chief Todd Axtell said Williams’ actions do not meet the standard of delivering trusted service with respect, but later went on to praise Officer Williams for his video apology, which was posted to the St. Paul Police Department’s Facebook page along with the original video.
“I’m very passionate about what I do, and today I just had a human moment where I just said some things that just were not professional,” Williams explains.
“I want to apologize to this individual. It doesn’t represent who I am or my organization, the St. Paul Police Department.”
Casey, however, isn’t buying it.
“That’s not an apology, that’s a statement into the air,” he said adding he didn’t believe Williams’ apology was genuine because he didn’t offer it to him directly.
Casey, a painter and photographer, was on his way to a friend’s house after work on Thursday when he parked and observed a car pulling up.
He then realized it was an unmarked squad car with two plain-clothed undercover officers inside.
“Hey, do you live here?” one of them shouted.
Casey remained silent and continued walking.
“I have no legal obligation to talk to an officer when I’m walking down the street,

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CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Maryland Cop Attempts to Steal Phone From Citizen Recording Him, Now Suspended

Monday, August 7th, 2017

Anne Arundel County Police Officer Scott Wolford was called to assist citizens with a dispute, instead, he had an issue with his activities being documented, tried to snatch a cell phone and is now suspended.  All this happened in Severn area of unincorporated Anne Arundel County, Maryland on Saturday, August 5, 2017,  after having a dispute with a customer Elias Crespo Tejada and his co-worker requested assistance from the police. Officer Scott Wolford arrives and Tejada started documenting, after explaining to Wolford why he was summoned, Wolford then explains the law was not on their side and the law protects the bad guys.  Then out of the blue, as if he just woke up Wolford notices Tejada recording and say
“Are you recording me? That’s really nice,” the officer is seen saying to Tejada.
Tejada  then tells the officer, “I’m in my right.” The Wolford responds by mimicking what the Tejada said.
“I’m in my right to do that – for my company,” Tejada told Wolford
Wolford then asks Tejada by saying, “Let me see that real quick,” before apparently attempting to grab the device out of his hands. However, after Wolford is unable to take the recording device, Wolford is then seen getting into his police vehicle before the video ends.
Anne Arundel County police said in a news release that “members of the general public have a First Amendment right to video record, photograph, and/or audio record officers while they are conducting official business in any public space unless such recordings interfere with police activity.”
“The Anne Arundel County Police are 100% committed to providing courteous service and protecting the rights of the citizens we serve,” said Anne Arundel County Police Chief Timothy Altomare. “When we see these standards not being met, we will deal with violations of our policies forthrightly and with integrity. We are doing so in this

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Fearing for his Life, Miami Cop Arrests Man for Recording him, Stealing his Phone

Monday, August 7th, 2017

A Miami police officer admitted to seizing a man’s phone for his “safety,” but the cop never returned the phone, even after the man was released from jail and charges were quickly dropped..
Nevertheless, the department’s internal affairs division concluded there was not enough evidence to prove that Miami police officer Daniel Crocker stole the phone.
However, Sergio Morales filed a complaint with the city’s Civilian Investigative Panel and concluded that the cop did steal the phone, not that the agency has any authority to discipline the cop. It can only make recommendations to the department, which are usually ignored.
So as usual, the cop, who already has a long list of complaints against him, will continue terrorizing the citizens he is sworn to protect and Morales will probably file a lawsuit against the city, resulting in taxpayers dishing out a settlement.
If anything, the lawsuit might lead to Crocker’s resignation, which is what happened to two other Miami cops, Reynaldo Irias and Yesid Ortiz, who arrested a man named Mario Cordoba for recording in 2015.
The latest incident took place on March 8, 2017 at 2:30 a.m. after Morales, an Uber driver, had pulled over to pick up a customer and Crocker walked up to his car and rapped on his window.
According to the Miami New Times:

When the driver asked Crocker if he was a cop or a security guard, he says, the cop threatened to arrest him. That’s when Morales pulled out his phone to record the conversation and things really went to hell.
Crocker ended up taking the driver’s phone, never giving it back, and arresting the Uber driver for resisting an officer and refusal to obey police commands, charges that were quickly dropped. That’s what the Civilian Investigative Panel, an independent body that considers police complaints, found when they looked into Morales’ complaints. While MPD’s internal affairs

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Saturday, August 5th, 2017

July 9, 2017, Philadelphia, PA. After spending the afternoon at a pool party, celebrating a child’s birthday, Ariel Rivera hears a commotion outside her home in the Kensington neighborhood. When she opens her door, she discovers three uniformed police officers beating a half-dressed man.  Ariel recognizes the man as a local urban camper. Without hesitation, Ariel documents the incident with her cell phone camera and later uploads the video to Facebook.
Locally the video went viral. Soon the local media began to inquire to city officials, only to discover a different version of events. The official word initially described the victim as a known drug dealer, and reported the neighbors were “yelling and screaming”, and the incident was described as a “near riot”. Local officials did not comment on the violence captured on video by Ms.Rivera.
After weeks of claims of ongoing investigations, a singular Officer James Yeager was suspended pending termination, other investigations are described as” on going” and soon others may find their careers and future earnings in jeopardy.
I spoke with Ariel Rivera via phone and she described the events as far too common and feels that there is little she and her neighbors can do to change the situation. She also told me of her fears of retaliation by the police and stories of Philadelphia police framing activists and journalist who document the police.
We are committed to supporting any efforts to bring accountability and transparency to Ariel’s neighborhood and any other place in need.
Please support PINAC’s efforts to continue to support citizen journalists and investigative journalists exposing those suppressing individual liberty and freedom.

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Federal Court Vindicates Virginia Man’s First Amendment Right To Criticize Officials On Their FB Pages

Thursday, July 27th, 2017

A federal judge in Virginia’s Eastern district court has ruled that a Loudon County elected official censored a citizen by blocking them on Facebook in a First Amendment protected public forum.
Brian Davison is trying to keep the Loudoun County School Board accountable but has faced a prolonged campaign of censorship and retaliatory claims by Board Members with serious financial conflicts of interest in the charter school industry and who have voted on issues that impact pay for family members.
The present lawsuit started when Brian Davison’s fight against government corruption took him to a joint town hall meeting with the Loudoun County School Board and the County Board of Supervisors on February 2016, where he asked Commissioner Randall if she thought the School Board’s officers should take an ethics pledge, after she campaigned on ethics during her recent run for office.
She dodged the question calling it a “set up question.”
Brian Davison speaking about the Loudoun County School Board in Virginia
“Our County Chairperson who campaigned on ethics, would not even recommend an ethics pledge for the [Loudoun County] school board, who have taken votes about their own business associates, without disclosing it,” Davison said, noting that he can document each instance. “Four School Board members voted on teacher pay without disclosing that their spouses are employees of the district. (Hornberger, Morse, Turgeon and Eric DeKenipp)”
Davison then commented on an official Facebook page run by Commissioner Randall.
Randall only blocked Davison for 12 hours.
The former Naval officer sued Loudon County Commission Chair Phyllis J. Randall and won a 44-page ruling by Judge James C. Cacheris whose declaratory opinion clearly designates the public official’s Facebook page as a public forum.
The judge’s finding in Brian Davison’s favor is sure to find its way into numerous legal actions across the country by aggrieved citizens who have been censored by

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Watch: Idaho Police Arrest Man for Video Recording FBI Building

Wednesday, July 26th, 2017
[youtube] Police in Pocatello, Idaho arrested a man for filming an FBI building from public property. It is becoming an all too common occurrence for officers to stop and detain citizens for recording police or law enforcement activity of any kind. But the aforementioned video recording is a First Amendment protected activity, so anyone has the right to do so.
In June Sean Johnson was doing a First Amendment audit on the Pocatello FBI building. The First Amendment gives everyone in America freedom of speech and freedom of press, which includes video recording. Johnson was on a public sidewalk across the street from the FBI building during his audit.
Johnson was recording the entrance gate of the FBI building. Included in Johnson’s footage are vehicles going in and out of the FBI gate.
Quickly into the video a city officer approaches Johnson and asked for his ID. Johnson refuses to give the officer any ID on the premise that he is filming on a public sidewalk. The officer isn’t buying it and says that Johnson is committing a public voyeurism crime. That is a crime that doesn’t exist in Idaho.
Idaho code does not have a public voyeurism law. There is a video voyeurism law listed under “Chapter 66: Sex Crimes.” But video voyeurism deals with sex crimes and videoing sexually exploited content etc. Nothing about the video voyeurism law addresses filming law enforcement or law enforcement buildings.
But, the officer was determined that Johnson was breaking a law, so after so many chances of trying to get his ID, the officer arrests Johnson for failing to provide ID and obstructing.
Idaho law enforcement officials even received a memo from the state that reads: “remember the public has the right to photograph the exterior of Federal Buildings from publicly accessible spaces, such as streets, sidewalks, parks or

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Watch: Texas Police Detain Man While Cutting Grass

Tuesday, July 25th, 2017

A Houston, Texas 19-year-old was simply cutting grass and passing out business cards in a high-end neighborhood when police showed up demanding his identification and pulling out the handcuffs, all of which can be seen on video.


Later that day cops showed up to the same teenager’s home and reportedly released the  K-9 dog on him, which caused lacerations to the teen’s arm.
The teenager had not committed a crime and had every right to utilize his Fourth Amendment right to protection against unlawful search and seizure.
On July 18th 19-year-old Marlin Gipson parked his maroon Dodge Ram truck on the curb and his two man crew went to work on a clients lawn. Gipson in the mean time went door to door with the intention of handing out business cards. But one of the neighbors in the nice neighborhood didn’t like what was happening or either grew suspicious of a young man knocking on doors.

It was then that a neighbor called 911 to report “suspicious” activity. Shortly thereafter an officer approached Gipson demanding his identification, which is when Gipson begins video recording. Gipson eventually gave the officer his name, birth date etc.
Gipson asks the officer for his card as well as a name and badge number, but the officer apparently took that as a threat and then takes out his handcuffs. Gipson begins to back away while implying that the handcuffs weren’t necessary. The video jump cuts to later that day with the police at Gipson’s house demanding a physical ID.
Gipson refuses while locking and closing his door. The video then ends, but the Harris County Constable’s Office confirmed that Gipson was then bitten by a police dog for not complying with police arrest orders. Gipson was then arrested for failure to ID and evading arrest, he also was arrested on an outstanding

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Journalists Arrested for Interviewing Portland Police Officers and Local District Attorney

Tuesday, July 25th, 2017

Portland Oregon where journalists are arrested for attempting to interview Portland Police Officers and District Attorney.  Oregon Journalists Bob West and Eli Richey both have a colorful history as it relates to documenting the employees of Oregon Law Enforcement agencies, both have been arrested multiple times for various phony charges only to later have the charges dropped by the DA’s office sadly this is not the case this time.
As of Friday, July 21, 2017, Eli Richey is in custody with a $250,000.00 bond for six misdemeanors and Bob is free on his own recognizance with a promise to appear on Tuesday next week for a first appearance. I expect that Eli will be released early next week as well because the bail amount is purely punitive and simply a result of the staff at the county jail politicking and plotting revenge against Eli for documenting the Portland Police Bureau employees, a 100% lawful and legal act.

Video report from Mike Bluehair captures the whole event.
[youtube] Portland Police are Targeting cop watchers for arrest to silence them!
These Kind of punitive arrests are having a chilling effect on our ability to continue our vital accountability work in our community. Please contact the ACLU and ask them to help us! 503-227-6928
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I spoke With Bob West on Sunday here is the audio.

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Sunday, July 23rd, 2017

Imagine this you are walking out of your neighborhood Wal-Mart, when you are stopped and accused of theft after paying for everything in your cart.  Gina Lescarbeau does have to imagine, because that is exactly what happened to her on July 21, 2017, at the Wal-Mart in Cottage Grove Minnesota located at 9300 E Point Douglas Rd S telephone number 651.846.2834. After paying for everything in her cart store employees Kenny Swanson-Peck and Thomas Ewalt, demand her receipt as they surround her and demand that she come with them to the loss prevention office. 
It is Swanson-Peck that does most of the talking, claiming the item in question a Disney Junior toy, is priced at $15.00 and receipt shows a no purchase of any $15.00 item.  The employee then takes a device and scans the barcode and it was like Disney magic the price reads $7.00 and the once confident and aggressive bully was now reduced to a blushing, flustered fool who instead of apologizing for his massive mistake  he chooses to continue his embarrassing behavior. 
Attention to detail and professional demeanor must not be a job requirement as one can easily see in two different locations on the packing materials of the toy the price of $7.00.
This is just one of many stories that occur in and or around Wal-Mart stores such as the police killing of John Crawford III to the recent abuse and arrest of Carmen Ponder by a Texas Police Chief. Thankfully this a shopper who paid for everything being accused of theft, this time the shopper was not beaten and arrested then falsely arrested and wrongfully prosecuted story.  Could the reason be that she documented the encounter streaming it live to Facebook? Maybe?
A Multi-National Corporation, Walmart makes $14.7 billion a year in profit and $482 billion a year

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WATCH: Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy Walker Interferes with Freedom of The Press Again

Tuesday, July 18th, 2017

Once again Daniel Saulman aka “Tom Zebra” known for his web page “Mistaken Bacon”  delivers as he exposes the now notorious Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy Ryan Walker (524706) who on March 15, 2017, arrested citizen journalist  of the former YouTube Channel +POETIC  claiming he violated California P.C. § 402(a) when he was far outside of the established perimeter, so much so there was no yellow barrier tape or any semblance of a barrier.
Mind You, +POETIC was not out COP WATCHING, COP BLOCKING or even performing a FIRST AMENDMENT AUDIT, he was walking towards his home after finishing a long day at work, when he came upon several Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department vehicles and started documenting his surroundings.
A 100% Lawful and Protected Activity as the State of California Legislature determined when it changed the law with the passing of California P. C. § 148 (g) as well as determined by the 9th Circut Court of Appeals in the written opinion regarding Fordyce vs City of Seattle. Yet somehow LASD Deputy Ryan Walker assigned to the South Los Angeles Sheriff’s Station either fails to understand the Law or simply does not care to follow it.
Which should come at no surprise when one examines the past and recent history of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, with Former long time Sheriff Lee Baca and his cronies are either in or are going to spend some time in a federal prison, not the typical model citizens many a Law Enforcement Agency claim they employ. Yet individuals like Walker are gainfully employed and granted the authority to throw citizens in a cage and kill a citizen if they fail to comply.
The Video starts with Daniel riding up on a traffic stop where an LASD Deputy can be seen searching the interior of the stopped car for anything to arrest and charge the

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Miami-Dade Prosecutor Loses Landmark Right To Record Case In Federal Court

Monday, July 17th, 2017

A Florida man won the right to surreptitiously record police officers while making internal affairs complaints without the threat of prosecution when he defeated the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office (SAO) in a federal appeals court ruling.
Prosecutors tried to censor the citizen, who published his incriminating recording of a police chief.
A lower court erred by agreeing with Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle when she sent a written threat of prosecution under Florida’s wiretapping statute to Dr. Eric McDonough, for making a secret recording and publishing it on to YouTube, in a video which you can see below.
Federal judges on the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals said “the government’s threatened prosecution has no basis in the law,” vindicating an important right to record for the public.
Nineteen million Floridians will benefit directly from the published ruling.
And a police chief just lost his “get out of jail free” card from the local prosecutor with whom his department works.
The Homestead Police Department’s Chief Alexander Rolle, and internal affairs Officer Antonio Acquino, were under a Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) investigation which stalled, when the SAO’s letter declared Dr. McDonough’s recording unlawful, and therefore inadmissible in court.
Now, criminal investigators will have to re-open the case against a Chief of Police desperate to cover up the crimes his department committed, by committing, even more, crimes against a citizen whose only crime, was filing a legitimate grievance over his treatment by a uniformed public official.
Even Miami’s largest police union boss thinks that the Chief belongs in jail:
“We are hoping to see some arrests out of this,” said John Rivera, president of the Dade County Police Benevolent Association, the union that represents Homestead’s rank-and-file officers. “The chief should go to jail. The captain should go to jail. And [Aquino] should go to jail.”
Since then Dr. McDonough founded the True Homestead page on Facebook where

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WATCH: WEST Coast Auditors Hit The Road, This Stop, Madras Oregon

Sunday, July 16th, 2017

Three Citizen Journalists, Chris Ponte Of Oregon CopBlock, Robert West of Film the Police 911 and Muhammad Abdullah of WestCoast Auditors News Network loaded up and hit the road to conduct a series of 1st Amendment audits on Multiple Police Departments across Oregon.


During the journey, they stopped in a town called Madras, Oregon where they happened upon a traffic stop and began to document the encounter. A civil and polite interaction developed with the Two officers Isiah Duarte and Tony Barros, nothing like a typical “Portland Police Bureau” encounter by any means.

The Interaction began with Officer Duarte providing what he believed was a fair warning to the journalists that they needed to inform the officers if they were gathering audio (100% Untrue), which was made apparent by the cameras, he was quickly advised that there was no reasonable expectation of privacy in Public, he agreed.

The positive interaction continued and was pretty straight forward with a bit of friendly small talk about the eclipse that is going to be happening next month and the reason for the traffic stop, which was nonfunctioning brake lights, the driver was issued courtesy warming and allowed to continue on his way.  

What is very unfortunate and completely correctable is the behavior documented during Portland police employee encounters, as they typically push back, simply don’t answer anyone’s questions and just have an all around nasty attitude towards people with cameras and citizens journalists.

If you would like to support these fine folks please consider donating here 

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Hermosa Beach Police Officer David Elliot’s Version of Excellent Customer Service On Display

Sunday, July 16th, 2017

What could have been a normal Saturday night in Hermosa Beach, California chasing calls for CATMAN of ONUS News Service, almost turned into a chest bumping and tough guy contest? When what would have a simple call to investigate suspicious activity (individual checking doors) turned into a perfect display of how exactly not to conduct yourself as a uniformed police officer.
David Elliot who pulled in over $112,000.00 of the City of Hermosa Beach Taxpayer’s monies in 2016, simply does not understand that interfering with the rights of the citizen is not part of the job description and that he should simply smile and wave unless asked a question.
That did not happen at all, he started by blinding the camera with his flashlight and then when CATMAN repositioned David Elliott redirected the beam to continue to obstruct and deny any attempt to document the incident.
Would David Elliot have done the same thing if it was any of the Big Local Media Outlets like KCAL, KNBC, ABC7, KTLA or the National Outlets such as CNN, FOX News, MSNBC, likely not and if he did, I can promise you someone would be on the phone with David Elliott’s bosses immediately. Not saying that won’t occur, because it will, I will be calling and so should you.
The video continues, the suspicious character was found to be not so suspicious because he was sent on his merry way and this is where the incident takes a turn to the bizarre and surreal when David Elliott loses his cool and charges over to CATMAN and chest bumps him and behaves as if he is somewhere other than standing on the sidewalk in Hermosa Beach and working as a Police Officer.
I will venture to guess that this display will not be making anyone within David Elliott’s

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WATCH: Missouri Police Detective Confronts Man Filming Police Station

Friday, July 14th, 2017

Contributed By: Derrick Marshall
Originally Published as
Springfield Police Department Detective Confronts Man Filming Police Station
In March of 2017 Citizens For Justice cameraman Matt Akins and I were confronted by Springfield Missouri Police Department Detective Matt Farmer while filming the SPD Headquarters. Akins had been following me as I investigated the public broadcast of private information by Springfield police officers. The investigation, which uncovered evidence that Social Security numbers were being read to the 911 call center over an unsecured dispatch channel available to anyone with a smart phone, led us to the Springfield Police Department General Headquarters.


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container: “#DV-viewer-3895115-DPPA-Complaint-Ammended”

DPPA Complaint Ammended (PDF)
DPPA Complaint Ammended (Text)


As Akins was filming two officers walk across a parking lot, I noticed a white truck that had been leaving the department suddenly reverse course and stop. A man in plain clothes promptly exited the truck and advanced towards the position we held. The plain clothed man forced a truck that was attempting to pull into the department parking area to a stop, before crossing the driveway and approaching the vehicle we were seated in.

The man never identified himself as an officer but demanded to know why we were taking pictures. Akins responded by asking if they were being detained. The unidentified man responded that they weren’t but that he wanted to know why they were taking pictures. Akins asked if it was illegal or if we had a first amendment right to film. The unidentified man then walked to the rear of the vehicle and began writing down the license plate of my vehicle.

Akins proceeded to ask the man for identification 4 times before the man identified himself solely by a badge number. It was later determined that the man in question was SPD Detective Matthew Farmer.

I eventually filed a complaint with

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Awarded for Bravery, But Fears a Camera, Officer Assaults Cameraman

Thursday, July 13th, 2017

PINAC Correspondent Felipe Hernandez (highdesert community watch news network) and his then 16-year-old son Elijah were out and about on a beautiful spring afternoon capturing video and stills of the San Bernardino County Government Complex in downtown San Bernardino, California on May 17th, 2016.
This complex covers multiple city blocks and is the home of many of San Bernardino County’s agencies and the local offices of many state and federal agencies. The City, County, and State Courthouses are also found in this area and as one would expect there is also a large law enforcement presence during business hours.
The video starts with the Hernandez duo, walking through a public area where they encounter probation officers walking at least a 100 plus feet away from them speaking loudly and shouting for them to stop so they can talk with them. The Hernandez duo continues walking knowing that have done nothing unlawful or illegal heading in the direction of their car parked off of county property a few blocks from the government center.
The video continues and as the Hernandez duo get close to the edge of the center’s property, they are grabbed, restrained and detained by J. Holmes and L, Jaramillo. Jaramillo held Elijah by the arm applying pressure to pain compliance point and the Holmes held Felipe by the belt loop and then the whole waistband of Felipe’s jeans, Holmes would later pull upwards and backward and Felipe will have to stand on his tip toes to lessen the pain being inflicted to his scrotum and groin area.
PO J. Smith, PO Isabel Jaramillo and Elijah Hernandez
During this Felipe calls his daughter Felicity on the phone and asked her to contact Felipe with PINAC, I get her call and I promptly call Felipe and attempt to intervene with no success and then I begin

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WATCH: Portland CopWatcher Tortured to Comply

Tuesday, July 11th, 2017

Contributed By Mike Bluehair,
Mike Bluehair
To say Eli AKA *Son of Hightower*has had a few bad encounters with law enforcement over the past month would be an understatement. In flagrant disregard, for Law, Logic, Reason or humanity Portland police have now Tortured him for what appeared to be the spite and enjoyment of the supervising Police Sergeant on the Scene. You are about to watch a video clip of Portland Officers Using *Pain Compliance*
on Eli for engaging in something called *passive resistance which is a perfectly legal practice in the State of Oregon! In case you were wondering passive resistance is when a person feels morally outraged by an impending arrest while protesting one only need sit or lay down, at that point it becomes incumbent on the officers to carry you and safely transport you unharmed to jail. 
At this point,  Eli was protesting the way his right to film was being trampled on as the officers Tortured Him. To add insult to further injury Eli warned his attackers he had been stabbed in his arm just a few days prior to this incident! Eli’s Appeals to their humanity fell on deaf ears! As you can
plainly see in these still shot from the video the Pigs are Lifting Eli by his arms as he’s handcuffed torquing his shoulders in an attempt to force his compliance with pain.  
here is a video of the incident edited for time!
[youtube] The full unedited video of this incident can be seen below
[youtube] link #1 pain compliance
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WATCH: PINAC Correspondent Arrested for not repeating his name

Tuesday, July 11th, 2017

Camp Beauregard, Pineville Louisiana Friday, July 7, 2017, while conducting a First Amendment audit of the access control point to the Louisiana National Guard headquarters at Camp Beauregard, David Worden, a.k.a.(News Now Houston) was arrested for not repeating his name (RS 14:108 — Resisting an officer)  when asked by a Pineville police officer.
[youtube] As the video begins Worden is outside the main entrance to Camp Beauregard when he first encounters a uniform military police officer, the conversation is friendly as they discuss where and where not David can stand and document his surroundings. The conversation continues and David discusses street signs and the state right-of-way, as well as various military post’s practices and procedures as they relate to static displays of military equipment and the procedures civilians would have to go through in order to photograph the displays on base.
All seems to be well as the uniform military member walks away and heads back towards his vehicle when suddenly out of the entrance arrives a state-owned and marked official vehicle driven by Rufus Jones who holds the rank in the Louisiana Army National Guard of Command Sergeant Major, assigned to 528th Engineer Battalion. Yet listen while you watch the video and he says something completely different, he claims to be part of force protection responsible for counterterrorism activities. Which none of which is true. When we come to find out is Mr. Jones is a local police officer with the city of Pineville Louisiana and was formerly employed by Rapides Parish Sheriff’s office, but was terminated when the current Sheriff was elected.
Mr. Jones was acting as if he was conducting official National Guard business while acting as if he was conducting official Pineville Police Department business simultaneously, we have reached out to both the Louisiana governor’s office as well as the

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Greene County Sheriffs Make ID Theft Easy

Sunday, June 25th, 2017

Contributed By: Derrick Marshall
Originally Published as
Investigator Files Complaint Against Greene County Sheriff’s Department (Raw Footage)

[youtube] Raw footage of my attorney Stephen Wyse and myself delivering a complaint to the Greene County Sheriff’s Department in Springfield, MO. The complaint was to notify the department they were violating the Driver’s Privacy Protection Act by broadcasting social security numbers over a public dispatch channel.

Following my discovery that Springfield, Missouri law enforcement agencies were broadcasting social security numbers over public dispatch channels in violation of the federal Drivers Privacy Protection Act, I launched an investigation into the practice. In less than 2 weeks I had recorded 10 instances of the Greene County Sheriff’s Department, Springfield Police Department, and the Springfield-Greene County 911 Emergency Communications Center using unsecured dispatch channels to communicate social security numbers, dates of birth, names, and other personally identifiable information between agencies.

Read My Initial Blog Post Here

In response to what I believe is extremely negligent behavior that easily provides an identity thief with all the information they need to take over someone’s life, I contacted Civil Rights Attorney Stephen Wyse to help me draft and deliver complaints to the offending agencies. After uncovering 2 Missouri state laws that fit along the same lines as the Drivers Privacy Protection Act, my attorney and I set out with a stack of complaints, each coupled with a USB drive containing the recorded violations, and a Citizens For Justice cameraman in tow.

Click Here to Read Complaint

Upon reaching the Greene County Justice Center we were informed that we could drop the complaint off and it would be forwarded to the Sheriff Jim Arnott. We agreed and left the building. As we were preparing to deliver a copy of the complaint to their next location, Captain Jeremy Lynn of the Greene County Sheriff’s Department’s Criminal Investigations Division emerged

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First Amendment Under Attack in Federal Court

Thursday, June 22nd, 2017

Originally Posted 15 June 2017


First Amendment Under Attack in Federal Court

The First Amendment is under attack by the government in federal court. Matt Akins of Citizens For Justice filed a lawsuit against the Columbia Missouri Police Department claiming retaliation for filming police officers and reporting on their activities. Judge Nanette Laughrey of the U.S. Court for the Western District of Missouri granted summary judgment to the City of Columbia and police officers named in Akins’ suit, ruling “Neither the public nor the media has a First Amendment right to videotape, photograph, or make audio recordings of government proceedings that are by law open to the public.” The judge’s ruling came in response to a long line of incidents involving alleged false arrests, wrongful seizures, a CPD Wanted Poster for Akins depicting Akins as an armed criminal, using one of the false arrests that were sealed by law and deprivations of Akins’ property and police threats to retaliate against his employers.
Oral arguments were made on June 8, 2017, hearing in federal appellate court in St. Louis, Missouri. Arguments centered on two First Amendment issues involving Akins and his “Media Militia.” In the summer of 2011, Akins attempted to film an activist filing a misconduct complaint against a Columbia Police Officer in the department’s public lobby. In response, a uniformed member of the Columbia Police Department ordered Akins to cease filming. The second issue revolved around Citizens For Justice videos Akins posted on the department’s Facebook page depicting officers in a negative light which were later deleted by the department during a debate about the Citizens Police Review Board’s oversight authority.
A panel of the 8th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals Judges (Melloy, Loken, and Murphy) seemed skeptical of the rights established by the First Amendment during questioning at oral arguments on June 08,

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Homestead PD Still Doesn’t Know Photography Is Not A Crime

Thursday, June 15th, 2017

Homestead Police Department (HPD), in South Florida, has myriad problems respecting the First Amendment. I went to HPD this week to serve some officers in a civil rights suit, the story was covered earlier. While entering I discovered that HPD still has not learned that photography is not a crime.
I covered HPD officer John Frank, last year, him initially claiming that I could not take his picture. He quickly backed down once I started recording the video below. HPD adopting a policy such as shown in the sign above makes it understandable that some of their officers would fail to realize that photography is not a crime.
[youtube] However, HPD officers such as Tony Sincore realize that it is our right to record them and to record within the station. The below video was taken by another local victim of HPD abuse.
[youtube] Photography Is Not A Crime, is not only our name as an organization, it’s the law. It is also part and parcel of our First Amendment right as Americans to gather information on governmental affairs. First, I will address briefly herein the legal issues of video recording with sound which is legally equivalent to audio recording. Then I will cover photography which is legally equivalent to video without sound.
The Florida wire tap statute, FSS. 934.03, makes it illegal to intercept an “oral communication”, i.e. voices, without the consent of all parties. In this way video recordings having audio and/or audio recordings could be a crime, in some cases. Yet, the definition, FSS. 934.02, of “oral communication”, excludes conversations having no expectation of privacy, see also State v. Inciarano. Additionally, what can be plainly seen or overheard in public is covered by the plain view doctrine.
Katz v. United States establishes that no person in the publicly accessible lobby of the police department would have an expectation of privacy. Further, it must be noted that Constitutional rights, such as privacy, protect citizens from

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Bill Cosby Trial, Photography Is A Crime

Tuesday, June 13th, 2017

Controversy is not an anomaly when one examines the accusations made against comedian and actor Bill Cosby. And as one would expect the proceedings created a newsworthy event and the media has responded, camping out on the streets, sidewalks and the steps of the Montgomery County Courthouse.
Judge Steven T. O’Neill
In what appears to be an effort to wrangle in the media, Judge Steven T. O’Neill has signed his name to a court order that greatly restricts the rights of those there to cover the proceedings, from limiting access to the courtroom, courthouse and surprisingly the Public areas around the courthouse.
One order was put into effect on June 6, 2017, titled “ ADDENDUM TO DECORUM ORDER GOVERNING JURY TRIAL”, The body of the order reads;
In the exercise of its power to provide for the orderly disposition of this case, it is, by the Court sua sponte, this 6th day of June 2017, ORDERED as follows:
                Any attempt by Reporters and members of the general public to contact or photographer any Juror at any time or any place during the course of the trial is prohibited. Anyone who violates this provision may be punished as a criminal contempt of court.


DV.load(“”, {
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<br /> <a href=””>Judge Steven T. O’Neill’s Decorum Order restricting photography (PDF)</a><br /> <br /> <a href=””>Judge Steven T. O’Neill’s Decorum Order restricting photography (Text)</a><br />
Note the Latin term “sua sponte” means “on it’s own” meaning no party asked for this, Judge Steven T. O’Neill simply decided to disregard the Constitution of the United States of America and create and sign his name to this order, which has a penalty of criminal contempt
This was brought to our attention when a contributor whose YouTube channel is: Southeastern Pa. Community Watch documented his

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Video Captures Transit Officer Asking Individual His Immigration Status, Officer Fired

Monday, May 29th, 2017

Sunday, May 14, 2017, Ricardo Levins Morales captures a Minneapolis Metro Transit Officer on video, asking a man under suspicion of not paying his fare for the train, about his immigration status. Mr Morales then interjects and asks, “if they are authorized to act as immigration police?” the officer simply shrugs his shoulders, as if he did not know if he is or if he is not. The Officer then responds “No, Not Necessarily” Then Morales continues and tells the Officer that “it is very touchy, legal territory” the Officer responds as if he did not hear Morales, so he repeats himself, “ I would stay out of that, it is touchy legal territory” and “ I would not act in behalf of another agency, if , I were not legally empowered to do so “ the Officer’s response “Okay”.
Metro Transit’s Police Chief John Harrington release a statement…….

Without this video, this individual would still be employed and able to continue acting outside his scope of authority, creating issues in the community and liabilities for his employer. Chief Harrington should be commended on his swift decision to terminate this person.
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Florida Man Fights Extensive Public Records Request Abuse

Friday, May 26th, 2017

The City of Homestead has a torrid reputation, and a pattern of willfully refusing to comply with the public records law. Homestead is a little town at the southern end of Miami-Dade County, rarely receiving the scrutiny it deserves as a cesspool of public corruption and maleficence.
I have used the records request process, as a pre-discovery method for investigating my civil rights claims. Homestead has failed to comply with the public records law on the majority of the nearly one hundred requests I have filed.
Homestead has a pattern and practice of unlawful noncompliance as it relates to the records law including but not limited to: excessively overcharging for records, claiming inapplicable exemptions, creating automatic and/or unreasonable delays in production, claiming incriminating records do not exist, falsifying records and destruction of records.
Florida has some of the strictest public records laws in the nation. The records law is thoroughly explained in the Government in the Sunshine Manual (GSM), and the city owns several copies. Yet, you could be easily fooled into thinking otherwise, based on the behavior and actions of Homestead and their attorneys.
I hope the information provided herein, while extensive by nature, will educate the readers on the public records law and how some public entities create costly issues.
PINAC published the original story of my abuse by Homestead officer Alejandro Murguido, beginning in 2012. I was falsely arrested in April 2013, after attempting to file a complaint, and charged for simply asking my neighbor to not speed and recklessly drive his city owned police car, in our community. Children regularly play in the street, and Murguido had previously asked me to contact him directly versus filing a formal complaint with his department.
I met with Homestead Chief of Police Alexander Rolle to file a complaint in February 2014. All false charges against me had been dismissed shortly

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WATCH: Pennsylvania Cop Slaps City Council Candidate for Recording him in Public

Saturday, May 20th, 2017

A video posted to Facebook shows a Pennsylvania cop assaulting a city council candidate for recording him in a gas station parking lot.
Royal Marti, a city council candidate for Lebanon City, posted the March 31 video to the Facebook page, The Realist People of Lancaster, after the Mount Joy Borough Police Department didn’t respond to a request for an out of court settlement.
The video shows Mount Joy Borough police officer Jason Smith coming unglued about having his authority questioned by Marti , who is running for office in a city 30 miles away from Mount Joy Borough.
Smith can then be seen suddenly assaulting him.
Photo from city council candidate Royal Marti’s Facebook page.
Marti said he didn’t know why it happened, but he and his boyfriend had gone into the store to get slushes and the police were already there.
He then noticed one cop leave the parking lot screeching his tires, burning rubber as he left the parking lot.
When he called to report the officer’s reckless driving, Smith returned to mock him and began calling him names, telling he and his boyfriend to leave or they’d be charged for loitering.
That’s when he decided to use his cell phone to record, which apparently caused Smith to lose it even more.
The Mount Joy Borough Police Department claims they’ve internally disciplined officer Smith.
But they’ve said that about Smith before.
Smith was suspended for two days without pay by the Mount Joy Borough Council on May 4 2013 for unspecified misconduct while working on duty for the Mount Joy Police Department, according to LandcasterOnline.
Although city officials did not specify what the conduct was, calling it a personal matter, Bill Hall, chairman of the public safety committee, stated it concerned an incident on November 19, 2012.
The video of the most recent incident begins after Royal turned on his cellphone camera

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WATCH: Texas Cops Tackle and Taser Man in Home Asking for Warrant

Thursday, May 11th, 2017

Body cam footage obtained by PINAC shows two Texas cops enter a man’s home, apparently without a warrant, then tackle and taser the man while pinning him onto a couch.
All because the 48-year-old man stood up from his recliner and remained standing after one of the cops ordered him to sit back down.
“Have a seat for me,” said Buda police officer Demerriell Young, who has a history of abuse.
Leonard Garcia paused, not taking another step, but reminded Young it was his house and that he had yet to see a warrant, stating he preferred to remain standing until the officer could produce one.
But Young pounced on him and the second cop, Kellie Metz, then tasered him as you can see in the video below that contains footage from both body cams.
That incident, which took place January 21, 2016, led to a lawsuit filed against both cops and the Buda Police Department last month.
It is the second lawsuit filed against Young for excessive force within the past six months. Both acts of police brutality were caught on Young’s own body camera.
The first lawsuit for excessive force lawsuit was filed by Juan Martinez – a 73-year-old Vietnam veteran who uses a motorized scooter to get around – after Young tackled him, breaking his ribs for simply wanting to check up on his wife, who had been falsely accused of shoplifting.
As we wrote about here, that incident took place on October 3, 2014 and Martinez’s wife, who also uses a motorized scooter to get around, rode outside the store with items in her cart to look for her husband, whom she had lost.
That lawsuit was filed in federal court by the Carlson Law Firm in October 2016 with an amended complaint filed a month later, which states that the Buda Police Department hired Young

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