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Petition Campaign Calls To Stop 75 Mile Long Everglades Bike Lane

Monday, August 3rd, 2015

An environmentalist group has been rallying opposition to the proposed River of Grass Greenway that would cut a 12 to 14 foot multi-use lane across the Everglades and parallel to the Tamiami Trail from Miami to Naples.
The proposed project has long been controversial due to concerns about potential environmental impacts that would be caused by such a large project. (When finished, the lane would run around 75 miles long).
In response, a group called Say No to River of Grass Greenway started a online petition that has been signed by over 4,000 people.
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The petition calls for local and state leaders to reject the potential development “pandora’s box” that is the River of Grass Greenway.
“Supporters of ROGG are “Green Washing” a project that would dredge, fill in wetlands , redirect water flow, destroy orchids, cut thru cypress strands, construct bridging, board walks, rest stops, parking lots, and facilities,” the petition reads in part. “All of this taking place in an area where billions of federal and state tax dollars have already been spent on massive restoration efforts.  A $1 million dollar Feasibility Study currently estimates initial costs to build the ROGG will cost taxpayers $140 million dollars.”
It continues:
“Long-term costs to operate ROGG will make this project even more costly.  Tax dollars should not be wasted on a recreational project that is not needed, and could possibly undermine restoration efforts such as CERP and lead to additional costs and delays.”
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While many local bicycle organizations and hospitality groups support the proposed project, many other groups have come out in opposition.
The Broward-Palm Beach New Times for example recently highlighted the strange bedfellows of local outdoorsman and Native American groups that have united in opposition to the hard surfaced bike path.

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