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Motel 6 Chain Sued For Releasing Guest Information to Feds

Friday, January 5th, 2018

Motel 6 is known for being a cheap motel.
But now the national chain is being sued by Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson for handing over thousands of motel guest’s information to federal officials.
Several Motel 6 locations in Washington routinely provided U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) with confidential guest information, some of which occured on a daily basis. Some guest were even arrested based on the information provided.
PINAC News obtained the lawsuit which was filed on Wednesday in Seattle. The lawsuit details how since 2015 Motel 6 gave 9,000 guest’s information to ICE without any search warrants being issued for the information.
Motel 6 responded to the lawsuit saying: “[The information released was limited to] the local level without the knowledge of senior management. Motel 6 takes this matter very seriously, and we have and will continue to fully cooperate with the Office of the State Attorney General.”
Initial allegations from The Phoenix New Times pointed to Motel 6 locations in Arizona that were giving information to ICE. When Ferguson heard of the allegations in Arizona, he launched his own investigation into Washington Motel 6 locations that engaged in the same practice.
In fact, Motel 6 employees from Washington locations told Ferguson that “ICE agents circled any Latino or Latina-sounding names on the guest registry, and returned to their vehicles.” The agents would then run background checks on the circled names without any reasonable suspicion or probable cause.
“Washingtonians have a right to privacy, and protection from discrimination. I will hold Motel 6 accountable and uncover the whole story of their disturbing conduct,” Ferguson said.
The attorney general noted in the lawsuit that Motel 6 used unfair and deceptive business practices and violated Washington state privacy laws, while also noting that Motel 6 engaged in discrimination based on nationality. The Washington State Supreme Court considers guest information

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Tucson Court to Hear Extradition of Woman Accused of Feeding her Mother

Sunday, June 25th, 2017

Contributed by Janet Phelan
Janet Phelan
On Tuesday, Pima County Superior Court in Arizona will hear a case involving a fugitive from justice and the request for extradition to Miami-Dade County, in Florida. The fugitive, a former New York attorney, is a 64-year-old woman named Barbara Stone.
Stone was originally arrested for feeding her mother.
Barbara Stane and her mom, Barbara surprised her mom, with a party
Yes, you read that correctly. Specifically, the 2013 charges against Stone were launched after she took her mother, who was under a guardianship with a “professional guardian” named Jacqueline Hertz, to lunch. Stone had visited her mother, Helen Stone, in the facility wherein Hertz had placed her. Finding her mother on a feeding tube and clearly emaciated, Barbara Stone took her to Denny’s.
She was arrested the same day and charged with the following: 1) Custody interference; 2) Elder abuse; 3) False imprisonment, and 4) Violation of a protective order. According to Miami-Dade, there was no action taken on charges 2-4 and the threat of the five-year prison term attached to the first count was enough for Stone to take a plea. She was sentenced to three years probation.
The warrant for her arrest in Arizona, which was executed on June 16, 2017, states that she violated the terms of her probation on four counts. Three of them reveal a virtual gag on Stone.
1) Barbara Stone is charged with “failing to comply with the plea agreement…..(stating that Stone) shall not file any documents in the pending guardianship case, or in any other court of competent jurisdiction, concerning her mother or any other parties/participants unless said documents are filed by and through an attorney licensed to practice in the State of Florida, and as grounds for belief that the offender violated her probation, Officer Nakesha Tucker states that the offender submitted

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David Simmons weighing Florida attorney general, congressional runs

Wednesday, January 18th, 2017

While giving his blessing to state Rep. Jason Brodeur to run for his current post, state Sen. David Simmons says he’s weighing his own options to go after the Florida attorney general’s post, the Florida’s 7th Congressional District seat that Democrats just flipped, or staying full-time with his growing law firm.
The attorney general option could come sooner rather than later, as Attorney General Pam Bondi is widely reported to be in the running for a position in president-elect Donald Trump‘s administration.
If Bondi leaves, Gov. Rick Scott would be appointing a successor. If she stays, she’ll be term-limited out in 2018, the same year that U.S. Rep. Stephanie Murphy comes up for her first re-election bid in CD 7, a seat Republicans had held for generations before her arrival. Simmons declined to say if he has spoken to Scott about the prospect of being appointed as attorney general.
One way or the other, Simmons, a Longwood Republican,  leaves by 2020, when he is term-limted out. That’s the year for which Brodeur, a Sanford Republican, announced he was filing to run to succeed Simmons in Florida Senate District 9, which covers Seminole County.
“I am looking at my options,” Simmons told
“I know that in 2018 the attorney general position will be open, and maybe earlier. And so at this point in time we’ll see what happens,” Simmons said. “And then of course, with the events that occurred in Nov. 2016, I believe that there is a need to have a Republican who represents Congressional District 7. And so I’ll look at option as well.
When it gets to be 2020, or 2018 – you know how politics is volatile that we don’t’ know what’s going to happen, and who is going to be running for what positions –
predicitng what is going on is a very  difficult thing.”

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U.S. Attorney Targets Activist who Helped Save 14-Year-Old From Torture and is Now on Two-Month Hunger Strike

Wednesday, November 30th, 2016

Carmen Ortiz, a federal prosecutor in Massachusetts with a history of highly-criticized political prosecutions – including one that drove a programming prodigy to suicide – is now targeting an anti-child abuse activist for his role in hacking the donation page of Boston Children’s Hospital in 2014.
Martin Gottesfeld, 32, said he only did so to keep the hospital from torturing a teenage girl, whose custody was stripped by the state at the request of the hospital.
Now the Anonymous hacktivist, who has been incarcerated in Rhode Island for nine months, has been on a hunger strike for two months and has lost over 50 pounds. He says he won’t stop until the president-elect addresses the issue of institutionalized child abuse.
After 45 days, death is a real possibility due to risks of cardiovascular collapse or severe infection. He is close to his 60th day if he has not surpassed it.
Previously, Gottesfeld’s activism helped raise awareness about the rampant abuse at the Logan River Academy boarding school after learning about abusive conditions children from his brother-in-law who was a resident there.
Anonymous launched a campaign to shut down Logan and raise awareness about abuse at the residential treatment center for troubled teens. Although the Logan River Academy remains open, the group has brought attention to problems of abuse and corruption within the “troubled teen” industry.
[vimeo 78952716 w=620 h=349] Justina Pelletier–Forcefully Detained and Tortured by the Medical Community
Gottesfeld heard the story about Justina’s Pelletier who was 14-years-old in 2013 when her story made national news.
Lou and Linda Pelletier, Justina’s parents, took Justina to Boston Children’s Hospital after she began having problems eating and walking, among other flu-like symptoms.
Justina had already been diagnosed with mitochondrial disease at Tufts Medical Center and was treated for several years following the diagnosis.
Despite her previous diagnosis, Dr.s at Boston’s Children’s Hospital rediagnosed Justina’s mitochondrial disease, a disease that

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Michigan Man Facing 40 Years in Prison for Angry Facebook Rant Against Cops

Sunday, October 9th, 2016

A Michigan man faces 40 years in prison for the alleged rants he posted on Facebook encouraging friends to “kill all white cops,” apparently becoming frustrated after watching several police videos spread across social and news media showing white cops disproportionately killing unarmed black men.
“It was a tirade of hate and violence specifically directed toward police, encouraging people to kill police,” Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette said during a press conference.
“The message is clear. You threaten to kill a police officer, there will be a certain response,” added Detroit Police Chief James Craig, who stood beside him on Wednesday.
However, the charges come two months after Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy declined to file charges against the man, stating that not only were the threats vague, but that the man was in Puerto Rico when he allegedly posted them.
But police took their case to the attorney general, who told the media, “I stand with the cops.”
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Investigators say Nehru Gowan Littleton posted the following on his Facebook page between July 8 and July 9:
“If these racist ass white cops want to PURGE on Black Lives!!! Then let’s PURGE on these racist ass white cops!!! I’m sick of this shit!!! If you don’t like what I said, UNFRIEND ME!!!! #rugonberue.”
It’s not clear if anyone unfriended Nehru Littleton.
But his rant was reported to the Dearborn Police Department.
Investigators say Littleton used his computer to commit a crime and make terroristic threats, stacking him with two felonies. Each punishable by up to 20 years in prison in Michigan.
According to Detroit’s ABC13, Littleton reportedly described himself as a “former killing machine at U.S. Marine Corps” on his Facebook page and has a valid license to carry his .45 caliber pistol.
After posts of his rants were reported by an “unnamed Dearborn resident,” police dispatched a message throughout the department and substations, saying that Littleton’s posts

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Texas Attorney General Begins Collecting Police Shooting Data For First Time

Friday, October 9th, 2015

Everything is bigger in Texas, including the count of police shooting at citizens.
For the first time, the Texas Attorney General will begin collecting data on the numerous times cops fire at suspects due to legislation by the Texas House of Representatives.
The terse statement Texas Attorney General’s official website explains more:
The Office of the Attorney General (OAG) will be adopting and publishing reporting forms for Officer-Involved Shooting Incidents, as required by H.B. 1036, 85th Leg., R.S. (2015), which became effective September 1, 2015.  Until the OAG has adopted and published a final version of the form, and rules governing its completion and submission, all law enforcement agencies should begin using this interim form in accordance with the instructions contained therein.
Anyone who’s investigated a police shooting in Texas is familiar with the Texas AG’s office, as public records law in that state allows cops to deny every single request. Nearly every request in Texas is then forwarded to their Attorney General, who typically grants the requests which would otherwise require litigation, but still gives requestors a 45-90 day way to obtain any information.
It remains to be seen what the Texas Attorney General’s office will release from these police shooting forms.
The new “PEACE OFFICER INVOLVED INJURIES OR DEATH REPORT” form (embedded below) asks 13 different questions from simple ones like the reason for the call, ages and genders of those involved, but there’s one question sure to generate the most controversy and leave police scrambling to avoid reporting.
Lucky question number 7 reads:
7. INJURED OR DECEASED PERSON: Carried, exhibited or used a deadly weapon or Did not carry, exhibit or use a deadly weapon
In mandating required reporting under the new law, Texas’ new police shootings reporting law exceeds federal law. The FBI still only counts justifiable homicides as we recently reported in PINAC.
The nation’s police

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