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Motel 6 Chain Sued For Releasing Guest Information to Feds

Friday, January 5th, 2018

Motel 6 is known for being a cheap motel.
But now the national chain is being sued by Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson for handing over thousands of motel guest’s information to federal officials.
Several Motel 6 locations in Washington routinely provided U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) with confidential guest information, some of which occured on a daily basis. Some guest were even arrested based on the information provided.
PINAC News obtained the lawsuit which was filed on Wednesday in Seattle. The lawsuit details how since 2015 Motel 6 gave 9,000 guest’s information to ICE without any search warrants being issued for the information.
Motel 6 responded to the lawsuit saying: “[The information released was limited to] the local level without the knowledge of senior management. Motel 6 takes this matter very seriously, and we have and will continue to fully cooperate with the Office of the State Attorney General.”
Initial allegations from The Phoenix New Times pointed to Motel 6 locations in Arizona that were giving information to ICE. When Ferguson heard of the allegations in Arizona, he launched his own investigation into Washington Motel 6 locations that engaged in the same practice.
In fact, Motel 6 employees from Washington locations told Ferguson that “ICE agents circled any Latino or Latina-sounding names on the guest registry, and returned to their vehicles.” The agents would then run background checks on the circled names without any reasonable suspicion or probable cause.
“Washingtonians have a right to privacy, and protection from discrimination. I will hold Motel 6 accountable and uncover the whole story of their disturbing conduct,” Ferguson said.
The attorney general noted in the lawsuit that Motel 6 used unfair and deceptive business practices and violated Washington state privacy laws, while also noting that Motel 6 engaged in discrimination based on nationality. The Washington State Supreme Court considers guest information

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Watch: Texas Police Detain Man While Cutting Grass

Tuesday, July 25th, 2017

A Houston, Texas 19-year-old was simply cutting grass and passing out business cards in a high-end neighborhood when police showed up demanding his identification and pulling out the handcuffs, all of which can be seen on video.


Later that day cops showed up to the same teenager’s home and reportedly released the  K-9 dog on him, which caused lacerations to the teen’s arm.
The teenager had not committed a crime and had every right to utilize his Fourth Amendment right to protection against unlawful search and seizure.
On July 18th 19-year-old Marlin Gipson parked his maroon Dodge Ram truck on the curb and his two man crew went to work on a clients lawn. Gipson in the mean time went door to door with the intention of handing out business cards. But one of the neighbors in the nice neighborhood didn’t like what was happening or either grew suspicious of a young man knocking on doors.

It was then that a neighbor called 911 to report “suspicious” activity. Shortly thereafter an officer approached Gipson demanding his identification, which is when Gipson begins video recording. Gipson eventually gave the officer his name, birth date etc.
Gipson asks the officer for his card as well as a name and badge number, but the officer apparently took that as a threat and then takes out his handcuffs. Gipson begins to back away while implying that the handcuffs weren’t necessary. The video jump cuts to later that day with the police at Gipson’s house demanding a physical ID.
Gipson refuses while locking and closing his door. The video then ends, but the Harris County Constable’s Office confirmed that Gipson was then bitten by a police dog for not complying with police arrest orders. Gipson was then arrested for failure to ID and evading arrest, he also was arrested on an outstanding

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Awarded for Bravery, But Fears a Camera, Officer Assaults Cameraman

Thursday, July 13th, 2017

PINAC Correspondent Felipe Hernandez (highdesert community watch news network) and his then 16-year-old son Elijah were out and about on a beautiful spring afternoon capturing video and stills of the San Bernardino County Government Complex in downtown San Bernardino, California on May 17th, 2016.
This complex covers multiple city blocks and is the home of many of San Bernardino County’s agencies and the local offices of many state and federal agencies. The City, County, and State Courthouses are also found in this area and as one would expect there is also a large law enforcement presence during business hours.
The video starts with the Hernandez duo, walking through a public area where they encounter probation officers walking at least a 100 plus feet away from them speaking loudly and shouting for them to stop so they can talk with them. The Hernandez duo continues walking knowing that have done nothing unlawful or illegal heading in the direction of their car parked off of county property a few blocks from the government center.
The video continues and as the Hernandez duo get close to the edge of the center’s property, they are grabbed, restrained and detained by J. Holmes and L, Jaramillo. Jaramillo held Elijah by the arm applying pressure to pain compliance point and the Holmes held Felipe by the belt loop and then the whole waistband of Felipe’s jeans, Holmes would later pull upwards and backward and Felipe will have to stand on his tip toes to lessen the pain being inflicted to his scrotum and groin area.
PO J. Smith, PO Isabel Jaramillo and Elijah Hernandez
During this Felipe calls his daughter Felicity on the phone and asked her to contact Felipe with PINAC, I get her call and I promptly call Felipe and attempt to intervene with no success and then I begin

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