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New Mexico Governor: Cops Need Legal Immunity to Abuse in Order to Protect Taxpayers

Thursday, January 11th, 2018

Despite having the highest rate of police shooting deaths in the nation, New Mexico’s governor is trying to pass a law giving legal immunity to cops who kill and abuse.
Governor Susana Martinez, a former prosecutor, says the law would protect taxpayers from having to pay settlements resulting from police abuse.
But who is going to protect the taxpayers from the cops?
Obviously, not her.
“I don’t believe that police officers should be under this constant threat of lawsuits that will often cause them to pause,” Martinez recently told The Albuquerque Journal.
“If they’re following their training, there should be something that protects them.”
Training? What training?
It was just over three years ago that the United States Department of Justice determined the Albuquerque Police Department had long maintained “a culture of aggression” towards the citizens they were sworn to protect and serve.
Not only was it one of the most violent departments in the nation, it was one of the most undertrained.
According to the DOJ:
In addition to use of force practices, The Justice Department’s investigation found that officers routinely use deadly force and less lethal force in an unreasonable manner and that systemic deficiencies in policies, training, supervision, and oversight contributed to the pattern or practice.
But after spending millions of tax dollars, the department now says it is fully trained.
Last year, in fact, Albuquerque cops fired their guns just seven times, the fewest in seven years, according to the Albuquerque Journal.
But New Mexico still maintains the highest rate of police killings in the country from 2013 to 2017, according to Mapping Police Violence.
Not surprisingly, the governor’s announcement was met with criticism.
“Standing up for officers who are using excessive force and violating the Constitution is exactly the wrong way to move,” Steven Robert Allen, the public policy director for the American Civil Liberties Union in New Mexico, told

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WATCH: Ohio Cops Taser Two Men for not Sitting Down

Wednesday, December 13th, 2017

Recently released body cam video shows two Ohio cops using their tasers to punish two brothers for not sitting down in their own home, even though neither of them were under arrest for committing a crime.
One of them suffered a collapsed lung, according to
The incident left both men, who had clean records, with criminal convictions.
Cincinnati police officers Richard Sullivan and Lawrence Johnson responded to a call from Angela Brown, who called police to have her sons, Richard Coleman and James Crawley, removed from her apartment.
Their mother never specified why she wanted her sons out of her house, but Coleman says in the video that his mother is drunk.
According to the Cincinnati Enquirer:

The men told city investigators they were at their mother’s apartment to help her grocery shop, with one saying Brown previously invited him to live there.
One of the experts said that the videos show the two officers actively escalating the situation instead of calming things down and eventually “using the Tasers as a form of torture to get them to do what they wanted them to do.”
“Anyone with any common sense can see the officers never give the kids a chance … and they immediately turned to a weapon that is one step below using lethal force,” said Gary A. Rini, a longtime police officer and commander from suburban Cleveland who now works as a police consultant and expert witness.
Following the incident, one of the brothers made a complaint to the Citizen Complaint Authority, which was created as part of the 2001 Collaborative Agreement to investigate allegations against police. Fraternal Order of Police President Hils requested that city investigators hold off on interviewing the officers until after the two men were fully prosecuted.

Officers Sullivan and Johnson arrived around 3:30 p.m. on August 8 to find Coleman, 24, sitting on the couch

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Texas Cop Indicted for Shooting Unarmed Man Burglarizing Own Truck

Wednesday, December 13th, 2017

The Texas cop who shot an unarmed man for trying to break into his own truck – shooting him again after the man resisted an anal cavity search – was indicted by a grand jury last week.
“The jury got it right,” Dallas County District Attorney Faith Johnson announced after the indictment.
“We will be prosecuting this case very vigorously, we are seeking whatever we can get out of this case,” she said, vowing to seek the maximum punishment for Mesquite cop Derrick L. Wiley.
Dallas County DA Faith Johnson announces indictment of former Mesquite Police officer Derick Wiley
Lyndo Jones was shot while attempting to disable the alarm on his truck, which had malfunctioned on November 8.
Police said they were responding to reports of a possible car burglary after somebody nearby called 911 after hearing the alarm.
Seconds after their arrival, Wiley shot Jones in the stomach.
Then, after he resisted an anal cavity search, he was shot a second time in the back.
“Within 10 seconds of their arrival, he had been shot it the stomach,” Lee Merritt, an attorney representing 31-year-old Lyndo Jones, told WFAA8.
“While on the street suffering from his wound, officers attempted to perform a cavity search and he reacted to that, and he was shot a second time in his back.”
“Mr. Jones reacted to the unlawful sodomy and was consequently shot a second time in the back,”  Justine Moore, another attorney representing Jones, said in a written statement.
Emergency personnel transported Jones to the Baylor Medical Center where he was handcuffed and shackled to his hospital bed and denied visits from his family.
In an attempt to avoid liability for the shooting, Mesquite police initially charged Jones with evading arrest.
The only problem was Jones didn’t commit a crime in the first place, so police had no legal reason to arrest him.
“That truck was

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Ex-Cop Turned Oklahoma Prosecutor Clears Cops who Shot Deaf Man for not Obeying Verbal Commands

Tuesday, December 12th, 2017

A former cop, turned Oklahoma prosecutor, will not file criminal charges against the two cops who fatally shot Madgiel Sanchez, a developmentally disabled deaf man, even though neighbors were screaming he couldn’t hear their commands.
“We were screaming that he can’t hear,” Julio Rayos, Sanchez’s neighbor, told The Oklahoman.
Oklahoma City cops. Lt. Matthew Lindsey and Sgt. Christopher Barnes claim they didn’t hear neighbors screaming he couldn’t hear.
Neither officers were wearing body cameras.
Oklahoma District Attorney David Prater made the announcement Friday, stating his investigation determined the shooting death of Sanchez on September 19 was justified.
“The shooting was lawful, reasonable, and not excessive,” Prater said after reviewing the evidence.
Oklahoma District Attorney David Prater
Sanchez, 35, was tasered before he was fatally shot by Lindsey and Barnes after they claim he moved towards them with a metal pipe on September 19.
Neighbors say Sanchez commonly carried a pipe due to stray dogs in the area, but never used it to threaten anyone.
But his family said he used the pipe as a walking stick.
Officers Lindsey and Barnes responded to a call about a hit-and-run crash around 8:15 p.m. in Sanchez’s neighborhood and encountered him holding the metal pipe.
A witness told Lt. Lindsey the address where the vehicle responsible for the hit-and-run had gone.
Lindsey confronted Sanchez and called for back up.
Sgt. Barnes responded shortly after.
Sanchez, who was not only deaf but also could not speak, was on the porch when Lindsey arrived on the scene.
Captain Bo Matthews stated during a press conference that Lindsay had his taser drawn and Barnes had his gun drawn when Sanchez walked from the porch towards Barnes.
As Sanchez advanced, holding a metal pipe, both Lindsey and Barnes fired about five or six bullets.
Sanchez was hit with a stun gun and shot five times in the upper arm, pelvis and chest, according to an

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Arizona Cops Omit Vital Details from Police Shooting Report of Daniel Shaver

Monday, November 20th, 2017

In the moments before an Arizona police officer opened fire and killed Daniel Shaver, the unarmed man begged police not to kill him.
“Please don’t shoot me,” Shaver pleaded as he crawled on his hands and knees towards the cops before one of them opened fire, killing him instantly.
Mesa police officer Philip “Mitch” Brailsford later claimed he was in fear for his life because Shaver had reached for his waistband.
However, not only does Brailsford’s body cam video of the shooting does not show Shaver reaching for his waistband, according to his widow, Laney Sweet, who has watched the video multiple times during Brailsford trial on second-degree murder charges – police omitted to report that he begged for his life prior to being shot and killed.
Five police officers. Five police reports. Five police narratives. And not one mention of the victim begging for his life.
In fact, one police officer investigating the shooting testified that he found this suspicious, according to the Arizona Republic.

On Wednesday, Mesa homicide Detective Paul Sipe gave testimony that appeared to be damaging to Brailsford’s defense.
When a Mesa police officer shoots a person, the department investigates its own officer and forwards the investigation to the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office, which then decides if the officer should be charged with a crime.
In this case, Sipe led the investigation into Brailsford’s decision to shoot. Brailsford was charged by the County Attorney’s Office in March 2016.
Sipe told the jury on Wednesday that he became suspicious of the officers’ reports when he noticed they omitted “vital information.” Sipe didn’t specify what he was talking about and
Deputy County Attorney Susie Charbel didn’t ask him to be specific.
But throughout the trial, Charbel has noted that of the five written reports from the officers on the scene, they left out that Shaver had cried and begged not

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Two NYPD Cops Charged with First-Degree Rape Despite Claiming Handcuffed Teen Consented to Sex

Friday, October 27th, 2017

It took more than a month, but the two New York City police detectives who acknowledged they had sex with a handcuffed teenager inside a police van after detaining her for drugs have been charged with first-degree rape.
A grand jury indicted officers Eddie Martins and Richard Hall on Thursday, despite their claims the sex was consensual, according to the New York Post.
They are expected to turn themselves in next week, which goes to show that Blue Privilege continues to exist even after they have been formally charged.
After all, would your average street rapist be allowed to have a free weekend after being charged with first-degree rape?
The cops, whose photos still have not been released, face up to 25 years in prison if convicted.
The victim, who goes by Anna Chambers on social media, was arrested on September 15 for possession of marijuana and prescription pills.
The two cops also found prescription drugs on one of the two male friends she was with, but they had no interest in him, ordering the two friends to leave the area as they took her into custody.
She said she was handcuffed and placed in a van where she was ordered to perform oral sex on both cops. She also said one of the cops raped her.
They then ordered her out of the van and drove off, where one of her male friends found her 45 minutes after they detained her.
He drove her to her mother’s home where they then drove her to the hospital where doctors discovered evidence that she had been sexually assaulted.
The teen, who turned 19 this week, has been very outspoken about the incident on her social media pages. But the cops have been attacking her credibility by saying she has posted provocative photos of herself on her social media pages.
But that is

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It is not Illegal for NYPD Cops to have Sex with Handcuffed Women they Arrest. One Politician is Trying to Change that

Wednesday, October 25th, 2017

A New York City politician is trying to make it illegal for cops to have sex with citizens they arrest, insisting that a citizen in custody is incapable of consenting.
Currently, it is only a violation of departmental policy, which means if a cop rapes a woman in handcuffs, then claims it was consensual, he may end up suspended with pay.
Or at worst, charged with a misdemeanor of official misconduct, which can mean anything and everything.
Councilman Mark Treyger (D-Brooklyn) is drafting the legislation after two NYPD cops were accused of raping a handcuffed 18-year-old woman last month, then claiming it was consensual.
New York City police officers Edward Martins and Richard Hall have been stripped of their badges and guns, but they are still getting paid for working desk duty.
While that might seem like a slap on the wrist, cops tend to view it as prison, according to a 2008 New York Times article.

Some monitor surveillance cameras in housing projects. Others escort prisoners to court or check in patrol cars. And some, true to the police lingo, really do sit behind a desk, shuffling papers and answering phones.
These jobs are known as desk duty, a generic phrase in the Police Department for a range of jobs to which hundreds of officers have been reassigned over the years.
Pulled off the streets, stripped of guns and badges, kept inside four walls and away — as much as possible — from the public, officers who are put on desk duty because their conduct is under investigation find themselves far from the enforcement activities they signed up to do.
“We like to call it the ‘cellblock’ because it is like you are in prison,” said an officer who spent more than 18 months watching surveillance video while authorities investigated an accusation that he had struck a suspect.


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South Carolina Cop Tasers 86-year-old Man to Keep him Safe, Leaving in a Coma with a Bleeding Brain

Saturday, October 21st, 2017

A South Carolina cop pulled an 86-year-old man over for running a red light this week, but the man suffered from dementia and stepped out of the car and looked as if he was about step into oncoming traffic.
Kingstree police officer Stephen Sweikata said he decided to save his life by tasering him.
The taser struck Albert Hatfield, causing him to fall on the asphalt, striking his head and breaking his nose.
And now he is in a medical induced coma.
And when he awoke after several days in the hospital, he was unable to speak properly, according to the Post and Courier.  
Even though the cop claims he tasered the man for his safety, Kingstree police said Hatfield said he took a “fighting stance,” which is the routine allegation when police try to justify an unsuitable incident.
Odds are, the police report will also say he “clenched his body” while acting “belligerent” because these are the common phrases police use to justify the unsuitable.
After all, the initial excuse where Hatfield was tasered while trying to walk into traffic was ruled unconstitutional by a federal judge in South Carolina.
According to the Post and Courier:
University of South Carolina law professor Seth Stoughton, a former officer, said Kingstree’s explanation of the encounter draws a conclusion about why force was used without giving necessary details to support it. Stoughton called the case “problematic.”
“The court has been very clear that officers can use Tasers to defend themselves or defend someone else who is being attacked,” he said. “I have yet to see an officer who would legitimately fear your average unarmed 86-year-old.”
Scrutiny of police use of force, particularly against black people, has spread nationwide in recent years. Much attention has focused on shootings, including the 2015 killing of Walter Scott by a North Charleston officer.
Taser use also has garnered criticism.

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Florida Deputy’s Son Steals Patrol Car, Pulls Ex-Girlfriend Over, Orders her New Boyfriend Out of Car, then Robs him

Monday, October 16th, 2017

One day after a Palm Beach County sheriff’s deputy shot his ex-girlfriend in the back before turning the gun on himself, the son of another deputy stole his father’s patrol car and pulled his ex-girlfriend over.
Christopher Combs, 22, who is a paid cadet with the sheriff’s office, then ordered her new boyfriend to step out of the car via intercom, directing him to lay on the ground and empty his pockets.
The victim, who said he felt a metal object pressed against his head, said he robbed of his personal belongings, according to WPTV.
He also said Combs was laughing.
Combs, the son of Palm Beach Sheriff’s Lieutenant David Combs, was arrested nine hours later after the department tracked the car down through its GPS and notified Broward County sheriff’s deputies.
Combs was initially jailed on a $300,000 bond on four felony charges, but was released on a $120,000 bond.
Combs said “he became upset and that was why he started messing with (the couple),” according to the arrest report.
The victim was under the impression that a passenger was in the unmarked patrol car, who pressed the metal object against his head, but deputies have not mentioned anything about another suspect.
According to Jose Lambiet of Gossip Extra, who broke the story this afternoon:
The younger Combs allegedly got in his father’s squad car Friday night near the family’s Boynton Beach home and decided to drive south.
Allegedly, Combs tailed a car where his old girlfriend was riding alongside her new boyfriend, and eventually pulled the couple over.
Eventually, PBSO tracked down the car with the GPS installed on its service radio. By then, the younger Combs was driving in Broward County, records show, and got pulled over by a BSO deputy at 10 a.m. Saturday in Pompano Beach.
On top of it, the younger Combs appeared to be drunk

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NYPD Cop Arrested for Raping Girl Younger than 16 Years Old

Wednesday, October 11th, 2017

Less than a month after two NYPD cops were accused of raping a handcuffed teenager, claiming it was consensual, another NYPD cop was arrested for raping another teenage female.
But this cop video recorded his acts, which is why he is now facing 15 years in prison.
And this girl is under 16 years old while last month’s female victim is 18.
In fact, Raul Olmeda created so much evidence against himself that prosecutors are charging him with 67 counts of sex-related crimes.
Olmeda, 40, had already been stripped of his badge and gun and placed on desk duty six months ago while internal affairs investigated him for tax fraud, according to the New York Daily News,  who reported the girl was a prostitute.
Born and raised in the Bronx, Olmeda has a 32-year-old fiance who has a brain tumor.
Neither she nor his family were in court as he pleaded not guilty.
Olmeda is due back in court Monday for a hearing because a man who offered to bail him out was identified as a co-conspirator in the tax investigation.
Sources said Olmeda is believed to have filed a number of bogus tax returns and pocketed more than $200,000. The hearing is to determine if the bail money was not earned illegally.
The other two cops accused of raping a handcuffed woman whom they detained for drugs have also been placed on desk duty as they stick to their story that it was all consensual.
But it is impossible for a handcuffed woman to consent to sex with two cops in exchange for them not arresting her.
That is coercion. Intimidation. And rape. Even if they did not video record the act where it is now their word against her word.
But the New York City Police Department claims it is still “investigating” the incident, even though it’s been nearly a month.

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NYPD Cops Accused of Raping Handcuffed Woman Claim it was Consensual

Friday, September 29th, 2017

An 18-year-old woman said a pair of New York City cops handcuffed her before raping her, including forcing her to perform oral sex on them.
But the cops claim she consented to the sexual acts.
However, it seems highly unlikely that a handcuffed woman can consent to sex with two authority figures threatening to jail her for drugs, which possibly include prescription drugs and/or marijuana.
“There was zero consent,” the woman’s attorney Michael David told the New York Post. “The cops were over 6 feet tall. She’s very petite, like 5-2 and maybe 100 pounds. There’s nothing she could do.”
The incident took place on September 15 in the parking lot of a Chipotle on Coney Island in Brooklyn after two plainclothes detectives pulled a car over.
The Daily Mail says the cops pulled the car over after spotting the woman smoking Marijuana. The New York Post said the cops found prescription drugs in the car.
Inside the car with the woman were two men, but police let them drive away after taking the woman into custody for the drugs.
The cops then ordered her to undress to search for more drugs but did not find any.
However, they then placed her inside an unmarked police van where one cop raped her. They then both forced her to perform oral sex on them in exchange for not jailing her, according to her lawyer.
“You’ll spend three hours in the precinct,” they allegedly told her, according to the lawyer “This is what you’re going to do for us, and we’ll let you go.”
The woman then sought help from NYU Langone Hospital and spoke to a friend about the incident. She also reported the incident to the cops, who are now investigating the allegations. Also investigating is the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office.
Her lawyer has filed a notice of claim, which must be done before

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Oklahoma Cops Shoot and Kill Mentally Challenged, Deaf Man who Couldn’t Hear Commands

Thursday, September 21st, 2017

Oklahoma cops fatally shot a developmentally disabled and deaf man who was 15 ft. away from them after he failed to comply with officers’ commands Tuesday night.
Magdiel Sanchez, 35, was Tasered before he was shot dead by Oklahoma City cops. Lt. Matthew Lindsey and Sgt. Christopher Barnes after they claim he moved towards them with a metal pipe.
Neighbors said Sanchez commonly carried a pipe due to stray dogs in the area.
Neighbors say Magdiel Sanchez, 35, who was deaf and mentally challenged commonly carried a stick or pipe due to stray dogs in the area.
Sanchez’s neighbors frantically screamed at the officers during the shooting, telling them he was deaf and unable to hear their orders.
“We were screaming that he can’t hear,” Julio Rayos told The Oklahoman.
Captain Bo Matthews admitted at news conference Tuesday night that witnesses were yelling, “he can’t hear you” before the officers fired at Sanchez, but said the officers had tunnel vision after perceiving the metal pipe as a threat to their safety, causing them to fear for their lives.
“In those situations, very volatile situations, you have a weapon out, you can get what they call tunnel vision, or you can really lock in to just the person that has the weapon that’d be the threat against you,” Mathews added.
“I don’t know exactly what the officers were thinking at that point.”
Oklahoma City Police Captain said at a press conference that Sanchez was holding a metal pipe and approaching officers when he was shot by two officers Tuesday night.
According to Matthews, who also acts as Oklahoma City Police’s public information officer, Lindsay and Barnes were investigating a reported hit-and-run incident at around 8:15 p.m. on Tuesday.
A witness told Lt. Lindsey the address where the vehicle responsible for the hit-and-run had gone. Sanchez was on the porch when Lindsey arrive on

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Ohio Deputy Shoots Photojournalist Trying to Photograph Traffic Stop

Tuesday, September 5th, 2017

Fearing for his life over a video camera, an Ohio sheriffs deputy shot a photojournalist Monday night who was setting up his camera on a tripod.
New Carlisle News photographer Andy Grimm was struck on the side and was rushed to the hospital where he is expected to survive.
Clark County sheriff’s deputy Jake Shaw apparently confused the camera for a gun.
Grimm, who says he knows Shaw through his job, said he had pulled into a parking lot to photograph the deputy making a traffic stop.
According to the New Carlisle News:
He had his camera and tripod in his hands and Deputy Jake Shaw apparently mistook it for a weapon and fired, striking Andy in the side.
He was rushed to Miami Valley Hospital for surgery. He is expected to recover from his wounds.
“I was going out to take pictures and I saw the traffic stop and I thought, ‘hey, cool. I’ll get some pictures here.’” He said he pulled into Studebaker’s parking lot in full view of the deputy, got out of his Jeep in full view of the deputy and started setting up his tripod and camera. “I turned around toward the cars and then ‘pop, pop,’”
Andy said the deputy gave him no warning. “I was just doing my job,” he said.
“I know Jake. I like Jake. I don’t want him to lose his job over this.”
Grimm told Fox 45 that if only he had “said something” to the deputy beforehand, he may have not been shot.
 “I was on my way to identify myself to the deputy so he didn’t think that I was sneaking up on him. I am not mad at the deputy. I just wish I would have said something before he pulled the trigger.”
Grimm’s father, Dale Grimm, owns the newspaper that serves the community of just over 5,000

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WATCH: Undercover Minnesota Cop tells Photographer, “I Work for St. Paul Police, B***h! I’m Gonna Slap you Down!”

Saturday, September 2nd, 2017

An undercover Minnesota cop was caught on camera threatening a man and shoving his camera into his face when asked for his badge number after he and his partner mistook him for a vulnerable missing person.
“911,” officer Benny Williams told 36-year-old St. Paul resident Andrew Casey before physically confronting him.
“I work for St. Paul police, bitch,” Williams added.
Williams also threatened to tow Casey’s legally parked car for recording him, and spit on him.
“Put it in my face again, and I’m gonna slap you down,” Williams can be heard threatening Casey in the 20-second video posted to his Facebook page.
Williams has since made a video apologizing, which can be seen below.
St. Paul Police Chief Todd Axtell said Williams’ actions do not meet the standard of delivering trusted service with respect, but later went on to praise Officer Williams for his video apology, which was posted to the St. Paul Police Department’s Facebook page along with the original video.
“I’m very passionate about what I do, and today I just had a human moment where I just said some things that just were not professional,” Williams explains.
“I want to apologize to this individual. It doesn’t represent who I am or my organization, the St. Paul Police Department.”
Casey, however, isn’t buying it.
“That’s not an apology, that’s a statement into the air,” he said adding he didn’t believe Williams’ apology was genuine because he didn’t offer it to him directly.
Casey, a painter and photographer, was on his way to a friend’s house after work on Thursday when he parked and observed a car pulling up.
He then realized it was an unmarked squad car with two plain-clothed undercover officers inside.
“Hey, do you live here?” one of them shouted.
Casey remained silent and continued walking.
“I have no legal obligation to talk to an officer when I’m walking down the street,

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Oklahoma Police Chief Busted Lying about Running White Supremacist Website

Tuesday, August 29th, 2017

An Oklahoma police chief formerly charged with attempted murder was outed as the owner of a white supremacist website that sells media and memorabilia marketed to skinheads and white nationalists.
Then he was busted lying about it.
Television station KXII-TV made the discovery about newly-appointed Colbert Police Chief Bart Alsbrook during an investigation into white supremacist hate groups in their region after the Southern Poverty Law Center released a hate map following recent events in Charlottesville, Virginia.
The map identified only one group operating in nearby Texoma, which the chief lists on his LinkedIn profile.
Colbert Oklahoma Police Chief Bart Alsbrook
After being questioned by reporter Rachel Knapp, Alsbrook denied he was behind the site ISD Records, a website that sells racist media, just hours before it mysteriously disappeared from the internet.
“We searched for another Bart Alsbrook and couldn’t find another person with that name in the United States.”
Alsbrook then changed his story, saying it was skinheads who stole his wallet at a concert back in the 1990s posting on the site under his name and stolen identity.
“When we called him back to ask him about it, Alsbrook claimed a group of skinheads stole his wallet and began using his name after a fight at a heavy metal concert in the 1990’s,” Knapp reported.
In 2005, the SPLC identified Alsbrook as Blood and Honour USA’s Texas coordinator and the man behind a website similar to ISD Records called NS88 Videos, which also quickly disappeared from the internet just hours after Knapp began asking questions.
Displaying a banner that reads “The Voice of Blood and Honour,” an alliance of  white supremacist gangs, ISD Records showcases artists like The Klansmen and album titles like “Hitler was Right.”
Screen shot from the website, which was quickly removed, “Blood and Honour”.
Country records indicate Chief Alsbrook’s name and Denison, Texas address as that sites owner.
The Colbert

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Fearing for his Life, Miami Cop Arrests Man for Recording him, Stealing his Phone

Monday, August 7th, 2017

A Miami police officer admitted to seizing a man’s phone for his “safety,” but the cop never returned the phone, even after the man was released from jail and charges were quickly dropped..
Nevertheless, the department’s internal affairs division concluded there was not enough evidence to prove that Miami police officer Daniel Crocker stole the phone.
However, Sergio Morales filed a complaint with the city’s Civilian Investigative Panel and concluded that the cop did steal the phone, not that the agency has any authority to discipline the cop. It can only make recommendations to the department, which are usually ignored.
So as usual, the cop, who already has a long list of complaints against him, will continue terrorizing the citizens he is sworn to protect and Morales will probably file a lawsuit against the city, resulting in taxpayers dishing out a settlement.
If anything, the lawsuit might lead to Crocker’s resignation, which is what happened to two other Miami cops, Reynaldo Irias and Yesid Ortiz, who arrested a man named Mario Cordoba for recording in 2015.
The latest incident took place on March 8, 2017 at 2:30 a.m. after Morales, an Uber driver, had pulled over to pick up a customer and Crocker walked up to his car and rapped on his window.
According to the Miami New Times:

When the driver asked Crocker if he was a cop or a security guard, he says, the cop threatened to arrest him. That’s when Morales pulled out his phone to record the conversation and things really went to hell.
Crocker ended up taking the driver’s phone, never giving it back, and arresting the Uber driver for resisting an officer and refusal to obey police commands, charges that were quickly dropped. That’s what the Civilian Investigative Panel, an independent body that considers police complaints, found when they looked into Morales’ complaints. While MPD’s internal affairs

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LAPD Officer Feared for His Life, When He Committed Statutory Rape

Friday, June 23rd, 2017

The City of Los Angeles Police Department and it’s Chief Charlie Beck have had one troublesome week but not as bad a Police Officer Robert Cain’s. Robert Cain now charged with violating California Penal Code Section 261.5 (a) after it was discovered during the investigation into the week-old incident involving stolen LAPD cruisers and a group of teenage LAPD Cadets.
Robert Cain is reported by local media as the individual who controlled the issuance of equipment and vehicles at the LAPD Devonshire Station. The very same location the LAPD cruisers were reported stolen from.
[youtube] What is not surprising is that Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacy has taken easy on Cain, simply charging him with a minor offense versus more serious charges with intensifiers attached like she instructs her staff to do with even the most minor of cases. Let’s not even go into the LA DA’s office practice of refusing to drop charges even if there is a mountain of evidence to counter the fictional claims made by the individuals presenting the charges.
This event is not an anomaly, not with the LAPD nor any other Law Enforcement Agency, this is what these individuals do and history shows it.
Chief Charlie Beck is reported as the person who personally arrested Cain, yesterday afternoon, that is an absolute first.
*disclaimer Robert Cain was not in fear for his life as far as we know, just pointing out the ridiculousness of the claim the claim of one fearing for their lives in defense of committing murder.
The post LAPD Officer Feared for His Life, When He Committed Statutory Rape appeared first on PINAC News.

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62 Seconds and an Innocent Man is Gone and His Killer Walks Free

Wednesday, June 21st, 2017

Philando Castile’s crime was being born a black man in an age where bigotry and racism should be a thing of the past and yet it oozes and seeps out from the cracks and the holes in the façade, that is used to disguise it under the guise of Law and Order.
Philando Castile
Just a few days after Independence Day on July 6th, 2016 Philando, Diamond Reynolds, and their little girl were returning home from shopping when they encountered Officer Jeronimo Yanez , the person that would end Philando’s life and forever changed Diamond and his little girl’s lives in just 62 seconds.
Diamond Reynolds and Daughter
According to the dash camera video and Officer Jeronimo Yanez‘s statement, the traffic stop was initiated because ” I just knew that the driver matched the physical! Description.”


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<br /> <a href=””>Yanez BCA Interview Transcript 7 7 16 (PDF)</a></p> <p><a href=””>Yanez BCA Interview Transcript 7 7 16 (Text)</a><br />
And that is why 62 seconds later after asking for identification and being told by Philando that he was armed legally, Yanez summarily executed Philando for absolutely no reason other than his own cowardice after Yanez profiled Philando Castile.  Some will say that Yanez is also a person of color and they would 100% correct his color is blue
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Maryland Cop Convicted for Ramming Fleeing Man with Patrol Car

Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017

A Maryland cop who rammed a fleeing suspect with his patrol car was found guilty by a jury last Wednesday and now faces up to 10 years in prison, according to WTOP.
The incident was caught on the officer’s own dash cam.
Prince George’s County police officer Juan Hernandez was convicted of one count of second-degree assault for ramming 22-year-old Ulrich Boaoutou with his police cruiser as Boaotou fled on foot.
Hernandez, 42, was one of two officers who responded to a call about a fight between two potentially armed suspects on June 13, 2016.
A caller reported to police three men were arguing when the two other men threatened to shoot him. While one officer was patting down Boaoutou, checking him for weapons, he took off running into an open field.
As the officer chased on foot, Hernandez pulled up to the scene and saw Boaotou running and began pursuing him before rammed him with his patrol car.
Thankfully, Boaotou wasn’t injured and refused medical attention.
Hernandez’s supervisor reported the incident and he was suspended the next day.
The Prince George’s County Police Department conducted an internal affairs investigation into the incident and forwarded it to the Prince George’s County Attorney’s Office to review for possible criminal charges.
In December, a grand jury issued an indictment against Hernandez.
County Attorney Angela Alsobrooks said in a statement Hernandez’s actions “were unwarranted given the circumstances of the incident.”
“While it’s never a good day when we have to prosecute one of our own, it’s important that those we serve understand that we will hold people accountable when their actions go above and beyond what is necessary,” Alsobrooks said.
Hernandez, an 11-year-veteran of the Prince George’s County Police Department, faces up to 10 years in prison, will undergo an internal administrative review and could receive a dismissal from the department.
He’s scheduled for sentencing on July 28.

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North Carolina Deputies Under Investigation After Shackled Inmate Jumps from Moving Patrol Car

Monday, May 22nd, 2017

A North Carolina sheriff’s department is investigating themselves after a handcuffed and shackled inmate jumped from a moving patrol car onto the highway suffering injuries to her head and face that will require future reconstructive surgery.
“The witnesses said they saw the car door fly open and a woman fly out,” Cheryl Golden, the mother of Yolanda Dillard told the Winston-Salem Journal.
Dillard, 37, is being held at the Forsyth County jail on misdemeanor charges.
Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Brad Stanley said he didn’t know weather or not the doors were locked or if deputies placed Yolanda Dillard in a seatbelt before deputies attempted to transport her to the Forsyth County Jail from Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center after being treated for drinking cleaning fluid on Wednesday.
“We are trying to determine the events that led to this situation.”
“We are saddened that this occurred,” Stanley, who refused to identify the deputies, said.
According to Stanley, between 1:30 and 1:45 p.m. on May 17, a male and female deputy were in the front seats transporting Dillard when she managed to open the rear door with the handle and jump from the moving patrol car.
The deputies called 911 for an ambulance.
Dillard, accompanied by one of the deputies, was taken back to the Wake Forest Baptist hospital to be treated Wednesday through Thursday morning then taken back to the jail.
During her visit, Golden took photographs of her daughter’s injuries then posted them to Dillard’s Facebook page.
The photos show injuries to Dillard’s head, face, nose and chin as well as an apparent injury on her bandaged right leg.

Golden wants a judge to order Forsyth County to return her daughter to Wake Forest Baptist and doesn’t believe medical providers with Correct Care Solutions will provide her daughter with proper medical treatment after Deshawn Lamont Coley, 39, died inside the jail earlier this month.
Coley died in the Forsyth County Jail on May 2 from

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WATCH: Pennsylvania Cop Slaps City Council Candidate for Recording him in Public

Saturday, May 20th, 2017

A video posted to Facebook shows a Pennsylvania cop assaulting a city council candidate for recording him in a gas station parking lot.
Royal Marti, a city council candidate for Lebanon City, posted the March 31 video to the Facebook page, The Realist People of Lancaster, after the Mount Joy Borough Police Department didn’t respond to a request for an out of court settlement.
The video shows Mount Joy Borough police officer Jason Smith coming unglued about having his authority questioned by Marti , who is running for office in a city 30 miles away from Mount Joy Borough.
Smith can then be seen suddenly assaulting him.
Photo from city council candidate Royal Marti’s Facebook page.
Marti said he didn’t know why it happened, but he and his boyfriend had gone into the store to get slushes and the police were already there.
He then noticed one cop leave the parking lot screeching his tires, burning rubber as he left the parking lot.
When he called to report the officer’s reckless driving, Smith returned to mock him and began calling him names, telling he and his boyfriend to leave or they’d be charged for loitering.
That’s when he decided to use his cell phone to record, which apparently caused Smith to lose it even more.
The Mount Joy Borough Police Department claims they’ve internally disciplined officer Smith.
But they’ve said that about Smith before.
Smith was suspended for two days without pay by the Mount Joy Borough Council on May 4 2013 for unspecified misconduct while working on duty for the Mount Joy Police Department, according to LandcasterOnline.
Although city officials did not specify what the conduct was, calling it a personal matter, Bill Hall, chairman of the public safety committee, stated it concerned an incident on November 19, 2012.
The video of the most recent incident begins after Royal turned on his cellphone camera

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Good Cop who didn’t Shoot Suicidal Man with Unloaded Gun Sues West Virginia City for Firing him Over it

Saturday, May 13th, 2017

A good cop who decided to negotiate with a suicidal man with an unloaded gun instead of killing him filed a lawsuit against the West Virginia city that fired him over it.
The Weirton police officers who did shoot and kill the suicidal man kept their jobs.
According to the suit, officer Ryan Kuzma, who fired the fatal shot that killed 21-year-old Ronald William, sent text messages to the fired officer, Stephen Mader, calling him a “coward” who “didn’t have the balls to save his own life.”
Kuzma added Mader and his mother were “loud mouth pieces of shit” who would get an officer killed – although it appears Mader, a Marine veteran who served in Afghanistan, is anything but a coward.
Stephen Mader was fired for not shooting a man holding an unloaded gun.
After Kuzma fatally shot Williams in the head, it was determined the silver pistol he was holding was not loaded.
Nevertheless,, the Weirton Police Department called Mader a “bad cop” and a “disgruntled” employee” who “froze” during the incident.
It happened on May 6, 2016 after police received a call from Williams’ girlfriend about a domestic dispute.
“The call came in around 2:50 in the morning,” Mader said.
“The whole thing was over by 3:02(a.m.).”
“When he brought his hands from behind his back, he had a silver pistol in his right hand,” Mader recalled.
“I drew my duty weapon and I’m telling him, ‘Put the gun down, put the gun down.’”
“Just shoot me,” Williams told Mader after brandishing an unloaded pistol on him, according to the Huffington Post.
Unaware the silver pistol Williams was holding in his hand wasn’t loaded, Mader observed Williams didn’t appear angry and seemed more depressed.
With his gun drawn on Williams, Mader didn’t view him as an immediate threat,  so he worked to deescalate the situation.
“Saying the words ‘Just shoot me’ sent

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Maryland Jury Awards $1.26 Million to Family after Cop Wrongly Shot their Dog

Saturday, May 13th, 2017

A Maryland jury awarded a family $1.26 million Tuesday after deciding a cop wrongly shot and killed their dog, Vernon, on February 1, 2014 – the largest award in American history for such a case.
“The verdict sends a strong message to the police about community expectations,” attorney Carl J. Hansel said after the verdict, according to the Capital Gazette.
“The duty to serve and protect extends to our animal family members as well.”
However, the Anne Arundel County Police Department had already determined the shooting was justified, claiming the dog was aggressive, which made the cop fear for his safety.
But the evidence proved otherwise, which is why the jury ruled against the officer.
Hansel called the shooting of Michael Reeves’ dog by Anne Arundel County cop Rodney Price “senseless, unnecessary and unconstitutional.”
During the three-day trial, officer Price admitted the dog did not bite or injure him before he fired two shots, one entering the dog’s sternum and another shot through his side when the dog’s body was perpendicular to Price’s gun.
Hansel stated a necropsy performed after the shooting contradicted Price’s testimony regarding how the shooting occurred.
Price, a one-year veteran, was investigating a burglary at the time, canvassing the neighborhood looking for witnesses around 4 p.m., when a male Chesapeake Bay retriever “confronted” the officer in Reeve’s front yard,  according to police.
Vern barked and ran towards Price.
Price then fired two shots at Vernon, killing the dog.
Officer Price visited the Reeve’s family a few days after the shooting to explain what happened.
Former Anne Arundel County Police Chief Kevin Davis, met with the Reeves family,  promised a full investigation into the shooting and offered his condolences.
The internal investigation exonerated officer Price, finding the dog was aggressive.
During the trial, the jury was asked specifically if the dog attacked Price.
The jury determined Price was not attacked by the

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WATCH: Colorado Cop Stages Fake Drug Bust on Body Camera to Frame Man for Drugs

Tuesday, May 9th, 2017

Video footage released last week shows a Colorado cop framing a man for drugs and gun possession by staging a fake drug bust reenactment on his body cam in a tow yard after an initial search of the vehicle may have turned up nothing.
Pueblo police officer Seth Jensen claimed he had his body camera turned off during the initial search, which is when he found the contraband, so then turned on his camera to conduct the search again under the guise that it was his first time searching the car.
But for all we know, he may have planted the drugs and gun in the car prior to reenacting the search.
The revelations led to charges being dismissed against Joseph Cajar, who Jensen claims was in possession of 6.8 grams of heroin, a Ruger .357 Magnum pistol, a scale and a pill bottle with amphetamine residue inside of his car, resulting in the 36-year-old man being charged with possession with intent to manufacture or distribute a controlled substance, possession of a controlled substance and possession of a weapon by a previous offender.
Jenson confessed to faking the footage after a prosecutor texted him to ask about discrepancies in his report after he was cross-examined during a preliminary hearing.
After learning how Jenson defrauded the court by faking the footage and testifying, a Pueblo deputy district attorney dismissed the charges, conceding Jenson’s footage was staged.
Jensen had pulled over for a traffic violation in November 2016. During the traffic stop, Jenson had Cajar’s car towed when he was unable to provide him with current insurance and registration, according to a police report.
Cajar might still be facing charges if it weren’t for the text messages exchanged between Jenson and deputy district attorney Anne Mayer after Jenson was cross-examined during a preliminary hearing on March 22.
Mayer texted Jenson about why

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WATCH: Nevada Jailers Beat Man to Death as he Cries for Help and they say, “We are the Help”

Monday, May 8th, 2017

Video was released last week from a Nevada jail that shows the last minutes of a mentally ill Reno man’s life before he died during a struggle with deputies who pinned him to the floor with a spit hood covering his head during booking procedures.
During the struggle, deputies can be seen taunting 35-year-old Justin Thomson telling him they “owned” him and would make sure he “remembered it” adding he was an “asshole” and a “dick.”
For more than 30 minutes, more than a dozen deputies take turns kicking, tasering, insulting and crushing the wind from Thomson’s lungs even after he told them several times he could not breathe due to the mask over his head.
When Thomson screamed out for help, a deputy replies, “We are the help!”
“I believe anyone who watches this video will understand why I was concerned about the handling of this incident and why I immediately called for an outside investigation,” said Sheriff Chuck Allen who runs the Washoe County Jail where a sharp increase of in-custody deaths began just after Allen took office.
Washoe County Sheriff Chuck Allen
Justin Thomson, 35, was one of three men who’ve died during a struggle with deputies attempting to restrain them during the past two years–in addition to ten others who’ve died from accidents, suicides and natural causes since Allen took office.
It took more than a day for jail personnel to decide Thompson needed to go to an emergency room after he was booked into the Washoe County Jail on domestic battery charges on August 3 where he spent more than 24 hours pacing his cell, curling up in a fetal position while clutching his head, plugging his ears with toilet paper, drawing on cell walls with his own blood and climbing onto the metal sink to talk into the vent.
After returning to the

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Texas Cop Killed Jordan Edwards Because of PTSD from War, Cop’s Mother Claims

Friday, May 5th, 2017

The family of the Texas cop fired after shooting an unarmed 15-year-old honor student is blaming the tragic death on the cop’s post-traumatic stress disorder from serving two tours in the Iraq war.
Statements about his mental health possibly reveals clues about his intended defense if former Balch Springs police officer Roy Oliver ever gets criminally charged.
His mother, Linda Oliver, says her son is an honorable family man who would never have endangered Jordan Edwards because her son has two toddlers of his own.
“‘He’s a wonderful family man and father. He has two precious little ones himself,” she told the Daily Mail.
 “He is very honorable, very community-driven,” Oliver continued.
However, the car Edwards was riding passenger in when he was killed was driving away from police when he opened fire with his AR-15.
Police say they had ordered it to stop, but the driver of the car, Edwards’ older brother, may not have even heard their commands because he didn’t realize anything was wrong until he saw smoke coming out of his brother’s head a block later, which was when he stopped the car and flagged down police for help.
Linda Oliver (left). Roy Oliver (right).
“He was raised to consider more than just himself, to think about the community, and I’ve very proud of him and the choices he’s made,” his mother said.
However, Edwards’ parents were also proud of their son, a freshman who played football and maintained good grades. He was loved by his coaches and teachers, according to CNN.
Oliver says she has compassion for the tragedy suffered by the Edwards family, but said she will withhold judgement of her son until all the facts come out.
“I retired from educating so I could have easily had him as a student at one point,” she said. “Other than that I really can’t say much.”
The Texas police

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USDOJ Will Not Charge Louisiana Cops who Killed Alton Sterling

Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017

Standing by its vow to remain supportive of police in a time of nationwide scrutiny against police abuse, the United States Department of Justice will not pursue charges against the Louisiana cops who shot and killed Alton Sterling last summer – setting the stage for nationwide protests again.
Baton Rouge police officers Blane Salamoni and Howie Lake claimed they were in fear for their lives as they piled on top of Sterling and shot him to death by firing several bullets into his chest.
They then pulled a small gun from his pocket, which they said he was reaching for during the struggle.
But witness videos of the shooting show the cops had his arms pinned and his hands were nowhere near his pockets.
However, as tough as it was to prosecute murdering cops under the Obama Administration, it will be nearly impossible to do so under the Trump Administration, who ran on the platform to give police more power.
The decision not to prosecute Sterling is the first high-profile case decided by U.S. Attorney Jeff Sessions.
The USDOJ has not formally announced its decision, but four people familiar with the matter spoke to the Washington Post, confirming the decision has already been made.
Instead, the USDOJ is vigorously pursing charges against a 61-year-old Code Pink activist who laughed out loud during Sessions’ confirmation hearing in January after an Alabama senator claimed the attorney general’ record of “treating all Americans equally under the law is clear and well-documented.”
Although two witness videos emerged from the Sterling shooting,  Baton Rouge police seized surveillance video from the convenience store without a warrant or subpoena that has not yet been made public.
They also handcuffed and detained the shop owner as they helped themselves to the surveillance video, prompting a lawsuit.
The man who posted one of the videos after obtaining it from the witness was

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Texas Cop Kills Unarmed 15-Year-Boy in Questionable Shooting

Monday, May 1st, 2017

A Texas cop shot and killed a 15-year-old boy named Jordan Edwards Saturday night, claiming the boy was inside a car that was driving in an “aggressive manner” towards another officer.
But that’s the same old excuse police always use when they shoot into moving cars; an overused cop cliche that has been proven false many times by video evidence.
And it will likely be proven false here once the Balch Springs Police Department release body and dash cam videos from the incident that took place around 11 p.m. in a suburb outside Dallas.
How do we know?
For starters, the gunshot that struck Jordan Edwards in the head as he was sitting in the passengers seat did nothing to stop the car.
In fact, it was not until the driver of the car, the boy’s older brother, noticed smoke coming from his brother’s head after driving another block that he realized something was wrong, according to an attorney for the family.
The brother then stopped the car and flagged down an officer, civil rights attorney Lee Merritt told the Washington Post.
When was the last time you’ve seen a fleeing suspect stop his car and flag down a cop for help?
But this is how the Balch Springs Police Department justified the shooting:
“There was an unknown altercation with a vehicle backing down the street towards the officers in an aggressive manner. An officer shot at the vehicle striking the front seat passenger.”
So even the cops admit they had no clue what was going on referring to it as an “unknown altercation.” And even the cops do not dispute the attorney’s claim that the boy’s brother flagged down an officer.
Had the cops truly believed the car was a danger to officers, they would have continued shooting the car until it came to a complete stop or at least ordered

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Body Cam Footage Shows Jordan Edwards Shot and Killed in Car Driving Away from Police

Monday, May 1st, 2017

At first, Texas cops claimed they shot and killed 15-year-old Jordan Edwards because he was in a car driving in an “aggressive manner”  towards an officer.
But Balch Springs Police Chief Jonathan Haber has since said the car was driving away from officers before the cop fired, killing the teen who was riding passenger in a car driven by his brother.
Haber said this after viewing the body cam footage that still has not been made public but it might not be long considering how frank the chief is being on its content.
Edwards’ brother said he did not realize his little brother had been shot until after seeing smoke coming out of his head about a block away.
That was when he pulled over and asked police for help, apparently thinking somebody other than police shot his brother.
After all, both police and the teens say they heard gunshots prior to Edwards being shot and killed, but they could have just been firecrackers because police did not make a single weapons arrest that night.
But the sound of gunshots is what prompted, along with his brother and three other teens, to leave the house party where somebody had called police to report on drunk teens walking the streets.
Police were inside the house when the sounds of gunshots shattered the night.
Even if somebody was discharging a firearm, it had nothing to do with the teens in the car, who were not arrested for being under the influence.
Even the chief is saying the shooting was  unjustified.
According to the Dallas Morning News:
Balch Springs’ police chief admitted Monday that a car was driving away from police when an officer fired into it with a rifle and fatally shot a 15-year-old boy in the head.
After reviewing body cam footage, Police Chief Jonathan Haber said the teen behind the wheel Saturday

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Texas Cop Wanted After Staging Suicide, Crossing Border into Mexico

Saturday, April 29th, 2017

A Texas cop who went missing on April 25 now has a warrant for his arrest after texting a suicide note to his wife, faking his own death then fleeing to Mexico in an inflatable raft.
But it was determined he was not dead after he was recorded on a surveillance camera having a meal at Wendy’s.
Interim Austin Police Chief Brian Manning says officer Coleman Miller Martin’s actions are an “elaborate ruse.”
Austin cop Coleman “Cole” Martin
The Austin Police Department issued an arrest warrant Friday for Martin, 29, and filed criminal charges for filing a false report against the officer – who intentionally sank his car in his efforts to stage his own death.
His vehicle was found Wednesday in Lake Amistad, which is located near the Mexican border.
Detectives learned Martin has a close relationship with a female who is not his wife. She told police his entire disappearance was an attempt to fake his own death and that he’s actually alive.
The woman showed police an email Martin sent her stating his plan to stage his own death had been successful.
Police issued a statewide BOLO or “be on the look out” after they were notified Martin was missing on Tuesday when his wife called 911.
Martin’s wife reported to dispatchers her husband was suicidal and left the house around 10 a.m.
Police say she and Martin exchanged texts throughout the day and at around 10:15 p.m. Martin texted a handwritten note saying he intended on committing suicide by drowning himself in a lake near the Mexican border.
Martin also left a card behind with a note saying he needed some time to himself.
Investigators in the case found Martin withdrew $300 in cash earlier in the day and purchased a raft at a sporting goods store in Austin and was later seen on surveillance video eating food at Wendy’s.
Officer Martin’s debit card records show he bought a rope and concrete

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