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VIDEO: Portland Cops Shoot Man in Homeless Shelter, Not Sure if he was Right Man

Sunday, April 8th, 2018

Police shoot man to death but are not even sure if he was armed.

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Watch: Idaho Police Arrest Man for Video Recording FBI Building

Friday, April 6th, 2018

Police in Pocatello, Idaho arrested a man for filming an FBI building from public property.

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VIDEO: NJ Cops Probe Man’s Rectum and Genitals in Search for Non-Existent Weed

Friday, April 6th, 2018

New Jersey cops claim “odor of marijuana” is an arrestable offense.

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Friday, January 26th, 2018

Antonio Davis, 25, was shot by cops in Spokane, Washington on September 18, 2017. Davis was unarmed.
Newly released body camera footage of the shooting was made available on Wednesday.
Officers Tucker Seitz and Chris McMurtrey were in a vehicle pursuit with Davis. Davis refused to stop because he had felony warrants.
Davis eventually wrecked his vehicle and took off on foot along with his passenger.
As Seitz and McMurtrey zerored in on Davis they yelled for him to stop and threatned to shoot him.
It was then that cops say Davis charged at Seitz prompting him to shoot Davis.
Seitz never turned his body camera on, so his vantage point is not avalable, but the video we do have is from McMurtrey.
Davis can be heard saying, “You shot me, I ain’t gonna move. I ain’t gonna move. Oh, my god. Call an ambulance … Call an ambulance, please.”
Capt. Brad Arleth of the Spokane Police Department said that it is not uncommon for officers to forget to turn on their body cameras. The Captain went on to say:
“Officers assumed Davis was armed based on previous bulletins from Nevada that said Davis was wanted for unlawful possession of a firearm, assault and shooting at a vehicle. The bulletin also mentioned Davis was a suspect in a homicide and that the weapon in that homicide had not been found.”
A 9mm gun was found in Davis’s vehicle upon the shooting.
On Dec. 5, 2017 prosecutors determined that the shooting was justified and decided not to press charges against Seitz. Prosecutors said it was,
“Reasonable for Officer Seitz to use deadly force, because Davis presented a serious and immediate threat,”
the prosecutors added,
“There is no indication Officer Seitz acted out of malice or lacked a good faith belief in the correctness of his actions. Therefore, no criminal liability attaches and no criminal charges

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WATCH: Florida Bail Bondsmen Beat Man with Metal Pipe for Missing Court over Suspended License

Thursday, December 14th, 2017

Florida bail bondsmen were busted on video beating a man with a metal pipe, punching and macing him after he missed a November court date for a suspended license.
“This is how they act when they don’t know they’re being recorded,” Lara Laign, the woman who recorded the video on December 13 told NBCMiami.
“It was just insane.”
“I was just so disturbed and disgusted by what I just saw,” she said.
Video shows AAA Star Bail Bondsmen from Palm Beach County brutalizing Anthony Hall and then smashing the window to his home with the same metal pipe used to beat him.
“I don’t care if you’re the baddest person in the world,” Laign said.
“There’s no reason to beat someone while they’re on the ground with their hands behind their backs and then break their window.”
“It doesn’t make any sense.”
Bail bonds agent Brandon Gaines said he was only defending himself.
“I was defending myself,” Gaines said during a telephone interview.
“My partner’s and my life was in danger. We were dealing with a 265-pound kid that has a criminal past history.”
According to the agents, they used the metal bar to bust open the door of Hall’s home.
But Hall picked up the bar before they were able to get it back.
The agents stated they’re trying to file charges against Hall for biting and punching them.
But Hall’s attorney Russell Williams says the video speaks for itself and will file a complaint against the bond company.
“The video speaks for itself, if you get past the fact he missed court he still has rights in the state of Florida,” Williams said.
Williams said his client suffered a broken nose during the incident.
Hall, who was unarmed, was treated at the hospital and then taken to jail.
Watch the video below.
The post WATCH: Florida Bail Bondsmen Beat Man with Metal Pipe for Missing Court over Suspended License

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South Carolina Cop Guilty of Killing Walter Scott, Sentenced to 20 Years

Thursday, December 7th, 2017

The South Carolina cop who shot and killed a man as he was running away from him, later claiming he was in fear for his life because the man was trying to take his taser, was sentenced to 20 years in prison a federal judge ruled today.
And only because a witness happened to video record the shooting.
The video shows North Charleston police officer Michael Slager shoot Walter Scott as the 50-year-old man was running away from him in 2015, striking him five times in the back, killing him instantly.
The video also shows Slager walking about 17 feet to Scott’s lifeless body and dropping his taser gun next to it to make it appear as if he shot Scott during a struggle over the stun gun.
However, Slager was not aware that a man named Feiden Santana was video recording his actions, which is what led to his termination and prosecution.
According to The State:
The video, shot by an immigrant from the Dominican Republic who was passing by the vacant lot where the shooting took place, showed Slager coolly taking aim and firing eight shots at Scott, 50, as he fled. Five of the shots hit the fleeing Scott in the backside.
Slager’s attorney, Andy Savage of Charleston, introduced evidence during the hearing to contend that Scott had resisted arrest and posed a threat to the officer in the seconds before the shooting.
However, Norton gave greater weight to prosecution evidence showing Slager had lied about crucial facts and tried to cover up aspects of the shooting so Scott appeared at fault.
Had there been no video, prosecutors said, it is likely Slager would not have been prosecuted.
On Thursday, U.S. District Judge David Norton ruled that the shooting was second-degree murder as opposed to voluntary manslaughter, which is what Slager’s attorneys wanted.

Norton also said he will

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WATCH: Texas Deputies Detain PINAC Correspondent for Suspicion of Burglary while Video Recording Government Building from Sidewalk

Saturday, November 11th, 2017

A YouTube video shows Texas deputies detaining PINAC correspondent Phillip Turner for suspicion of burglarizing vehicles, and possibly plotting to help an inmate escape from jail in late September.
Their reason: Turner was video recording the City of Midland Police and Communication Center and Information Systems Department from the sidewalk.
That, of course, gave deputies the impression that Turner was plotting to bust someone out of jail, then break into cars right in front of the police station where seven cameras are mounted on the front of one building.
Not to mention capturing the evidence on his own camera for safe measure.

The Midland Police and Communications Center and Information Systems Department is described as a highly specialized unit of personnel which provides centralized communications service support to the Midland County Sheriff’s Office, Midland Fire Department and the Midland Police Department.
Part of the communications center is located underground and is the Public Safety Answering Point for Midland County, according to its website.
The video begins with Turner walking down the sidewalk taking photos of vehicles and the building with several cameras.
“How many cameras do they need?” asks Turner, who frequently hears the same question from officers as he tours the State of Texas conducting similar audits.
Eventually, two sheriff deputies pull up in an SUV with their emergency lights lit up and approach Turner.
“How’s it going? I’m deputy Cook with the sheriff’s office. It’s just curious; somebody’s taping around the sheriff’s office. I’m just trying to figure out what’s going on.”
Turner explains he’s just taking pictures of vehicles and that he was attempting to locate the main building of the complex.
“Do you have an ID or anything? Deputy Cook asks. “To show who I’m talking to.”
“I don’t have one on me, ” Turner replies.
“What’s your name,” deputy Cooks asks, reaching for his radio to run Turner’s name through

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WATCH: Virginia Reporter Violently Arrested for Cursing while Covering Gubernatorial Candidate’s Racist Campaign

Wednesday, November 1st, 2017

Virginia police suspended the First Amendment at a parade this weekend, violently arresting a journalist for cursing while he attempted to question GOP gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie, who many say is running a racist campaign.
“You’re in the road,” a Fairfax County Mason District cop barked at reporter Mike Stark on October 26 during a verbal confrontation at the annual parade in Annandale, which was attended by Gillespie.
Stark, who is not in the road but rather standing in the entrance of a parking lot, begins to protest.
“I’m a fucking reporter doing my job,” Stark says.
“If you curse again in front of us you’re going to jail,” another cop threatens the reporter.
“Fuck this,” Stark protests.
“Get on the sidewalk.”
“Go to jail,” the second officer says.
That’s when things began to escalate.
Two Fairfax County Mason District police officers can be seen pushing Stark into a fence while attempting to handcuff him.
Even though Stark does not appear to be resisting, officers feign a struggle while trying to cuff the reporter.
The first officer yanks Stark’s foot, pulling him to the ground.
“Stop, I will give you my arm,” the reporter pleas with the officers who jump on top of him, pinning his arm between his chest and the ground.
“Put you hands up,” an officer demands.
“I can’t,” Stark replies to the officers piled on top of him.
“You have your weight on top of me. I cannot give you my hand. My hand is stuck beneath me.”
Four more officers join in on the arrest.
“What’s in his hand? What’s in his hand?” one officer can be heard alarming the others.
“Nothing!” Stark shouts.
Eventually, Stark is cuffed and rolled over onto his side.
“So do you always arrest people for cursing?” he asks the officers.
“Yes,” one cop replies.
“It’s called curse and abuse: 5-1-1. It’s a county code.”
Although the officers can be heard admitting Stark

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New Jersey High School Students Take Stand Against Police Abuse after Brutality Video goes Viral

Monday, October 16th, 2017

Hundreds of students staged a walk out of a New Jersey high school in protest of police brutality after a video of an officer roughly arresting two fellow students went viral.
Officer Hanifah Davis was caught on video grabbing Nyasia and Kyasia Sorrells, twin sisters, by the hair, tossing them to the ground and mounting himself on top of them.
It was such an egregious display of brutality, a school board member was ticketed for stepping in to intervene.
The twins, who are honor roll students, were charged with obstruction and resisting arrest.
One of them was was also charged with aggravated assault.
On Friday,  students walked out of class and marched to the Orange Police Department’s station holding signs while chanting “We want justice!,” according to NBC New York.
The incident happened at the Orange High school after it was letting students out for the day.
Nyasia and Kyasia were getting pizza on Thursday near the high school when Davis attempted to clear the corner.
Video footage shows Davis telling the girls to back up.
When Nyasia approached, officer Davis grabbed her by the hair then tosses both of the girls to the ground.
“He grabbed me by my hair and swung me on the ground, and started like, bashing my head on the ground,” Nyasia Sorrells told Pix11.
“He has both of us on the ground, and his knees was on both of us, and we couldn’t do nothin’,” her sister Kyasia Sorrells added.
Orange police later identified the officer as Hanifah Davis.
The twins’ father, Mike Sorrells, was furious after viewing footage of the way his daughters were treated.
“They knew they was wrong. You don’t do that to nobody’s kids,” he said.
“He needs to be fired.”
“He needs to go to jail,” the father said,  adding his concern that video footage of the incident my have a negative impact on his daughters’

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Federal Judge Rules Handcuffing Young Children Above Their Elbows is Unconstitutional

Sunday, October 15th, 2017

A federal judge in Kentucky ruled on Wednesday that it was unconstitutional when a deputy handcuffed an 8-year-old boy for misbehaving in 2014.
Kenton County Deputy Sheriff Kevin Sumner told the boy to comply with his demands or “suffer the consequences.”
“Oh, God! Ow, that hurts!” the boy screamed out in pain.
“Sit back down . . . Ask nicely . . . Look at me . . . “It’s up to you if you want them off or not,” Sumner can be heard taunting the 3’5” boy who weighs 53 pounds.
The boy, who isn’t being identified because he’s a minor, has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder and was in special needs classes along with a 9-year-old girl, who was also handcuffed around her biceps so she wouldn’t slip out of the handcuffs, which might have made deputy Sumner fear for his life.
The ACLU and the Children’s Law Center filed the lawsuit in 2015 and posted videos of the incident, saying it was a classic example of the school-to-prison pipeline, which is one of the driving forces in the U.S. economy, which has the highest incarceration rate in the industrialized world.
On Wednesday, Judge William O. Bertelsman issued an opinion and filed an order finding that handcuffing children violated their Fourth Amendment rights due to their young age, small stature and “their conduct does not call to mind the type of ‘assault’ which would warrant criminal prosecution,” according to WCPO.
In addition, Bartelsman found Kenton County liable for unlawful seizure and excessive force during the incident.
“Even as young children, both were certain that what the deputy did to them was wrong,” the childrens’ lawyer, Rickell Howard Smith, said in a written statement.
“I am glad to be able to tell them that the federal judge agrees with them.”
After the lawsuit was filed, the U.S.

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Utah Cop who Arrested Nurse Appeals his Firing, Blaming Body Cam Footage

Saturday, October 14th, 2017

Just two days after he was fired on Tuesday, the Utah cop who arrested a burn unit nurse for refusing to allow a blood draw on an unconscious patient, filed an appeal to get his job back late Thursday.
His argument: had it not been for his camera, he would still have a job.
Jeff Payne and his attorney, Greg Swords, appealed the termination late Thursday and requested a hearing before the Salt Lake City Civil Service Commission. 
Skordas claims his client would have never  been fired if Payne’s body camera footage had not received so much attention on news and social media.
Payne was dispatched to the University Hospital to collect blood from the unconscious man, who was injured after a suspect in a high-speed police chase crashed into his vehicle.
Since the victim was not responsible for the crash, Payne was presumably sent to retrieve blood with the hope of finding a substance in the victim’s system to relieve the Salt Lake City Police Department of liability from a lawsuit after pursuing the driver who caused the crash.
Salt Lake Police Chief Mike Brown fired Payne on Tuesday after an internal affairs investigation found Payne violated department policy when he forcibly handcuffed and arrested Alex Wubbels, dragging the screaming nurse out of the hospital.
“You demonstrated extremely poor professional judgment (especially for an officer with 27 years of experience), which calls into question your ability to effectively serve the public and the department,” Brown wrote in Payne’s termination letter.
Lt. James Tracy, Payne’s supervisor who ordered Payne to arrest Wubbels if she didn’t cooperate, plans to appeal Brown’s decision to demote him from Lt. to officer in front of the Civil Service Commission.
The commission consists of three members that hear appeals from fire department and police employees who argue the disciplinary action taken against them is unfair.

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WATCH: California Cop Shoots Man Multiple Times, Killing Him

Friday, September 22nd, 2017

A Huntington Beach police officer was captured on video shooting a man several times in front of a 7-11 after struggling with him on the ground early Friday morning.
The Southern California police department has not released many details yet but confirmed the man died at a hospital.
A citizen recorded two videos and posted them to Twitter today, one showing the two struggling, the other showing the cop shooting the man multiple times while telling him to “get down.”
“What the fuck,” says the man recording the incident.
The first video shows the man appearing to pull something from the officer’s belt, but it is not clear what that object is.
The second video shows the cop jump off him and pull his gun out, telling him to get down while shooting him several times.
The man, still holding the object, never points it in the cop’s direction.
According to KTLA:
A 17-second video of the incident was initially posted to Twitter just after 9:30 a.m. It shows an officer firing multiple times at a man, who falls to the sidewalk.
A Huntington Beach Police Department spokeswoman said the officer contacted a male individual at the 7-Eleven at 6012 Edinger Ave. and they “got into an altercation.” Then an officer-involved shooting occurred and the male was taken to a hospital with unknown injuries, police spokeswoman Officer Angie Bennett said.
Police weren’t immediately releasing any other details, but just after noon Bennett confirmed the man had died.
We will be updating this story as we receive more information. The two videos are posted below.

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WATCH: Pittsburgh Cops Brutally Beat Man Trying to Help Them

Thursday, September 21st, 2017

A man who was trying to help Pittsburgh police make an arrest ended up brutally beaten, tasered and arrested himself.
And it was all caught on video.
Police claimed Daniel T. Adelman “took a fighting stance,” which is common police lingo used to justify beatdowns, even if the person had no intention of fighting cops.
And the video recorded by a witness does not show what took place before the beatdown, but it shows five police officers beating the man with one of them repeatedly punching him, then grabbing him by the head and bashing it on the asphalt.
“Stop resisting!” one of cops yells to the man who is not resisting.
“Get your fucking taser, Bobby!” on cop yells while beating Adelman.
“I’m dead,” Adelman appears to groans from beneath the pile of cops.
“Get on the fucking ground right now,” a cop orders the man who is already on the ground.
“I am trying to help you,” Adelman repeatedly says.
But the cops respond by tasering him.
According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the incident took place Tuesday night outside the PPG Paints Arena when three cops tried to arrest another man on a forgery warrant.
Two of the cops were in plainclothes. One was in uniform.
Police said that man, David Jones, tried to “bull rush” them, so the three cops began struggling with him.
Meanwhile, Adelman, who was attending a concert but had stepped out to smoke a cigarette, approached them, making the cops fear for their lives – even though Adelman apparently had never met Jones before.
This is how the Post-Gazette explains it:
“In fear he was going to strike myself or other officers, I struck the male in the face to halt his attacking and advancing nature,” Officer Jacobs wrote.
Mr. Adelman fell against a wall, got up and approached the officers again, according to the complaint. They threw him

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WATCH: PINAC Correspondent Kicked Out of Free Speech Rally in Oregon

Sunday, September 17th, 2017

PINAC correspondent Mike Smith attended a free speech rally in Portland only to be physically thrown out by police.
Smith was at the Patriot Prayer rally at the waterfront last Sunday, which is a popular place in the Oregon city for events and protests. There were several other groups counterprotesting the Patriot Prayer group which is why police were there to keep the peace.
The police sectioned off an area for media personnel in the middle of the protests but when Smith attempted to enter the media area, cops told him he wasn’t allowed because he was a counterprotester. Smith repeatedly told the cops that he was on assignment as a correspondent with PINAC News and not a counterprotester.
Police kept Smith from covering footage as seen in picture.
Smith even showed the cops his PINAC issued press pass, but they still assumed that he was a counterprotester at the rally to start trouble.
It was then that Sergeant Mirau told Smith that he could enter the press area on the other side of the gate, as seen in the video.
Smith walks all the way to the other side of the media entrance area and crossed the yellow line for media only to be told by a different set of officers that he still was not allowed in the media area.
And this time officers even threatened to arrest Smith.
Smith tried getting the name and badge numbers of the officers but then other officers came to physically remove Smith from the general protest area.
Meanwhile, the corporate media reporters who were allowed to enter the area were photographing the altercation but it does not appear as if they were published.

Other angles from the protest show officers throwing tear gas canisters at videographers.
Smith had this to say concerning the incident:
“I believe the Portland police trampled on my rights. I

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Oklahoma Military Police Harass and Intimidate Citizen for Recording Air Base

Tuesday, September 12th, 2017

Oklahoma military police, assisted by two Oklahoma state cops, were recorded lying to a citizen journalist in order to get him to surrender identification while peacefully and lawfully recording the Oklahoma Air National Guard base from a public space on August 31.
“Are you aware in the state of Oklahoma when a law enforcement officer asks you for identification that you’re required to produce it?” asked Master Sgt. Jason Cattleman, even though that is a blatant lie.
Castleman, whose Facebook page shows a photo of him posing in front of the White House, couldn’t seem to understand why anyone would want to record a military installation.”
Sgt. Master Jason Castleman poses in front of the White House. (photo courtesy of Facebook)
“What is going on?” Castleman asks.
“Just taking pictures,” said the citizen journalist who goes by Picture Perfect on YouTube.
“Because I want to.”
“Why do you want to?”
“I don’t have to explain myself to you, sir.”
“Well, you understand as law enforcement officers we have an expressed interest in why you want to film the installation….”
“I understand that, but that fence right there is your jurisdiction. Right here you’re off your installation, you’re off your installation; you don’t have any jurisdiction.”
“Uh, are you an attorney?” Castleman asks. “I wasn’t aware.”
“Have a nice day, sir.” Picture Perfect replies. “I’m not gonna sit here and argue with you for you to make smart ass comments.”
“I’m just curious, because, uh, you were informing me of my jurisdiction.” Castleman says before turning to the Oklahoma state police officer standing nearby.
“Yeah, on that base, not out here.”
“Can you tell me where this gentleman’s jurisdiction lies,’ Castleman asks pointing to the Oklahoma state cop standing next to him.

“Uh, who are you? Oklahoma military department, I would assume he has Oklahoma jurisdiction.”
“I’m a state police officer,” the cop replies.
“I don’t give a damn

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WATCH: Undercover Minnesota Cop tells Photographer, “I Work for St. Paul Police, B***h! I’m Gonna Slap you Down!”

Saturday, September 2nd, 2017

An undercover Minnesota cop was caught on camera threatening a man and shoving his camera into his face when asked for his badge number after he and his partner mistook him for a vulnerable missing person.
“911,” officer Benny Williams told 36-year-old St. Paul resident Andrew Casey before physically confronting him.
“I work for St. Paul police, bitch,” Williams added.
Williams also threatened to tow Casey’s legally parked car for recording him, and spit on him.
“Put it in my face again, and I’m gonna slap you down,” Williams can be heard threatening Casey in the 20-second video posted to his Facebook page.
Williams has since made a video apologizing, which can be seen below.
St. Paul Police Chief Todd Axtell said Williams’ actions do not meet the standard of delivering trusted service with respect, but later went on to praise Officer Williams for his video apology, which was posted to the St. Paul Police Department’s Facebook page along with the original video.
“I’m very passionate about what I do, and today I just had a human moment where I just said some things that just were not professional,” Williams explains.
“I want to apologize to this individual. It doesn’t represent who I am or my organization, the St. Paul Police Department.”
Casey, however, isn’t buying it.
“That’s not an apology, that’s a statement into the air,” he said adding he didn’t believe Williams’ apology was genuine because he didn’t offer it to him directly.
Casey, a painter and photographer, was on his way to a friend’s house after work on Thursday when he parked and observed a car pulling up.
He then realized it was an unmarked squad car with two plain-clothed undercover officers inside.
“Hey, do you live here?” one of them shouted.
Casey remained silent and continued walking.
“I have no legal obligation to talk to an officer when I’m walking down the street,

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Gruesome Footage After Barcelona Terrorist Attack Shows Cop Ordering Man to Stop Recording

Thursday, August 17th, 2017

With bloody bodies scattered on a pedestrian street in Barcelona after a man plowed a van into a crowd of people, killing at least 13, a Spanish police officer took the time to order a man with a camera away.
The cop, who was tending to one of the victims, had no expectation of privacy. At least according to American legal standards.
But under Spanish law, he could have arrested the man with the camera, who was showing the world the tragic and devastating aftermath of the terrorist attack, which
Fortunately, he did not, but will other cops also use the law to prevent citizens from recording what is now an international news story?
The Spanish government, which passed the law in 2015, refers to it as a Citizens Security Law, but critics refer to it as a “gag law.”
According to the New York Times:

Spain’s new public safety law — called “the gag law” by its critics — was approved in March by Parliament, where Mr. Rajoy’s Popular Party holds a majority. The party faces a stiff challenge in elections later this year. The law now comes into force, despite continued criticism from activists and opposition politicians.
Among other restrictions, the law forbids unauthorized gatherings around Parliament and other important buildings — a direct response to some of the anti-austerity protests held in Madrid, where dozens of people were injured in September 2012 when protesters encircled the Congress building.
The law also forbids the kind of amateur video footage that has increasingly been used to expose police tactics in the United States, and which last month showed police beating demonstrators in the Basque country. In addition, the law sets hefty fines for a range of offenses: €600 for insulting a police officer, as much as €30,000 for spreading damaging photos of police officers and €600,000 for

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WATCH: $1.25 Million Settlement For Body Slam Caught on Video Surveillance System

Thursday, August 10th, 2017

March 3, 2007 at the La Fonda Resturant in Yonkers, New York, Irma Marquez suffered injuries when Yonkers police officer Wayne Simoes picked her up in a restaurant and appeared to slam her face-first into the restaurant’s floor.
As reported by News 12 :
“A decade after the incident, the city, and the victim have agreed to settle a related lawsuit.
Video of the encounter made national headlines. It showed officer Wayne Simoes slam Irma Marquez to the ground — knocking her out outside what was then the La Fonda Restaurant at 57 Palisades Ave. Marquez has maintained that she was trying to break up a fight involving her niece, but police were already there when she stepped in.
Simoes faced federal charges of violating her civil rights. Marquez faced local charges of disorderly conduct and interfering with police. Both of them were acquitted.
In May 2008, Marquez filed an $11.3 million lawsuit against Simoes and the Yonkers Police Department. Sources say the settlement was for $1 million, but officials would not comment on the record until City Council has a chance to evaluate the settlement. That will likely happen in August, according to Michael Curti, a lawyer for the city.”
The local version of the USA Today reported :
“Yonkers’ attorney Michael Curti said the city admitted no wrongdoing by the police officer. Curti said the settlement was less than the $11 million initially sought by Marquez.
“The final amount of the settlement, which is the culmination of close to a decade of litigation, is similar to an amount the city’s legal team was prepared to recommend many years ago to avoid the uncertainties of trial and the substantial cost of litigation,” Curti wrote in an email.
Marquez filed her civil lawsuit against the city and Simoes in 2008 and the case was closed on July 10 because of the settlement, according to

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Saturday, August 5th, 2017

July 9, 2017, Philadelphia, PA. After spending the afternoon at a pool party, celebrating a child’s birthday, Ariel Rivera hears a commotion outside her home in the Kensington neighborhood. When she opens her door, she discovers three uniformed police officers beating a half-dressed man.  Ariel recognizes the man as a local urban camper. Without hesitation, Ariel documents the incident with her cell phone camera and later uploads the video to Facebook.
Locally the video went viral. Soon the local media began to inquire to city officials, only to discover a different version of events. The official word initially described the victim as a known drug dealer, and reported the neighbors were “yelling and screaming”, and the incident was described as a “near riot”. Local officials did not comment on the violence captured on video by Ms.Rivera.
After weeks of claims of ongoing investigations, a singular Officer James Yeager was suspended pending termination, other investigations are described as” on going” and soon others may find their careers and future earnings in jeopardy.
I spoke with Ariel Rivera via phone and she described the events as far too common and feels that there is little she and her neighbors can do to change the situation. She also told me of her fears of retaliation by the police and stories of Philadelphia police framing activists and journalist who document the police.
We are committed to supporting any efforts to bring accountability and transparency to Ariel’s neighborhood and any other place in need.
Please support PINAC’s efforts to continue to support citizen journalists and investigative journalists exposing those suppressing individual liberty and freedom.

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Caught On Video: Atlanta Police Officer Relieved of Duty after Viral Video Shows him Punching Man in Face.

Tuesday, June 27th, 2017

A video shared by the Facebook account of Black Lives Matter of Greater Atlanta on June 23rd, 2017, shows a person in an Atlanta Police Department uniform punching a restrained man in the face and upper torso while he sits one top of him.All the while one of his co-workers hold the victim’s feet and another has his knee pressing down on the lower back with all his weight, also there is the fourth police officer that is simply standing there watching everything happen right at his feet.
All this force used to arrest a person who appears to be less than 150lbs and lying face down on a roadway median of dirt. Anyone who has been in a situation like this knows this is not a position of leverage or control. So what is it incompetence, lack of training or just another “Bad Apple” if you fall for that theory.
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution covers the incident and provides no new information related to the nature of the incident nor the charges levied against the victim.

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Blue On Black Crime: Atlanta Police Beats Black Man During Arrest
#BLACKLIVESMATTER Happening right now…this is how #AtlantaPolice is treats black men, this man is not offering any resistance. “Black men aren’t safe in Atlanta. This is what I call a #BlueOnBlackCrime, as an organization, we stand against police brutality regardless the color of the officer. We now hereby DEMAND an internal investigation and will aggressively seek the immediate TERMINATION and expect CRIMINAL CHARGES to be filed against the officer in question.” – Sir Maejor President of Black Lives Matter of Greater AtlantaCOMMENT & SHARE
Posted by Black Lives Matter of Greater Atlanta on Friday, June 23, 2017

Hopefully, someone

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Caught On Video: Off Duty Cop Attacks Teen for Walking on His Grass

Monday, June 26th, 2017

On a sunny Saturday afternoon in Lansing Illinois, an unidentified off-duty Lansing Policer Officer is caught on video holding a teenager on the ground while his hand is wrapped around the teen’s neck.
[youtube] As the video runs the off-duty officer is heard bargaining with the teen claiming that if his friend sits down he will stop the attack, the teen can be heard struggling to breathe, while the teen’s friend documenting the attack can be heard is insiting that they have done nothing wrong and to stop choking his friend. The off-duty officer can also be heard telling the teen about teaching him a lesson about trespassing  yet is seems that it is the off-duty police officer that needs the lesson, as simply cutting across someone’s yard without the property owner warning the accused, does not rise to the level of a crime. Not an infraction, misdemeanor nor a felony, not that police officers are required to actually now the laws they enforce.
As the video progresses a woman who is likely the ignorant officer’s spouse can be heard saying something, not really sure what is was, nor do I care as it was likely 100% wrong…..
The Village of Lansing PRESS Release:
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LAPD Lures Journalists into Police Station Only To Threaten Them With Arrest.

Monday, June 26th, 2017

June of 2017 has been one eventful month for Daniel Saulman aka “Tom Zebra” known for his web page “Mistaken Bacon”  he was arrested by the LAPD  while documenting a DUI/DWI checkpoint disguised as a “Traffic Safety Checkpoint” for the charge of being in the LAPD’s “workspace”. After our coverage Mr. Saulman was fortunate to receive help from the ACLU, they were instrumental in bringing this matter to a quick and abrupt end or so the LAPD believes.
Mr. Saulman was also able to have an outstanding legal matter centered around his operating a Quadcopter camera platform in a park, the LAPD then claimed to be a violation of a Los Angeles City ordinance regarding taking off and land remote controlled aircraft. Mr. Saulman’s attorney’s less than adequate representation resulted in a ridiculous ruling and the permanent seizure of his property. Which Mr. Saulman arrest included 5 days in the Los Angeles County Jail and a added penalty of community service hours.
As a result, Mr. Sulman was not only out of the money for the cost of the DJI Phantom, he lost money on videos and images he could not capture and then upload to YouTube or sell to media outlets. Through the ACLU’s efforts, Mr. Saulman’ s charges were negated and the presiding Judge also ordered the return of all his seized property and any outstanding community service hours.
While attempting to recover his property from the LAPD’s 77th street station, Mr. Saulman and his colleague Catman of the Onus News Service,
(L-R) Ricky Munday, Catman, TMFZ
documented the exterior and approached the front entrance where they were greeted by Lt Magee who identified herself as the person in charge of the station and she invited both Daniel and Catman into the station. From their reactions, both Daniel and Catman were kinda surprised,

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First Amendment Under Attack in Federal Court

Thursday, June 22nd, 2017

Originally Posted 15 June 2017


First Amendment Under Attack in Federal Court

The First Amendment is under attack by the government in federal court. Matt Akins of Citizens For Justice filed a lawsuit against the Columbia Missouri Police Department claiming retaliation for filming police officers and reporting on their activities. Judge Nanette Laughrey of the U.S. Court for the Western District of Missouri granted summary judgment to the City of Columbia and police officers named in Akins’ suit, ruling “Neither the public nor the media has a First Amendment right to videotape, photograph, or make audio recordings of government proceedings that are by law open to the public.” The judge’s ruling came in response to a long line of incidents involving alleged false arrests, wrongful seizures, a CPD Wanted Poster for Akins depicting Akins as an armed criminal, using one of the false arrests that were sealed by law and deprivations of Akins’ property and police threats to retaliate against his employers.
Oral arguments were made on June 8, 2017, hearing in federal appellate court in St. Louis, Missouri. Arguments centered on two First Amendment issues involving Akins and his “Media Militia.” In the summer of 2011, Akins attempted to film an activist filing a misconduct complaint against a Columbia Police Officer in the department’s public lobby. In response, a uniformed member of the Columbia Police Department ordered Akins to cease filming. The second issue revolved around Citizens For Justice videos Akins posted on the department’s Facebook page depicting officers in a negative light which were later deleted by the department during a debate about the Citizens Police Review Board’s oversight authority.
A panel of the 8th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals Judges (Melloy, Loken, and Murphy) seemed skeptical of the rights established by the First Amendment during questioning at oral arguments on June 08,

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Homestead PD Still Doesn’t Know Photography Is Not A Crime

Thursday, June 15th, 2017

Homestead Police Department (HPD), in South Florida, has myriad problems respecting the First Amendment. I went to HPD this week to serve some officers in a civil rights suit, the story was covered earlier. While entering I discovered that HPD still has not learned that photography is not a crime.
I covered HPD officer John Frank, last year, him initially claiming that I could not take his picture. He quickly backed down once I started recording the video below. HPD adopting a policy such as shown in the sign above makes it understandable that some of their officers would fail to realize that photography is not a crime.
[youtube] However, HPD officers such as Tony Sincore realize that it is our right to record them and to record within the station. The below video was taken by another local victim of HPD abuse.
[youtube] Photography Is Not A Crime, is not only our name as an organization, it’s the law. It is also part and parcel of our First Amendment right as Americans to gather information on governmental affairs. First, I will address briefly herein the legal issues of video recording with sound which is legally equivalent to audio recording. Then I will cover photography which is legally equivalent to video without sound.
The Florida wire tap statute, FSS. 934.03, makes it illegal to intercept an “oral communication”, i.e. voices, without the consent of all parties. In this way video recordings having audio and/or audio recordings could be a crime, in some cases. Yet, the definition, FSS. 934.02, of “oral communication”, excludes conversations having no expectation of privacy, see also State v. Inciarano. Additionally, what can be plainly seen or overheard in public is covered by the plain view doctrine.
Katz v. United States establishes that no person in the publicly accessible lobby of the police department would have an expectation of privacy. Further, it must be noted that Constitutional rights, such as privacy, protect citizens from

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Two Texas Bounty Hunters Die In Shootout With Suspect Caught On Camera

Monday, June 5th, 2017

He thought he was filming the police, but they turned out to be bounty hunters.
Two bounty hunters lay in wait at a Greenville, Texas car dealership for hours, before drawing weapons to apprehend their quarry, which led to a shootout that left both men, and their suspect dead from gunshot wounds.
The pair of bounty hunters from Corpus Cristi had told the business owner that they were federal agents, before Fidel Garcia Jr. and his partner Gabriel Bernal confronted the suspect in plain view of the Nissan dealership’s employees and customers.
A witness caught the flurry of shots on camera from only thirty feet away.
In six seconds, 20 shots were fired.
All three men died.
Amazingly, no innocent bystanders were hurt.
St. Paul Police had warned the bounty hunters that the suspect was extremely dangerous, and Hutchinson was wanted for multiple felonies.
Hutchinson was wanted for felony methamphetamine and DWI charges.
Texas law restricts bounty hunting to licensed peace officers, private investigators, and licensed security guards.
The two deceased bounty hunters were not wearing insignia, which is a felony offense when acting on behalf of the surety or bail bondsman who bailed the criminal suspect out of jail.
Garcia was a licensed private investigator as his professional profile – via Google cache – indicates.
His partner Bernal was also licensed in Texas as a private security guard with Level II training.
Unfortunately, Garcia’s ruse about being federal agents exposed a private business to harm, nearly resulted in innocent deaths and in the end cost he and his partner their lives.
It’s a reminder that private business owners should always ask for identifying information from anyone claiming to be law enforcement.
A simple request for the bounty hunters’ badge and serial numbers would’ve been sufficient for this car dealership to have avoided a tragic situation on their property.
If it wasn’t for one intrepid citizen

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Florida Man Fights Extensive Public Records Request Abuse

Friday, May 26th, 2017

The City of Homestead has a torrid reputation, and a pattern of willfully refusing to comply with the public records law. Homestead is a little town at the southern end of Miami-Dade County, rarely receiving the scrutiny it deserves as a cesspool of public corruption and maleficence.
I have used the records request process, as a pre-discovery method for investigating my civil rights claims. Homestead has failed to comply with the public records law on the majority of the nearly one hundred requests I have filed.
Homestead has a pattern and practice of unlawful noncompliance as it relates to the records law including but not limited to: excessively overcharging for records, claiming inapplicable exemptions, creating automatic and/or unreasonable delays in production, claiming incriminating records do not exist, falsifying records and destruction of records.
Florida has some of the strictest public records laws in the nation. The records law is thoroughly explained in the Government in the Sunshine Manual (GSM), and the city owns several copies. Yet, you could be easily fooled into thinking otherwise, based on the behavior and actions of Homestead and their attorneys.
I hope the information provided herein, while extensive by nature, will educate the readers on the public records law and how some public entities create costly issues.
PINAC published the original story of my abuse by Homestead officer Alejandro Murguido, beginning in 2012. I was falsely arrested in April 2013, after attempting to file a complaint, and charged for simply asking my neighbor to not speed and recklessly drive his city owned police car, in our community. Children regularly play in the street, and Murguido had previously asked me to contact him directly versus filing a formal complaint with his department.
I met with Homestead Chief of Police Alexander Rolle to file a complaint in February 2014. All false charges against me had been dismissed shortly

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Maryland Cop Convicted for Ramming Fleeing Man with Patrol Car

Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017

A Maryland cop who rammed a fleeing suspect with his patrol car was found guilty by a jury last Wednesday and now faces up to 10 years in prison, according to WTOP.
The incident was caught on the officer’s own dash cam.
Prince George’s County police officer Juan Hernandez was convicted of one count of second-degree assault for ramming 22-year-old Ulrich Boaoutou with his police cruiser as Boaotou fled on foot.
Hernandez, 42, was one of two officers who responded to a call about a fight between two potentially armed suspects on June 13, 2016.
A caller reported to police three men were arguing when the two other men threatened to shoot him. While one officer was patting down Boaoutou, checking him for weapons, he took off running into an open field.
As the officer chased on foot, Hernandez pulled up to the scene and saw Boaotou running and began pursuing him before rammed him with his patrol car.
Thankfully, Boaotou wasn’t injured and refused medical attention.
Hernandez’s supervisor reported the incident and he was suspended the next day.
The Prince George’s County Police Department conducted an internal affairs investigation into the incident and forwarded it to the Prince George’s County Attorney’s Office to review for possible criminal charges.
In December, a grand jury issued an indictment against Hernandez.
County Attorney Angela Alsobrooks said in a statement Hernandez’s actions “were unwarranted given the circumstances of the incident.”
“While it’s never a good day when we have to prosecute one of our own, it’s important that those we serve understand that we will hold people accountable when their actions go above and beyond what is necessary,” Alsobrooks said.
Hernandez, an 11-year-veteran of the Prince George’s County Police Department, faces up to 10 years in prison, will undergo an internal administrative review and could receive a dismissal from the department.
He’s scheduled for sentencing on July 28.

The post Maryland Cop

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WATCH: Pennsylvania Cop Slaps City Council Candidate for Recording him in Public

Saturday, May 20th, 2017

A video posted to Facebook shows a Pennsylvania cop assaulting a city council candidate for recording him in a gas station parking lot.
Royal Marti, a city council candidate for Lebanon City, posted the March 31 video to the Facebook page, The Realist People of Lancaster, after the Mount Joy Borough Police Department didn’t respond to a request for an out of court settlement.
The video shows Mount Joy Borough police officer Jason Smith coming unglued about having his authority questioned by Marti , who is running for office in a city 30 miles away from Mount Joy Borough.
Smith can then be seen suddenly assaulting him.
Photo from city council candidate Royal Marti’s Facebook page.
Marti said he didn’t know why it happened, but he and his boyfriend had gone into the store to get slushes and the police were already there.
He then noticed one cop leave the parking lot screeching his tires, burning rubber as he left the parking lot.
When he called to report the officer’s reckless driving, Smith returned to mock him and began calling him names, telling he and his boyfriend to leave or they’d be charged for loitering.
That’s when he decided to use his cell phone to record, which apparently caused Smith to lose it even more.
The Mount Joy Borough Police Department claims they’ve internally disciplined officer Smith.
But they’ve said that about Smith before.
Smith was suspended for two days without pay by the Mount Joy Borough Council on May 4 2013 for unspecified misconduct while working on duty for the Mount Joy Police Department, according to LandcasterOnline.
Although city officials did not specify what the conduct was, calling it a personal matter, Bill Hall, chairman of the public safety committee, stated it concerned an incident on November 19, 2012.
The video of the most recent incident begins after Royal turned on his cellphone camera

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California Deputy Blames Satan in YouTube Apology for Selling Drugs

Monday, May 15th, 2017

A California deputy facing up to five years in prison for selling drugs seized during raids issued an apology in a Youtube video blaming satan for his misdeeds.
“I made that decision based on Satan playing games with me, and making me feel like I was prideful and unable to go to family members for help,” Logan August said sitting next to his wife in a video recorded apology to friends, family, co-workers and the community.
According to court documents, while working for the Kern County Sheriff’s Office, August stole marijuana seized in ten raids in 2014, giving the pot to a confidential informant to sell.
Deputy August gave the informant 25 pounds of marijuana, receiving a $15,000 cut of the sales.
Between June 2014 and October 2014, August colluded with a former deputy, Derrick Penny and his informant, as well as former Bakersfield police detective Patrick Mara – who was sentenced to five years in prison last year – when he stole and sold marijuana taken from a locked evidence storage facility.
Penny made out with $1,200 in profit, according to his signed statement.
According to public records obtained through Transparent California, August and Penny earned near $200,000 a year in pay and benefits during 2014.
Both August and Penny, who both joined the department in 2007, admitted to their involvement in the scheme and are scheduled to plead guilty to charges of conspiracy to distribute and possession with intent to distribute today at the federal courthouse in Fresno.
The maximum penalty for their crimes is five years behind bars in federal prison in addition to a $250,000 fine, although prosecutors are expected to recommend a lessor sentence as part of a plea deal.
August and Penney used their keys issued by the Kern County Sheriff’s Office to access the department’s marijuana storage unit then sawed off the

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WATCH: Texas Cops Tackle and Taser Man in Home Asking for Warrant

Thursday, May 11th, 2017

Body cam footage obtained by PINAC shows two Texas cops enter a man’s home, apparently without a warrant, then tackle and taser the man while pinning him onto a couch.
All because the 48-year-old man stood up from his recliner and remained standing after one of the cops ordered him to sit back down.
“Have a seat for me,” said Buda police officer Demerriell Young, who has a history of abuse.
Leonard Garcia paused, not taking another step, but reminded Young it was his house and that he had yet to see a warrant, stating he preferred to remain standing until the officer could produce one.
But Young pounced on him and the second cop, Kellie Metz, then tasered him as you can see in the video below that contains footage from both body cams.
That incident, which took place January 21, 2016, led to a lawsuit filed against both cops and the Buda Police Department last month.
It is the second lawsuit filed against Young for excessive force within the past six months. Both acts of police brutality were caught on Young’s own body camera.
The first lawsuit for excessive force lawsuit was filed by Juan Martinez – a 73-year-old Vietnam veteran who uses a motorized scooter to get around – after Young tackled him, breaking his ribs for simply wanting to check up on his wife, who had been falsely accused of shoplifting.
As we wrote about here, that incident took place on October 3, 2014 and Martinez’s wife, who also uses a motorized scooter to get around, rode outside the store with items in her cart to look for her husband, whom she had lost.
That lawsuit was filed in federal court by the Carlson Law Firm in October 2016 with an amended complaint filed a month later, which states that the Buda Police Department hired Young

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