Ex-DNI confirms Trump was briefed on Putin's involvement in 2016 election

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Actually, Trump has almost never blamed Russia exclusively for 2016 interference

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Trump Holds Putin Accountable for 2016 Election Interference

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Study: Facebook users more likely to react to Congress with 'anger' emoji post-2016

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Clapper: Intel officials showed Trump evidence of Putin's role in election meddling

… in January 2017 that showed Russian President Vladimir Putin was directly involved in Moscow’s interference in the 2016 presidential election.Read the full article here


Ex-DNI Confirms Trump Was Briefed Before His Inauguration on Putin's Personal Involvement in …

… on US intelligence findings that Russian President Vladimir Putin personally ordered cyberattacks to attempt to sway the 2016 presidential election.Read the full article here


DHS chief backs up intel assessment that Russia interfered in US elections

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Kirstjen Nielsen won't say whether Russian meddling favored Trump

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Senate goes on record against allowing Russia to question US officials

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Before Entering Office, Trump Was Told That Putin Personally Directed 2016 Election Interference

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