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  • "Red Tide Rick": the nickname sticks ... by gimleteye
    "Red Tide Rick" bet on killing environmental rules as governor.  Look what he did.In his eight years as governor, Rick Scott axed the state capacity to effectively regulate and enforce against pollution of Florida's waterways. Now the toxic waters are wreaking havoc across the state and he wants your vote for US Senator.His latest gambit […]
  • Florida Gov. Rick Scott's Recklessness Is Putting Your Health, Your Property, And Your Jobs At Risk. Don't Give Him Your Vote ... by gimleteye
    The viral video shows angry Floridians shouting at "Red Tide Rick" as he scurries out the back door of a restaurant into his armored SUV, hoping to deny an unscripted media moment when his rapidly declining popularity is revealed.For eight years as governor, Scott was obsessed with preventing such unscripted moments. Every photo op with […]
  • Mike Huckabee On the beach ... by gimleteye
    Trump apologist Mike Huckabee owns a beachfront home in the Florida Panhandle. This is the region of Florida where radio channels are filled 24/7 with the holy carriers of Jesus Christ. Now it is a place Republicans can't go to the beach, because the Republicans they elected passed a law stopping them from the beaches […]
  • The Garbage Of "Estuary Protection Wells" ... by gimleteye
    Florida is swimming in a sea of pollution. It is not a blameless event. Our water catastrophe has many mothers and fathers, but it is undeniably the case that Republican leadership in the state legislature and two terms of Gov. Rick Scott -- an opponent of environmental regulation and enforcement -- led to massive taxpayer […]
  • Why I am NOT writing. By Geniusofdespair
    I really hate writing for this blog now. I think because government: County, State and Federal is just so very bad, embarrassingly bad.  I feel like I am always looking away -- as if there is a dead rat on the sidewalk and I don't want to barf. How much can you look away? But […]
  • Andrew Gillum has Florida's vote ... by gimleteye
    Florida Democratic candidate for Governor Andrew Gillum chooses Chris King as running mate. Both advocate changing state laws that turned Florida's waters into toxic sacrifice zones for Big Sugar profitsHere is an important interview with Andrew Gillum, the Democratic candidate for governor, standing at the polluted shore of Florida's tourism-dependent west coast.At min. 5:36 of […]
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  • How the environment and toxic waters played in yesterday's primary election: quick take ... by gimleteye
    Quick reactions this morning.Gwen Graham: hurt by the American Dream Mall/ Graham Companies issue.Big Sugar's sweet embrace wrecked Adam Putnam with disaffected coastal Republicans, who are watching their businesses and coastal property values disintegrate.DeSantis took up the war against Big Sugar's dark influence over Florida politics and gained massively among Republican voters impacted by the […]
  • Election Day: VOTE ... by gimleteye
    Today is primary day in Florida. Do your civic responsibility: VOTE. Democracy requires the active involvement of citizens or it is bound to wither. The least you can do to honor the sacrifices made on our behalf by past generations is to exercise your right to vote. And when you vote if you are Republican, […]
  • Gov. Rick Scott's refusal to test for toxics in water puts your life at risk but he wants to be your next US senator ... by gimleteye
    The same state, Florida, that won't share data with the public or even acknowledge rare pediatric cancer clusters has neither tested, nor routinely analyzed, nor established protocols to monitor potentially lethal bacteria-laden algae coating its coasts.Three years ago, Eye On Miami wrote about a distinguished statistician, Dr. Raid Amin, at the University of West Florida […]
  • The only remedy -- and safety -- for jobs, the economy and our waters is the ballot box: REJECT the Toxic Trio. Scott, Putnam, and Caldwell ... by gimleteye
    In his OPED published by the Treasure Coast Palm Dr. Gary Goforth writes that upcoming elections are pivotal for the state's economic future; severely threatened by water pollution. He is correct. 100 percent.Gov. Rick Scott, running against incumbent Bill Nelson for the US Senate, blames the federal government for failing to protect Florida's water. The […]
  • It's Election Season, And Rick Scott Republicans Are Running From Pollution Woes Fast As They Can ... by gimleteye
    Rick Scott was smart enough to be Florida governor for two terms and steadfastly avoid direct interaction with voters that could make headlines on TV news and social media. But he didn't expect severe, unremitting pollution to trip up his campaign for US Senate.Last week, Scott ducked into the St. Lucie River for a quick […]
  • District 8 County Commission Daniella Levine Cava ... by gimleteye
    The Miami Herald published its primary endorsements on the weekend, including its support for Daniella Levine Cava, District 8 county commissioner.It is important for voters to know there are TWO upcoming elections: a primary election on August 28th and a general election on Nov. 6th. County commission races will be decided on August 28th. These […]
  • Gov. Rick Scott Let Down Florida. You Don't "Fail Upwards" Into The US Senate ... by gimleteye
    Environmentalists warned Rick Scott not to do it.Now he pretends it didn't happen.Now Florida is coated in toxic algae linked to Alzheimer's and other neurological diseases.Rick Scott wants your vote for US Senator. Don't give it to him.SENATOR STEWART CALLS ON GOVERNOR SCOTT TO RESCIND EXECUTIVE ORDERS, BEGIN STEPS TO HALT MASSIVE ENVIRONMENTAL DESTRUCTIONORLANDO, Fla. […]
  • IMPORTANT: another report why Adam Putnam DOES NOT DESERVE your vote ... by gimleteye
    It only took serial algae blooms around the state, containing Cyanobacteria that can cause long-term brain damage, to wake up Floridians about who the Florida Legislature, Gov, Rick Scott and Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam really work for: Big Sugar.Florida voters became immune to Big Sugar's influence on local and state politics -- it needs to […]
  • Florida Pheonix: more on Maggy Hurchalla v. George Lindemann Jr.
    The gargantuan battle between a David versus Goliath (in this case, Maggy Hurchalla against a billionaire, George Lindemann Jr.) has turned into a not-so-quiet fight for First Amendment Rights. The organization for which I serve as a voluntary board member, Friends of the Everglades, recently sought to join as an intervenor in the case. At […]
  • The planet is on fire. America: VOTE ... by gimleteye
    Clouds over the California fires, 30,000 feet up. Photo by: Peter Singer
  • Rick Scott, Adam Putnam, and Matt Caldwell: Turbulent Waters For Florida's Toxic Trio ... by gimleteye
    In the winter of 2016, polluted water from Lake Okeechobee turned from brown to guacamole green, thick with toxic algae carrying cyanobacteria to downstream communities, putting people and businesses in harm's way. In the summer of 2018, it is happening again. Right before midterm elections.Gov. Rick Scott. Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam. State Representative Matt Caldwell. […]
  • Juliana v US, the federal lawsuit Trump and the GOP despise, just jumped another major hurdle ... by gimleteye
    In other news, global heatwave continues to smash records:- Tbilisi: 41°C- Baku: 43°C- Yerevan: 42°C- Iran: 53°C- Montreal: 37°C- Ottawa: 47°C- Denver: 40°C- Los Angeles: 44°C (111°F) and all of Southern Ca- Scotland: 33.2°CIt’s a hot new world and getting hotter. Republicans fiddle while the planet is burning. (If you think — as some Republicans […]
  • How did the end of the world become “old news” NY Mag
    NOTE: Wake up, voters. It is time to turn the tables on our national response to climate change. Our house — the one we share — is on fire as David Wallace-Wells notes in NY Mag.Republicans, contrary to your interests, are more intent on locking down their prerogatives and privileges than they are in solving […]
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