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  • Bullsugar: Snakes On A Plain … by gimleteye
    The South Florida Water Management District excels in distraction and diversion. These serve a purpose: to deflect attention from the multi-billion dollar engineering model that is gradually turning a public resource — clean, fresh water — into a privatized commodity benefiting the state's biggest campaign donors. Big Sugar, for example.The rebuttal refrain is familiar: "we […]
  • Donna Shalala on Lennar's Board? By Geniusofdespair
    The Blue Wave in U.S. Congressional District 27In a press release, Congressional hopeful, David Richardson said it was "Effectively a two-person race." I guess he must mean that Matt Haggman dropped out and Kristen Rosen Gonzalez. Really? Did they? In this poll Haggman and Richardson are running neck and neck. I guess things have changed […]
  • Eileen Higgins: County Commission District 5 ! … by gimleteye
    Defying conventional wisdom, first time candidate and Democrat, Eileen Higgins, defeated better known Republican rivals in a non-partisan primary race for the county district including Miami Beach and a swath of Little Havana including surrounding neighborhoods. This is a huge win for Higgins, who political operatives tried to squeeze out with a field of Republican […]
  • HBO "The Final Year" … by gimleteye
    The emotion I felt, at the conclusion of the excellent HBO documentary "The Final Year", is in one word: "devastation".I voted for Obama twice, but I found plenty to criticize in his two terms. Still, "The Final Year" conveys his essential nature — competence and caution — qualities of character that stand in stark contrast […]
  • District 5 County Commission: Eileen Higgins … by gimleteye
    For many years, Miami Beach and the western edges of District 5 was under-served by Bruno Barreiro, whose place was cemented by campaign contributors from the development supply chain for his reliable affirmative votes on suburban sprawl.Today's election is the rare instance (noted by Doug Hanks in the Miami Herald) of a county commissioner surrendering […]
  • Angry with the world and….Read on, it might be you too! By Geniusofdespair
    From the New Yorker MagazineI will never be the same. NEVERMy life with therapy taught me two lessons: don’t minimize and don’t deny: in other words be truthful with yourself. As a child I had become adept at lying to me to cope. Can’t do it anymore.The way my country is going and the blinders […]
  • Stop Shopping At Publix … the corporation has given nearly three quarters of a million dollars to GOP gubernatorial candidate Adam Putnam in the past three years … by gimleteye
    Read this excellent OPED in the Palm Beach Post. We are unaccustomed to newspaper editorial boards pushing back against political orthodoxies like the right of corporations to be more powerful than people. In this case, Florida's iconic grocery chain: Publix for its unlimited campaign contributions to the GOP designated front-runner to be next governor of […]
  • SNL grabs Donald Trump by the Pussy … by gimleteye
    SNL writers are quick, but even they couldn't react fast enough to catch Trump's capitulation to North Korea demands that the US stop its planned joint training exercise with South Korea. In the show's season finale they did pin the tail on another donkey: Sarah Palin on Twitter. Palin is paid big bucks to put […]
  • Big Sugar Money Is Turning Toxic To Florida Politics … by gimleteye
    Because of Big Sugar's chokehold on Florida politicians, what happened in 2016 — massive toxic algae outbreaks — will happen again. Know whose bank account is filling the campaigns of the candidates you vote for.If you are a candidate seeking election and refusing money from Big Sugar, Eye On Miami wants to hear from you […]
  • Betraying my Husband, Fukushima's Nukes and All That Jazz. By Geniusofdespair
    I always look in on Fukushima's nuclear disaster of 2011, when there was a meltdown of 3 of their reactors. It was a cascade of events that caused the meltdown; Tsumani caused by an Earthquake. The Japanese are trying to deal with a million tons of radioactive water. The fuel is somewhere in the reactor […]
  • REFORM SUGAR SUBSIDIES NOW! Wall Street Journal Agrees With Eye On Miami! … by gimleteye
    A Chance for Sugar Welfare ReformA bipartisan coalition could reduce the worst farm subsidy.A Chance for Sugar Welfare ReformBy The Editorial BoardMay 15, 2018 7:03 p.m. ETCognitive dissonance is common in Washington, but some cases truly are exceptional. One is the ritual of the farm bill, when Republicans who campaign on “free markets” whoop through […]
  • Tampa Bay Times Editorial Board Cheers For Sugar Policy Reform (Just Like Eye On Miami!) … by gimleteye
    The Tampa Bay Times says it just like we do, maybe a little more diplomatically: Big Sugar poisons people, poisons Democracy, and poisons the Everglades. Call your Congressional representative TODAY: Support Sugar Policy Reform!Editorial: U.S. House should end sweet deal for Big SugarEditorialsWith a new farm bill coming up in Congress, now is the time […]
  • Matt Haggman for Congressional District 27. By Geniusofdespair
    Here is Matt Haggman on the Michael Putney show. Make your own decision for this blue wave US Congressional Seat 27. I will be voting for Matt Haggman. He is smart, articulate, my friend, and most importantly not Donna Shalala or Bruno Barreiro (even worse). I have to say, out of all the reporters I […]
  • C-O-L-L-U-S-I-O-N … by gimleteye
    Really good piece, by Axios, summarizing the bill of charges against Donald Trump, not yet criminal indictments. Leads to question: Republicans, what in the world are you thinking by defending Trump and obstructing the US Department of Justice?1 big thing: The public case against TrumpMike Allen, AXIOSOne thing is true of all major political scandals: […]
  • How Gov. Rick Scott Crapped In Florida's Water Future: the case of George Lindemann v. Maggy Hurchalla … by gimleteye
    We've written exhaustively about the lawsuit and its implications: that Maggy Hurchalla (nee Reno) — born and raised in what is now Kendall — finds herself on the tip of a spear used by Big Sugar and its proxies to privatize Florida's water supply.Tampa Bay Times journalist Craig Pittman adds to the record of a […]
  • America Dream Mall: A Totally Predictable Nightmare … by gimleteye
    Next week the Miami-Dade County Commission will vote on the America Dream Mall; one of the largest, if not the largest, malls in the United States, to be built in the northwest corner of Miami-Dade County. From the point of view of traffic and infrastructure burdens on taxpayers, it is a predictable nightmare.Before Gov. Rick […]
  • The Blue Wave is Coming…with a whimper. By Geniusofdespair
    SIGH!THAT'S IT? This is the favored candidate of the Democrats to send to Congress in district 27? Get excited young people…[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LCRZZC-DH7M?rel=0&controls=0&showinfo=0&start=202]
  • Condo King Jorge Perez: "Besides I'll be dead, so what does it matter?" … by gimleteye
    Politicians plan for sea level rise, by Spanish artist Isaac CordelThe New York Times repeats a quip by Miami Condo King and local billionaire Jorge Perez about climate change and sea level rise.The report concerns a contemporary home built on Miami Beach by Mr. Hani Boutros. Concrete pilings elevated his dream house ten feet high […]
  • The Republican Race For Governor, Rick Scott, and Donald Trump … by gimleteye
    The online blog — Florida Politics — has coyly tracked Big Sugar's talking points in the past. Peter Schorsch, publisher and founder of Florida Politics, wrote yesterday from an insiders' perspective of a weekend meeting in Orlando, "At confab, Adam Putnam supporters asked to raise more money, game out Trump involvement." We offer the following […]
  • They Want to Build a STEEL MILL in Hudstead With Miami Dade Mayor Gimenez's Blessings as He Had to Recuse Himself. By Geniusofdespair
    Miami Dade County's most notorious city for UP-TO-NO-GOOD, Homestead, is being slated for…wait for it…an eco-friendly steel mill. Julio Gimenez, the County Mayor's son, is helping pitch this insane area and other family members have been lobbying for it. The Trump-like family ties on this project forced Gimenez to recuse himself. They, the County and […]

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