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  • Toxic waters linked to cancer and Alzheimer's dusted by Big Sugar in Florida mid-term elections ... by Alan Farago
    On Twitter, former Reagan official Bruce Bartlett summed up the GOP response to climate change. He wrote: "There is no conceivable response to climate change that doesn't involve harm to the US economy. Therefore, we will do nothing until we all die."That is, in fact, the GOP prescription that entraps taxpayers, citizens and voters. It […]
  • Matt Caldwell: don't let the door hit you on the way out ... by Ray Judah
    Eye On Miami has written extensively on Ray Judah, a former county commissioner from Lee County who had served his community for 24 years when his 2012 reelection campaign was up-ended by a $1MM dark money hit job coordinated by a fellow Republican state legislator, Matt Caldwell.Judah had the courage -- virtually alone among Republican […]
  • Rick Scott, Adam Putnam, and Matt Caldwell: Part 2, Turbulent Waters For Florida's Toxic Trio ... by Alan Farago
    Everglades Agricultural Area, algae filled drainage ditchBefore Florida's midterm election, the media filled with news reports and visual imagery, spanning network news to the Daily Show, of rampant red tides and toxic algae coating all of Florida's coasts.After the election? A few pundits noted the impacts on political careers well-grounded in defending polluters.Big Sugar's best […]
  • Just when you thought you’d heard it all ... by gimleteye
    Get your brain into gear this morning with this long read from @ChloeFarand and myself for @DeSmogUK on how US libertarians and fossil fuel interests are infiltrating the UK's #Brexit debate and pushing for environmental deregulation https://t.co/x7THxldFF9Here's a tldr THREAD— Mat Hope (@matjhope) November 19, 2018
  • 3rd rate hacks point the 🇺🇸 toward constitutional crises
    https://www.desmogblog.com/2018/11/07/dark-money-donors-trust-trump-attorney-general-matthew-whitaker-jeff-sessionsDark Money Paid New Trump Attorney General Matthew Whitaker’s Salary for 3 YearsSubmitted by Sharon Kelly on Wed, 2018-11-07 14:58 Read time: 4 minsToday, President Donald Trump announced on Twitter that Matthew G. Whitaker, who served as chief of staff for Attorney General Jeff Sessions, would replace his boss. Sessions was forced from office a day after the midterm elections, which were rough […]
  • VOTE & watch this new film by Spencer Miller: Sweetwater
  • HUGE Election tomorrow ... VOTE~!~ ... Alan Farago
    Tomorrow, vote like your life depends on the outcome.Millennials: you stayed at home in 2016 and helped elect an illegitimate president whose victory owes to collusion with a hostile, foreign power. Russia. Tomorrow, vote.Independents: this is your chance to express how you feel about the slide to authoritarianism under Trump and a Republican Party that […]
  • Florida Voters: let's get this right on state agriculture commissioner ... Nikki Fried is the right choice ... by gimleteye
    We've written extensively about Big Sugar's candidate for state agriculture commissioner. His name is Matt Caldwell and his entire political career has been in service of Big Sugar's goals.The result is clear enough: Big Sugar, thanks to Caldwell, gets the water it wants, when it wants, and shifts the burden to taxpayers for the immense […]
  • "Red Tide" Rick Scott needs a demotion not a promotion ... by Alan Farago
    Photo courtesy of John MoranIn a world blasted by twitter storms, one fears it is difficult to hold any voter's attention for longer than 140 characters. But the Nov 6th election is critical and so attention is deserved especially in Florida, where "Red Tide Rick" Scott is trying to unseat incumbent Bill Nelson.For eight years […]
  • The Stop Harmful Discharges Act would help immensely ... guest blog
    The Stop Harmful Discharges Act would help immensely | Guest columnPeter Girard Published 10:14 a.m. ET Nov. 1, 2018 | Updated 10:15 a.m. ET Nov. 1, 2018Peter GirardWould we get less toxic algae if protecting people’s health were required by law?Of course we would. The real question is, Why isn’t our health already a priority […]
  • Comedy Central takes on Big Sugar, sort of ... by gimleteye
    One interesting piece of news from this election cycle in Florida: Big Sugar’s campaign contributions  turned toxic. Except in the big money laundering scheme called political action committees. Here is an interesting squiggle in state Democratic politics. Matt Dixon, for Politico, writes about Lauren Book — the attractive young daughter of the state’s top lobbyist, […]
  • Untitled
    For Immediate Release                                           Contact:  Frank JackaloneOctober 30, 2018                                                        […]
  • VOTERS: Boycott the GOP ... by Alan Farago
    As the most important election in our lifetimes approach, it is worth another look: the March issue of Atlantic Magazine, in which Jonathan Rauch and Benjamin Wittes published, “Boycott the Republican Party: If conservatives want to save the GOP from itself, they need to vote mindlessly and mechanically against its nominees.”https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2018/03/boycott-the-gop/550907/(1) The GOP has become […]
  • @brianklaas on the state of the nation and upcoming elections
    Please read the following twitter thread by @brianklaas. He affirms reasons I will vote against Trump Republicans. For the first time in our nation's history, a cult leader occupies the White House. As all cults do, the Trump cult exploits nativist fears and demonization of minorities. Including Jews. In just a few days , you […]
  • Why, as a Jew, I'm voting against Donald Trump Republicans ... by Alan Farago
    Auschwitz-Birkenau: the shoes of murdered JewsI am just returning from a visit to the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp in Poland where my paternal grandparents were murdered by Nazis in 1944. It was my first trip and overdue. The debts I owe my grandparents and father, who survived slave labor and immigrated to the United States in […]
  • In the most consequential election in our lifetimes, voting against Trump Republicans is the only path ... by gimleteye
    The Miami-Dade Republican Party’s County Chairman led an angry mob of partisans, alongside the local leader of national hate group the Proud Boys, in an attack on a Democratic campaign office this week. Miami GOP Chairman Nelson Diaz planned the event (image below) and local Congressman Carlos Curbelo publicized the protest heavily, before and after. […]
  • Untitled
    Michael E. Mann: "I think we can say that the storm is stronger, wetter and more impactful from a coastal flooding standpoint than it would have been BECAUSE of human-caused warming,” Pennsylvania State University climate scientist Michael Mann wrote in an email. “And we don’t need an attribution study to tell us that in my […]
  • When it comes to Florida politics, Big Sugar is an equal opportunity polluter ... by gimleteye
    In politics, Big Sugar is an equal opportunity polluter: it casts its net wide irrespective of party affiliation.In this election cycle, Big Sugar put up its "Toxic Trio" on the Republican side. Gov. Rick Scott, slated to advance from the governor's mansion where he proved his worth, to the US Senate. Scott was the friendliest […]
  • There is a very good reason to be outraged at the shadow cast by Putin over the Trump White House ... by gimleteye
    Because the Cold War. Because the long history of persecution of minorities in Russia. Because Stalin.It may be the case that the baby boom generation is defined by the influence of the Cold War. For me, a child of a Holocaust survivor, the Cold War and World War II reverberated through my childhood. That is […]
  • NY Review of Books: "The Suffocation of Democracy" ...
    In a week, I'm going to retrace family geography in East Europe for the first time, including Auschwitz where my paternal grandparents were murdered. This article in the NY Review of Books by Christopher R. Browning is deeply resonant in the context of our current politics:"As a historian specializing in the Holocaust, Nazi Germany, and […]
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