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  • What went wrong at the Women’s March in Las Vegas. By Geniusofdespair
    Pink Hat Discontent Syndrome in Las VegasVegas Show Girl at RallyI spent a lot of money to plan a trip to Las Vegas for the 2018 National Women’s March.It was poorly planned and executed. I will never attend another march planned by this group. The speakers mostly sucked. They had us sitting in an open […]
  • Big Sugar recycles at Baptist Hospital: a facet of the campaign to persuade you that sugar is actually healthful … by gimleteye
    I couldn't believe my eyes when I read the Big Sugar disinformation on the Baptist Hospital public portal / website recently. Whether Natacha Borrajo knew or not that her work was following the Big Sugar talking points — slickly alternating between half truths — , Baptist Hospital should know better than disseminating inaccurate information …https://baptisthealth.net/baptist-health-news/sugar-myths/?cat=nutrition"… […]
  • See what Big Sugar really looks like … by gimleteye
    Sugar silo 2013, Zineb SediraTake a look. Look at the photos. As seasons cycle, this is what the Big Sugar outcome looks like.Take a good look: your Everglades, your waterfronts, fishing and swimming, your waterways, your tourism-based jobs, your county and your state are all sacrifice zones to giant piles of sugar like this.What is […]
  • Trump and Scott: climate change deniers … by gimleteye
    Can’t argue with science. That’s why the Trump WH and administration of Gov. Rick Scott refuse to acknowledge the reality of global warming. It’s your choice whether to keep electing politicians who will deny this national security threat, this threat to your jobs and your families, until it is too late to do anything. Your […]
  • Bullsugar sets the record straight: Gov. Rick Scott OWNS this multi-billion dollar water mismanagement betrayal … by gimleteye
    NOTE: Bullsugar is the activist group that has been arguing, with its allies, for completion of the promise made by Senate President Joe Negron in the last session of the legislature: to fix "once and for all" the water infrastructure spewing toxic water on coastal communities and businesses and destroying the Everglades and Florida Bay, […]
  • We will never get rid of Teflon Don. By Geniusofdespair
    All the Democrat hand-wringing will never change our being stuck with Donald Trump "Teflon Don".  No matter that Trump Supporters don't acknowledge that Obama's hands were tied by an obstructionist Congress, that vowed to NOT support anything he put forward.Trump supporters will back this president no matter what and they don't give a lick what […]
  • Everglades Coalition rejects District plans for massive $1.5 billion lemon reservoir … by gimleteye
    OK. Here's a novel story. Gov. Rick Scott believes he can polish his "environmental" credentials for an undeclared Senate run through a piece of legislation committing the state to build the biggest free-standing, man-made reservoir in US history. The legislation passed last year, but it contained a number of poison pills for the environment. The […]
  • Braynon and Flores love fest hurt the party. By Geniusofdespair
    So many of you are arguing “It  was an affair of consenting adults.” That is not all it was. Don’t believe me? You surely didn’t in my post last week. Maybe this will convince you.Try the Tampa Bay Times: Why the Anitere Flores and Oscar Braynon affair matters to Florida voters
  • Why Senators Oscar Braynon and Anitere Flores Cannot be Forgiven for Fornicating. By Geniusofdespair
    Anitere Flores Wears The Scarlet Letter! Oscar Braynon didn't just Screw her, he screwed two other  loyal Democrats.There was an election.Anitere Flores was in a vulnerable seat redrawn as Democrat in 2015. It is rumored that Oscar Braynon bent over backwards to help her. Most dedicated Dems told me that he ran the party as […]
  • Save the Country! Will you March this Weekend? By Geniusofdespair
     Gonna lay the devil down, gonna lay that devil down.I got fury in my soul, fury's gonna take me to the glory goal…Laura Nyro Save the Country  1969 — why are we saving the country from "Make America Great" 45 years after this song was sung? Because we have to. Don your pink hat and get […]
  • The Martin Luther King Parade 2018 In Miami. By Geniusofdespair
    I expected some disrespect for Trump at the the Parade but there really wasn't any. A few vague references but that was it. There was a Dump Trump sign held by 3 white guys.We have always been lucky to have a great Public Defender. Carlos J. Martinez I have the greatest respect for.Majorettes in Staging […]
  • What is your best move for national politics. By Geniusofdespair
    https://debbiemucarselpowell.com/You have power here in South Florida. As long as parties are voting in blocks — you MUST get more Democrats in Congress. We have two opportunities in Districts 26 and 27 in this year’s election. This is huge voters!You must choose a candidate you like from each district and send your favorite MONEY even […]
  • Axioms AM: Situational awareness, or, Floridians do your job and vote!
    Trump's day of reckoning … The one thing that could dramatically diminish President Trump’s chances of avoiding impeachment and chalking up legislative wins is Democrats winning the House. And, thanks to series of recent developments, Trump knows this no longer just seems plausible, but probable. Hill sources tell us that a House Democratic takeover is now likely.One strategist close to Republican leaders believes […]
  • Atonement … by gimleteye
    A young Cuban driving Uber gave me a lift this morning. He's been in Miami for a year and was happy to practice his English. He lives in Hialeah, drives at night and works days in a warehouse. He works two jobs so his wife can attend college, where she will graduate with a business […]
  • Which Shithole Country Are You From?
    For the answer, ask your GOP Congressional delegation.
  • I Don't Blame Nitwit Trump, I Blame the Cowards in the Republican Party That Won't Leash Him. By Geniusofdespair
    All the coward Republicans in the room when Trump made his statement yesterday came out with their penises tucked between their legs and apparently left their balls in the room.You guys all suck and the worst: Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart. Yes, he lost his balls long ago I know, and he is so dumb it is […]
  • What Senate President Joe Negron Should Do About The Lemon Reservoir Plan … by gimleteye
    It will cost $2 billion. It won't clean water for the Everglades and it won't protect the upstream estuaries. All the plan for a massive new reservoir will do is cement the prerogatives of the state's powerful cartel, Big Sugar. The reservoir plan was the most important piece of work that emerged from the Florida […]
  • Florida Lemon Law Should Apply To Claimed Benefits Of $2 Billion Everglades Reservoir … by gimleteye
    On March 17, 2017 the Tampa Bay Times asked the question, "If the EPA goes away, is the state up to the job of protecting Florida's environment?" The appropriate context, a year later, is to understand yesterday's celebrated announcement by the South Florida Water Management District to the state legislature and governor of plans to […]
  • Can't Trust and Can't Verify: State Environmental Agencies Altering Facts … by Alan Farago
    In the winter of 2015/2016 massive algae blooms spilling from Lake Okeechobee filled Florida waterways.  The toxic stew caused the Florida legislature to act, investing billions, but it may do so on the basis of bad science.In Stuart last week, at a town hall meeting sponsored by the Treasure Coast Palm, Florida Senate President Joe […]
  • Mayor Carlos Gimenez: Jeff Sessions' Lapdog. By Geniusofdespair
    Mayor Carlos Gimenez Smiles in Miami, Standing Next to Visiting SessionsDeclining to designate Miami as a sanctuary city, unlike other cities, Mayor Gimenez was rewarded with–wait for it–a visit from Jeff Sessions. And that is about it. In 2016 the Miami Herald wrote:With President-elect Donald Trump promising to crack down on “sanctuary cities” that aren’t […]

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