Catherine Durkin Robinson: Here are 11 concrete actions you can take to curb gun violence

“Not one more.”
“Enough is enough.”
“When will we do something about these mass shootings?”
These are routine responses when someone shoots up a school, of which there have been three this month alone. In addition, let’s not forget about accidental shootings in the home, domestic abusers killing girlfriends or wives, countless suicides and murders that never would have happened if a gun hadn’t been so easily accessible.
These horrific events reduce a resilient people to a mass of hand-wringing, sighing nincompoops who prefer to keep victims in “our thoughts and prayers” rather than solve the problem and reduce the number of future tragedies.
We moan and cry, then watch an adorable kitten play with a fuzzy string, and forget about it.
Until next time.
Does it have to happen to someone we love before we get off our asses and act?
I’ve scoured news stories and countless journalists, websites and magazines are definitely part of the problem. Few mention solutions and almost all the stories are sensational. At best they simply point a finger at the NRA or presidential candidates who promise that gun control laws won’t make a bit of difference. At worst, they treat the shooters like rock stars, publishing pictures, writing about their manifestos, always so helpful with a link back to the original source. They should be charged as co-conspirators along with those who committed the crime.
Lawmakers are more frightened of gun owners than the dangerous lifestyle they promote. Those of us who support common-sense gun laws don’t vote this issue like the other side. If you were a politician, who would you listen to?
Put down the Doritos and turn off the television for five minutes, here’s what you can do to stop this from happening again.

Demand that newspapers and news stations stop airing the names of the shooters, their viewpoints, their reasoning,

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