Florida Democrat Party mailers for Stephanie Murphy irk John Mica

The Florida Democratic Party is snowing mailers into Florida’s 7th Congressional District supporting challenger Stephanie Murphy and attacking Republican incumbent U.S. Rep. John Mica, who slammed the campaign Tuesday as “distortions.”
In the past week or so, four FDP mailers have gone out, including two that attacked Mica for a deal involving an old federal post office in Washington, a building which Mica got spun off, and then Donald Trump leased and turned into his newest luxury hotel, opening last month. The mailers make Mica look like Trump’s benefactor, biggest supporter, and best friend. Another mailer ties Mica to the gun lobby. A fourth is strictly positive, a biographical communication about Murphy with a title sounding like a best-selling novel, “The girl rescued at sea.”
Those mailers have joined a $4 million TV commercial barrage in Orlando by two national Democratic groups, which began a couple of weeks ago and is scheduled to air through Election Day, Nov. 8. They have Mica, a 12-term congressman who’s never experienced a serious challenge, all but exasperated, particularly because the attack money is flowing through Washington D.C. and Tallahassee, not through Murphy’s official campaign.
“Right now I’m getting hit by a political storm of negative advertising,” Mica said.
The Florida Democratic Party did not respond to requests to talk about the mail campaign. The party’s investment in Murphy’s drive to win election, or to oppose Mica, has not yet been publicly disclosed.
Democrats have openly targeted CD 7 as one they believe they can win, and Murphy’s campaign has not only been supported by money but by a parade of national party officials coming to Central Florida to campaign with her. On Monday she was given the honor of introducing Vice President Joe Biden at an Orlando speech supporting the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton.
The 2015 redistricting made the

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