LAPD Chief Charlie Beck Sued for Retaliating Against Reporter who Exposed Embarrassing Arrangement Involving Daughter and her Horse

Los Angeles police arrested journalist Jasmyne Cannick while covering a protest against police brutality the night before Thanksgiving 2014, twisting the truth to accuse her of leading a throng of protesters across an imaginary police “skirmish line,” then claiming in their reports that she became so aggressive, they had to push her back.
But the charges were dropped a year later when police and prosecutors were unable to find evidence to back their claims, even though she  had been among 150 protesters – many with cameras whose footage ended up as evidence  –  who were detained after police boxed them in from all sides.
One video shows her willfully walking with police as they lead her away on three charges of resisting arrest.
It was the first and only arrest in Cannick’s life, a 39-year-old native Angeleno who has spent more than a decade in the Southern California public eye, either as a journalist, radio personality, political consultant or press secretary.
Jasmyne Cannick
Now Cannick is suing the department, claiming she was arrested in retaliation for a series of articles she wrote that were critical of the Los Angeles Police Department on her blog, especially of LAPD Chief Charlie Beck, who has proven to be very thin-skinned against her criticism.
And especially in regards to his daughter, an LAPD mounted police officer whose naked photos are probably still floating around the department.
The lawsuit filed earlier this month states that Beck – who has known Cannick for years – made eye contact with her the night of her arrest on November 26, 2014, but refused to acknowledge her, allowing her to be transported to jail.
Beck meanwhile allowed the release of all the other journalists that had been swept up in a mass detainment during the third day of protests against the Missouri grand jury decision not to indict Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson

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