WATCH: Dallas Jail Employee Yanks Off Belt, Threatening to Whip Man for Recording Her in Public

A Dallas jailhouse employee threatened to confiscate a teen’s phone, pulling off her belt and threatening to whip the 19-year-old citizen journalist for recording her in public.
Patrick Roth, who operates the YouTube channel, Dallas Community Watch Copblock, was forced to run down a walkway where another corrections officer grabs him, threatening him with arrest.
PINAC investigator Felipe Hemming identified the belt-wielding employee as Jazmine Joseph, a clerk in the Dallas County Sheriff Bond Section of the Lew Sterrett Justice Center, but only after Captain Lolly of internal affairs claimed he could not identify the woman.
The beginning of Roth’s video mundanely shows jailers exiting the building after their shift, acting professionally, most of them not minding the young man standing nearby recording.
One even smiles as he walks by.
Then along comes Jazimine Joseph.
A few minutes in to the video, Joseph begins saying, “He taking picture of y’all.”
A  nearby corrections officer asks, “why is he taking pictures?”
“I don’t know,” the woman replies, shortly before she becomes belligerent and aggressive over the young man with a camera.
Even though Joseph obviously knows she’s being recorded, she reaches to whip off her belt and tells the young man she’s going to whoop him.
“I’m gonna take that phone in a minute. You got me recorded. I’m gonna take that ho.”
A few seconds later, Joseph yanks her belt from her pant and charges towards Roth, threatening him.
“I’m fixing to whoop his ass with a belt! I”m fixing to tear your little ass up!”
Roth runs out of reach of the woman as she continues boasting to officers, “I’ll whoop his ass!”
The audio is unclear, but it sounds like Joseph screams, “get him, John!”
“You’re going to lose your job,” Roth calmly tells Joseph.
“My name James. What are you talking about? Come back up here,” Joseph belligerently belts to the young man.
“You’re going to lose

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