New Mexico Couple Awarded $1.6 Million in Police Abuse Case

The New Mexico cops did not appreciate Jillian Beck walking away from them after they responded to a neighborhood dispute, prompting an officer to grab her arm, twist it behind her back and slam her to the ground, leaving her with a fractured arm as he planted his knee on her back.
When the woman lifted her head to console her four-year-old son who began crying, the Las Cruces police officer slammed her face on a bed of rocks, leaving her with a broken nose and a bruised and bloodied face.
When her husband became alarmed, thinking his wife was choking on her own blood, he walked up to help her, but he was also arrested.
Las Cruces police officer Isaiah Baker then turned to a female officer and bragged about his deeds, telling her that Jillian Beck “got thrown” and ended up with a “face full of rocks.”
“Cool,” the female officer responded, according to an audio clip that was heard during a civil trial last week.
After a five-day trial and three-hour deliberation, a jury awarded the couple $1.6 million.
The federal jury ruled that Las Cruces police officers Isaiah Baker and Joseph Campa used unreasonably excessive force and violated the couples Fourth Amendment right.
The incident took place in January 2013 after Jillian Beck called police to report a disturbance with neighbors around 10 p.m., according to the Las Cruces Sun-News.
Beck’s neighbors were blowing loud air horns at dogs that wouldn’t stop barking. In retaliation, Beck threw salmon and onions on her neighbor’s vehicle along with a mean note. Officers arrived on scene and warned Beck to stop. Then they left.
Angered, her neighbors then turned around and called police back to the scene around midnight proclaiming that the Becks left another threatening note at their door.
Officers Baker, Campa and Manuel Chavez responded to the scene and questioned

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