David Jolly says the state of GOP next year will determine his electoral future

Though he’s now out of public office, David Jolly has never been more ubiquitous in appearing on your television.
The former Pinellas County Representative was scheduled to make another appearance on MSNBC on Wednesday night, this time on “All In with Chris Hayes” talking about the buzzsaw that his former GOP brethren are confronting when hosting town hall meetings across the country this week.
Jolly is a rare Republican speaking out critical against many of the moves of the Trump administration, bumping up his status on many cable news producers rolodexes. However, that opposition could come at a price.
Because of his comments regarding the pressures of fundraising that he says the GOP establishment imposed upon him and other freshmen legislators, the National Republican Congressional Committee opted not to aid him in his uphill battle to retain his seat against Democrat Charlie Crist last year. If he were to challenge him again next year, he surely will need those funds to compete in a seat that Democrats will fight hard to maintain. Yet Jolly says he can’t think that calculatingly.
“We would have won if the NRCC had come in,” Jolly told this reporter on WMNF’s MidPoint program Thursday. “If there had been a half million or a million dollars, the reality is of modern electoral science is we would have won, we would have closed that three precent gap.”
Jolly lost by 3.8 percentage points to Crist, a closer race than many polls had predicted, based on the redistricting of the CD 13 seat that added the much more liberal parts of downtown and South St. Petersburg to the district. However, Jolly says he won’t fall in line and stay silent when he sees some of the actions that the new Republican president is doing in office.
“I’m not going to sell my soul simply for electoral office,” he said. “I’m

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