Texas Cops Allow Dangerous Stabbing Suspect to Escape from Hospital

Texas cops let a man who stabbed a victim 15 times last month walk out of the hospital scot-free because he was “knocked out” and  “pretty much in a coma” during the three days it took him to recover and flee on his own two feet.
Now the suspect is on the loose, presumably armed, definitely dangerous.
Beeville Police claim Gilbert Martinez got away because they were never notified he left the hospital, saying they “had no idea” if the department left any contact information behind so the hospital could notify them in the event the suspect was released.
“That I have no idea. I couldn’t answer that if you–I have no idea,” Beeville Police Lieutenant Jefferson said in a recorded telephone conversation with PINAC reporter Phillip Turner, admitting it would have been proper procedure to issue a warrant for his arrest before the suspect walked from the hospital a free man.
“Proper procedure would, uh, [have been to ] get a warrant for his arrest. If he was still conscious at the time he went to the hospital, and, he would have went to jail. Once he got released from the hospital and medically cleared, he would have went to jail that night.”
Martinez never saw a jail cell  because a warrant was never issued for his arrest until after he left the hospital.
They just figured he would not wake from the coma he was put into by the man he stabbed and his friend during the attack.
But that’s exactly what the suspect did.
He walked right out of the hospital before Beeville police bothered to develop any plans to arrest the man in case he came out of the coma they say he was in.
“The thing about is was, during the course of the attack, he was knocked completely cold out,”Jefferson explained during conversation, blaming the local jail’s protocols instead of the department for not following their

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