Andrew Gillum opens ‘people-centric’ campaign for Florida governor

Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum took on Rick Scott, Donald Trump, and the National Rifle Association during the opening speech of his campaign for governor Saturday, and promised to “bring Florida home” for the state’s working people.
“Together, we will build the kind of campaign that will move across this entire state and make this state proud — we’ll stand up for every Floridian,” Gillum said.
“That gives them hope in every family, no matter where their backgrounds are, where they come from. This campaign will win the governorship in 2018, and we’re going to put this state back on a pathway to success and opportunity for all,” he said.
“Let’s put Floridians to work at every rung of the income ladder. Let’s bring it home for Florida. Let’s invest in the clean energy that provides good-paying jobs and protects our natural resources, and makes a strong statement that Florida is about to become the capital of this country when it comes to producing solar energy that puts people to work right here.”
Gillum warned of “powerful headwinds” and interests “that own this Capitol, as they see it. And own this governor’s mansion, as they see it.
“But we’re going to run a race that is powered by people. It’s going to be your $25 dollar contributions, you’re $5, you’re $10, that’s going to make it possible for a people-centric message to break through. Because we need to tell these special interests that we run this state, not them. That there are more us … than there are of them.”
He conceded he was engaging upon an “improbable mission.”
“Improbable it may be. Possible, it completely is. We’re about to show the rest of this state what it means,” he said. “We can do this. We can do this together.”
At 37, Gillum is young to enter a governor’s race. But he

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