North Carolina Cops Exposed as Liars by Lawyer Moonlighting as Uber Driver

All Jesse Bright wanted was an apology from the North Carolina police officer who told him it was against the law to record cops in public.
But the cop refused to take his calls in the week after Bright proved him wrong.
So Bright went public with the video, where it quickly went viral, picked up by news sites throughout the world.
Now Wilmington Police Sergeant Kenneth Baker is “under investigation” for his actions caught caught on camera that day, showing he not only lied about the law, but lied about having probable cause to search Bright’s car.
It doesn’t take much of an investigation to determine that. All one has to do is view Bright’s videos posted below.
Then there is the New Hanover sheriff’s deputy who also lied to Bright, affirming what Baker said about a newly enacted law in North Carolina that turned photography into a crime.
The two law enforcement officer likely assumed that as a fresh-faced Uber driver, Bright would not know any better.
But he is also a licensed attorney working for the public defender’s office, working extra hours at Uber to pay off school loans.
So he continued recording, knowing there was no such law banning him from doing so.
He also did not consent to the cops searching himself or his vehicle, knowing they did not have probable cause.
But Baker was angry at being rebuffed, so he had another cop walk a police dog to the car where it began sniffing around, but not giving any visible indicator that there were drugs in the car.
And that was enough for Baker to search the car.
“It’s funny how he was real interested in your car,” Baker told Bright seconds after the dog showed little interest in his car.
As Baker was searching the car, finding nothing stronger than some over-the-counter melatonin pills left behind

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