WATCH: North Carolina Cop Places Gun to Unarmed Man’s Head, Threatening to Kill Him

“Is your shit on? Cut it off,” said a North Carolina cop after he and several other cops roughed up a man.
Body cam footage released this week shows Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officers punching and elbowing James Yarborough during an arrest while Yarborough was on the ground.
One of the officers then puts a gun to Yarborough’s head and says, “I will kill you.”
Thankfully, that officer did not make good on his promise, but he later noted in his report that he feared for his life because Yarborough was reaching for his waist.
Although the incident occurred in March 2016, the internal affairs department just cleared the case finding that all officers involved acted appropriately.
According to WBTV, police made a traffic stop on a truck Yarborough was the passenger in because the truck was involved in several larcenies. Yarborough casually exited the truck and then took off from police on foot.
The driver of the truck had a pistol laying in the truck, Yarborough being a convicted felon didn’t want to be hit with gun charges, so that is why he ran, he told WBTV News.
After a brief foot chase, an officer tackles Yarborough and a struggle ensues. That is when Officer Jon Dunham puts a gun to Yarborough’s head and says, “I will kill you, you understand? Give me your hand, now!” Yarborough continued to resist the four officers that were on top of him.
After an officer tasers Yarborough, he appears to be a bit more compliant, but the officers involved begin to hit and elbow him repeatedly until they get him handcuffed.
This is how Dunham described the incident in his report:
“At this point I observed him shove his hand towards his waistband. He was completely uncooperative,  I believed he was reaching for a gun in an attempt to seriously hurt me or Officer Michaels; knowing that suspects are known

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