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Thursday, July 23rd, 2015

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  • Create Great Street Photographs in SE Asia
    Everyone loves to see what it’s like in other parts of the world. Because travelers love Street Photography (SP), I want to share a few ideas for those that want to share their trip with their friends, or to improve their photography. No matter what your goal is in photography, Composition, Design and Lighting are always part […]
  • Why You Will Become Vietnamese Coffee Lover
    Another reason it's so popular is because their coffee is perfect for mixing, and this is also why people who do not normal like coffee end up liking Vietnamese coffee. A more moderate coffee depends on how it's served. Everyone who likes coffee in Vietnam has their favorite ways of drinking it, which is why […]
  • Yellowstone Volcano Activity Going to Blow
    Yellowstone Volcano Activity Are We In Danger of Blowing Up at YNP The original article below is still valid according to reports from Dr. Smith in 2016. The article’s information below was gathered when I personally listened to Dr. Robert Smith in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. TL Yellowstone Volcano Activity is always a hot topic when […]
  • Singapore Attractions Aquarium
    Singapore Attractions Aquarium Both Arm Chair Travelers and people planning a trip to Singapore can preview the Singapore Aquarium in these photographs and short videos. Color abounds as the fish swirl around in their tanks. Fun at Singapore: SEA Aquarium Pictorial Gallery of Fish and Fun A Trip to Singapore means enjoying great food experiences, visiting fun attractions and enjoying the […]
  • Places to Eat in Bangkok – Escapade Burger
    The way the patty is made is just as important as the meat. Escapade uses high quality hamburger meat and they make the patty by hand. The hamburger meat is a special kind of meat from Japan called Wagyu meat. This is very expensive marbled meat. The post Places to Eat in Bangkok – Escapade […]
  • King’s Palace Thailand
    Photo Gallery of the Royal Grand Palace King’s Palace Thailand The Grand Palace in Bangkok was used as the residence of the King of Thailand until 1925. Since then its only used for special occasions and for tourists. King’s Palace Thailand is very large, has a combined area of 2,351,000 sq ft, and is surrounded by […]
  • Best Burger in Bangkok – CowFly Burger
    Their gourmet burger is the best burger in Bangkok currently in this reviewer's opinion. It's not only reasonably priced but offers a true gourmet burger with the ingredients that adds to the taste of the meat, not covers it up. The post Best Burger in Bangkok – CowFly Burger appeared first on Travel Food Health.
  • Ways to Change Your Life
    Ways to Change Your Life Discovering Healthy Foods and Changing Our Way of Thinking There are may ways to change your life but being passive will not help. Action is needed! “Life has its ups and downs and after traveling and learning about other cultures, reading, soul-searching and striving for a healthy balance in my life, I […]
  • Best Restaurants Siem Reap: Little Italy
    Little-Italy-Siem-Reap Restaurant Review Best Restaurants Siem Reap: Little-Italy Little Italy Siem Reap is one of the Best Restaurants in the Angkor Wat town of Siem Reap. In this part of South East Asia it’s all about the Ancient Ruins of the Temples of Angkor, everything else comes in second. After exploring, you’re going to be hungry, and […]
  • Wyoming Wildlife Moose on the Loose
    Wyoming Wildlife Moose on the Loose I was lucky to observe this event in early October 2014, close to the southern Wyoming border on my way to San Francisco California. Wyoming Wildlife is plentiful inside the parks, but when outside the park’s borders, it was unexpected to find moose and to observe the animals behavior as I was lucky enough to […]

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