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Drunk Kansas Police Chief Arrested For Pointing Gun in Man’s Face

Friday, January 26th, 2018

It is unusual for a police chief to get arrested and tased, because they are the head of the department.
But the police chief of the Drexel Police Department in Missouri got drunk, started an argument with a man, pointed a gun in the man’s face, and then was arrested for it; not to mention the police chief was tasered in the process. Drexel is about an hour south of Kansas City.
KMBC reports that Police Chief Jonathan R.G. Carpenter, 39, was arrested early Wednesday morning and booked into the Cass County jail. Carpenter was off duty at the time of his arrest.
Cass County deputies were called to a convenience store to meet with the victim. The call was for a domestic disturbance.
The 911 caller stated that a man had pointed a gun at another man. Upon deputies’ arrival the male victim said that Carpenter started a verbal argument with him, pulled out a gun and pointed it at his face. Additionally the victim stated Carpenter was intoxicated when the argument occurred.
The victim is the son of Carpenter’s longtime girlfriend.
Deputies then arrived at the home of Carpenter on East Hickory Street in Drexel at 3 a.m. As deputies moved in to make the arrest, Carpenter began to resist so much that a deputy had to shoot Carpenter with a Tazer.
Deputies were finally able to arrest Carpenter on scene and charged him with unlawful use of a weapon while intoxicated and resisting or interfering with arrest. Carpenter is being held in jail on a $7,500 bond.
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WATCH: Missouri Police Detective Confronts Man Filming Police Station

Friday, July 14th, 2017

Contributed By: Derrick Marshall
Originally Published as
Springfield Police Department Detective Confronts Man Filming Police Station
In March of 2017 Citizens For Justice cameraman Matt Akins and I were confronted by Springfield Missouri Police Department Detective Matt Farmer while filming the SPD Headquarters. Akins had been following me as I investigated the public broadcast of private information by Springfield police officers. The investigation, which uncovered evidence that Social Security numbers were being read to the 911 call center over an unsecured dispatch channel available to anyone with a smart phone, led us to the Springfield Police Department General Headquarters.


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DPPA Complaint Ammended (PDF)
DPPA Complaint Ammended (Text)


As Akins was filming two officers walk across a parking lot, I noticed a white truck that had been leaving the department suddenly reverse course and stop. A man in plain clothes promptly exited the truck and advanced towards the position we held. The plain clothed man forced a truck that was attempting to pull into the department parking area to a stop, before crossing the driveway and approaching the vehicle we were seated in.

The man never identified himself as an officer but demanded to know why we were taking pictures. Akins responded by asking if they were being detained. The unidentified man responded that they weren’t but that he wanted to know why they were taking pictures. Akins asked if it was illegal or if we had a first amendment right to film. The unidentified man then walked to the rear of the vehicle and began writing down the license plate of my vehicle.

Akins proceeded to ask the man for identification 4 times before the man identified himself solely by a badge number. It was later determined that the man in question was SPD Detective Matthew Farmer.

I eventually filed a complaint with

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Greene County Sheriffs Make ID Theft Easy

Sunday, June 25th, 2017

Contributed By: Derrick Marshall
Originally Published as
Investigator Files Complaint Against Greene County Sheriff’s Department (Raw Footage)

[youtube] Raw footage of my attorney Stephen Wyse and myself delivering a complaint to the Greene County Sheriff’s Department in Springfield, MO. The complaint was to notify the department they were violating the Driver’s Privacy Protection Act by broadcasting social security numbers over a public dispatch channel.

Following my discovery that Springfield, Missouri law enforcement agencies were broadcasting social security numbers over public dispatch channels in violation of the federal Drivers Privacy Protection Act, I launched an investigation into the practice. In less than 2 weeks I had recorded 10 instances of the Greene County Sheriff’s Department, Springfield Police Department, and the Springfield-Greene County 911 Emergency Communications Center using unsecured dispatch channels to communicate social security numbers, dates of birth, names, and other personally identifiable information between agencies.

Read My Initial Blog Post Here

In response to what I believe is extremely negligent behavior that easily provides an identity thief with all the information they need to take over someone’s life, I contacted Civil Rights Attorney Stephen Wyse to help me draft and deliver complaints to the offending agencies. After uncovering 2 Missouri state laws that fit along the same lines as the Drivers Privacy Protection Act, my attorney and I set out with a stack of complaints, each coupled with a USB drive containing the recorded violations, and a Citizens For Justice cameraman in tow.

Click Here to Read Complaint

Upon reaching the Greene County Justice Center we were informed that we could drop the complaint off and it would be forwarded to the Sheriff Jim Arnott. We agreed and left the building. As we were preparing to deliver a copy of the complaint to their next location, Captain Jeremy Lynn of the Greene County Sheriff’s Department’s Criminal Investigations Division emerged

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First Amendment Under Attack in Federal Court

Thursday, June 22nd, 2017

Originally Posted 15 June 2017


First Amendment Under Attack in Federal Court

The First Amendment is under attack by the government in federal court. Matt Akins of Citizens For Justice filed a lawsuit against the Columbia Missouri Police Department claiming retaliation for filming police officers and reporting on their activities. Judge Nanette Laughrey of the U.S. Court for the Western District of Missouri granted summary judgment to the City of Columbia and police officers named in Akins’ suit, ruling “Neither the public nor the media has a First Amendment right to videotape, photograph, or make audio recordings of government proceedings that are by law open to the public.” The judge’s ruling came in response to a long line of incidents involving alleged false arrests, wrongful seizures, a CPD Wanted Poster for Akins depicting Akins as an armed criminal, using one of the false arrests that were sealed by law and deprivations of Akins’ property and police threats to retaliate against his employers.
Oral arguments were made on June 8, 2017, hearing in federal appellate court in St. Louis, Missouri. Arguments centered on two First Amendment issues involving Akins and his “Media Militia.” In the summer of 2011, Akins attempted to film an activist filing a misconduct complaint against a Columbia Police Officer in the department’s public lobby. In response, a uniformed member of the Columbia Police Department ordered Akins to cease filming. The second issue revolved around Citizens For Justice videos Akins posted on the department’s Facebook page depicting officers in a negative light which were later deleted by the department during a debate about the Citizens Police Review Board’s oversight authority.
A panel of the 8th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals Judges (Melloy, Loken, and Murphy) seemed skeptical of the rights established by the First Amendment during questioning at oral arguments on June 08,

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Missouri Sheriff Arrested on 18 Counts After Handcuffing 77-Year-Old Woman Causing Heart Attack

Monday, April 10th, 2017

A Missouri sheriff is back on the job despite being arrested last Wednesday on 18 counts after he handcuffed an elderly woman with so much force she suffered a heart attack.
But almost causing the woman’s death wasn’t enough for Mississippi County Sheriff Cory Hutcheson.
After 77-year-old Bonnie Woods was taken to the hospital, where it was determined she suffered a heart attack, Sheriff Hutcheson filed a sworn affidavit with the county prosecutor seeking kidnapping assault charges against Woods, but multiple witnesses said that never took place.
Now Hutcheson, 34, is facing up to 34 years for the assault and false report as well as several additional charges from an unrelated matter dating back to 2014 when he was a deputy.
Mississippi County Shriff Cory Hutcheson is facing up 34 years in prison.
The recent charges stem from an incident on March 24 when Hutcheson went to pick up a pay check for his sister-in-law, Kasey Hall, at Joyce’s Beauty Shop in Mississippi County.
Woods, who works at the salon, refused to hand over the paycheck to Hutcheson until the sheriff’s sister-in-law returned the property she allegedly stole from the shop, according to the owner.
That was when Hutcheson illegally threatened her with arrest; handcuffing her and yanking her arm, leaving her arm with bruises and broken skin, which caused her to bleed.
After grabbing the check, Hutcheson removed the handcuffs and walked out, depositing the $428 check into his sister-in-law’s account at a bank down the street.
Later that day, after Woods was taken to the hospital with chest pains, Hutcheson filed a false report saying the 77-year-old Woods kidnapped his sister-in-law and assaulted her.
He was arrested on April 5 by the FBI and the Missouri Highway Patrol, spending a short time in jail before he was released on a $75,000 bond, returning to his position as sheriff, which he has

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WATCH: Missouri Deputy Cites Former Cop with “Eluding” for Driving Half-Block to Safe Spot to Pull Over

Friday, March 31st, 2017

A Missouri sheriff’s deputy was upset that the woman he pulled over did not come to a complete stop within a millisecond of him turning on his lights.
Instead, the woman – a retired cop – drove less than a block and made a right onto a side street where she then pulled over. She even stuck her hand out of window to motion she was going to pull over.
And once she pulled over, she informed him she had a gun in her purse to keep him from fearing for his life. She also informed him that she had drove a half-block for his safety.
But Jackson County sheriff’s deputy Terry Edwards ended up writing her a ticket for eluding an officer, accusing her of having “an attitude.”
And the courts backed her up on it.
The deputy even had a video removed from YouTube that she recorded highlighting the traffic stop. She reposted the video today with the following explanation and description of her video.
We have uploaded the video to our site and we recommend you do as well because he will not be able to remove all the videos. Her video can be seen here.
This video is from being pulled over by Jackson County Missouri Deputy. The reason he pulled me over was for a lose strap on my trailer that wasn’t even touching the ground. He admitted in court that this was a COURTESY stop, yet somehow I ended up charged AND convicted of Eluding for this. That’s right, ELUDING. This is what our tax payers dollars are funding. Not only did this unprofessional jerk write this ticket to begin with, the court system backed him on it. Just so you know, this Deputy attempted to pull me over on a curve in the road, and after topping a hill, on

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WATCH: Missouri Cops Try to Control Chaotic Melee

Monday, March 20th, 2017

A chaotic video showing Missouri police trying to control a melee that broke out in a gas station early Sunday morning shows one cop shoving a woman from behind after she had placed her hands in the air under orders from another officer.
Questions from local media about that incident prompted the Columbia Police Department to release their own body cam footage of the shoving incident along with a press release explaining they had to shove her in the name of safety.
Specifically, they accuse the woman of trying to block officers from arresting a man who had just fired a gun at another man.
But their own video shows the woman was telling the man to get down on the ground, even using one of her hands to guide him down.
Both videos, the one from a citizen, the other from the body cam, are posted below to allow you to judge for yourself.
However, Columbia police only released a minute-long portion showing the shoving incident, but not of the shooting that had taken place seconds earlier.
Police say one man, Spencer Ervin, fired his gun at another man moments before the shoving incident. They also say the shooting victim disappeared from the scene, so they are not even sure how seriously he was shot, if he was, indeed, shot.
Here is how Columbia police explained it on their Facebook page:
Yesterday evening, the Columbia Police Department issued a press release regarding a large disturbance that occurred early Sunday (3/19/17) morning at 1704 N. Providence Road, I-70 Eagle Stop. Four people were arrested following the incident, with the potential for more arrests pending.
It has come to our attention that a bystander from the incident has released cell phone video to local media outlet(s) portraying a woman being pushed by a Columbia Police officer during the incident. Additionally

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Newly Released Surveillance Video Challenges Police Narrative in Michael Brown Shooting Death

Monday, March 13th, 2017

Stranger Fruit, a damning documentary recounting the events that led to protests and rioting in Ferguson in 2014 over the shooting death of Michael Brown, spurred more protests in the Missouri city Sunday after unseen surveillance footage in the film reveals Brown had entered a convenience store the night before he was killed and made some kind of exchange with the clerks.
The filmmakers suggest that Brown exchanged a small bag of marijuana for two boxes of cigarillos.
But police have long maintained that Brown stole the boxes of cigarillos the morning he was killed, basing their allegations on a surveillance video of Brown walking out the store with the bag of cigarillos, then pushing the store owner away as he walked out.
The newly-released video shows Brown walk away from the counter with the bag of cigarillos ten hours earlier after making the exchange,, then walking back to the counter and handing the bag back to the clerk, who then placed it behind the counter.
Filmmaker Jason Pollock suggest Brown had returned to the store the following morning to retrieve the tobacco products after handing the bag back to the clerk for safekeeping the night before.
The film made its debut Saturday night at the SXSW film festival in Austin. The premiere was attended by Brown’s mother, Lezley McSpadden.
Although the newly surfaced footage disputes the original police narrative that Brown had strong-armed the cigarillos, which is what led to Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson confronting him on the street before shooting him to death, it was suppressed by St. Louis County police as evidence presented before the grand jury that decided Wilson was justified in shooting Brown.
The clip suggests, instead of barging in to commit strong-armed robbery later that day, he’d actually came back to retrieve the box of cigars the clerks had obviously given him in

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FBI Threatened Broke Stoner at Knifepoint to Buy Bomb Supplies, Leading to Trump’s First Terror Arrest

Thursday, February 23rd, 2017

The Donald Trump administration’s Department of Justice boasted about its first FBI terror arrest on Tuesday.
After an elaborate undercover sting operation, the FBI arrested 25-year-old Robert Lorenzo Hester of Columbia, Missouri even though the only ties he had to terrorism were the two undercover FBI agents, posing as ISIS terrorists, who paid him to buy terrorism supplies from a hardware store that they convinced him were for a bomb.
The agents came in contact with Hester after becoming alarmed over his comments on Facebook posted under a pseudonym.

During the sting operation, one of the undercover agents pulled a knife on Hester, threatening harm to his family if he reneged on participating in the attacks, according to The Intercept.
Hester didn’t have the $20 he would have needed to buy 9-volt batteries, duct tape and roofing nails to make shrapnel for the bomb his new FBI pals wanted him to buy pieces for.
According to the criminal complain included below, undercover FBI agents gave him the money after they “confirmed that Hester could not get the money.”

Then, after using the money to buy roofing nails, batteries and batteries, an agent came to Hester’s home to collect the needed items, except for copper wire, which Hester was claimed he was unable to find.
The agent opened the trunk, showing him several dummy assault rifles and fake bombs, which were presented to look real.
One agent, who befriended Hester through social media, stated he was planning to carry out a violent terrorist attack for the Islamic State on President’s Day targeting trains, buses and a Kansas City train station, asking Hester if he would take part.
“I’m down,” Hester replied, according to the criminal complaint against him.
For several weeks, Hester kept in contact with the agents saying in messages he was “happy to be a part” of the upcoming attack.
After he

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House lobbying ban extension cleared for floor

Tuesday, February 21st, 2017

A measure to increase the ban from two years to six years on former lawmakers and statewide elected officers lobbying their colleagues after leaving office is now cleared to be considered by the full House of Representatives.
The House Rules and Policy Committee OK’d the measure (HJR 7001) unanimously on Tuesday. As its second and final review panel, it’s now available to be discussed on the House floor when the 2017 Legislative Session begins March 7.
Extending the lobbying ban is a plank of GOP House Speaker Richard Corcoran‘s program to create a “culture of transparency” in state government.
The proposal, which requires a constitutional amendment, addresses “the perception, if not the reality, of the ‘revolving door,’ ” said state Rep. Larry Metz, the Yalaha Republican who is sponsoring the bill.
“The public is entitled to have the perception corrected, at a minimum,” he added. Metz chairs the Public Integrity and Ethics Committee.
The six-year ban, which would be the lengthiest in the country, already has raised some constitutional concerns over free speech and restraint of trade.
The bill’s own staff analysis notes that “provisions of Florida law that regulate lobbyist activity have been challenged on grounds they violate First Amendment protections.”
President Donald Trump last month “issued an executive order prohibiting executive branch appointees from lobbying the agency which they were appointed to serve for five years after termination of employment,” the staff analysis adds.
Thirty-four states in all have some lobbying ban on former state lawmakers, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.
“While no state currently has a post-service lobbying ban longer than two years,” the Missouri House of Representatives is considering extending that state’s “lobbying ban applicable to former legislators and appointed state officers (who require confirmation by the state senate) to five years following vacation of office, from six months,” the analysis says.
Metz’s bill was changed Tuesday to

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Award-Winning St. Louis Cop Sued for Searching Woman’s Vagina for Drugs During Routine Traffic Stop

Tuesday, January 17th, 2017

St. Louis police pulled a car over for making a U-turn, forcing a passenger out of the car, handcuffing her, then pulling her pants and underwear down as an officer probed her vagina for drugs with gloved fingers.
No drugs were found inside Kayla Robinson’s vagina, but she was still arrested on two counts of drug possession because she had already handed them a bag of weed.
But Detective Angela Hawkins believed Robinson had crack cocaine that she was not handing over. And the award-winning officer was sure the crack was hidden inside her vagina.
Robinson, who at the time was studying criminal justice to become a cop, pleaded with the officer to transport her to a police station where the vaginal probe could take place in private.
But Hawkins insisted it take place in a nearby parking lot in the presence of a male officer, who brought the female officer the gloves needed for the procedure.
Hawkins ended up disciplined by internal affairs and now she is being sued by Robinson.
According to the Riverfront Times:
A female officer with the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department allegedly probed the inside of a black waitress’ vagina while a male officer watched — leading to discipline for the female officer and, now, a lawsuit in federal court.
The lawsuit, filed in November by attorney Jeremy Hollingshead, alleges that detective Angela Hawkins handcuffed 24-year-old Kayla Robinson after she was a passenger in a car during a routine traffic stop in 2012. Hawkins allegedly pushed the young woman up against a tractor-trailer and demanded to know where “the dope and the guns” were, according to the suit.
But the cavity search turned up no drugs. And Hawkins was later disciplined for her actions, the suit says.
From the lawsuit:
Defendant Hawkins put the gloves on, turned Plaintiff around so as to face the male officer,

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Missouri Cop Sentenced to Seven Years in Prison for Abusing Boy Will Serve Only 60 Days

Wednesday, December 28th, 2016

A Missouri cop was handed a promotion in March 2015, less than a month after losing his temper and throwing a four-year-old boy against the wall, slamming his head into a cabinet.
Leadwood Police Sergeant Jay R. Bellis also admitted to pulling the boy’s ears, causing them to bleed, because the boy had misbehaved at daycare.
Bellis’ promotion was short-lived, however, as he was arrested on felony child endangerment charges three weeks later, which led to his resignation.
Last week, the 39-year-old former cop was sentenced to seven years in prison, according to the Daily Journal.
But Bellis won’t be serving any hard time in prison because the judge quickly suspended that sentence to five years probation.
However, Associate Circuit Judge Wendy Wexler Horn did order Bellis to serve 60 days of so-called “shock time” in the St. Francois County Jail.
The incident took place in Bellis’ home on February 24, 2015. The boy lived in his household, but his relationship with the boy has not been publicized.
He was rehired by the Leadwood Police Department on March 12, 2015. And promoted to sergeant shortly after.
And he was arrested on April 2, 2015, but was quickly released after posting a $50,000 bond.
According to the police report, Bellis admitted throwing the young boy against the wall after losing his temper.
Bellis pleaded guilty to felony child endangerment in October.
Judge Horn then ordered a “Sentencing Assessment Report” on his’ criminal, professional and social histories and set a future date for sentencing, which was last week.
Upon considering the factors of the case, Judge Horn sentenced Bellis to seven years in the Missouri State Department of Corrections before suspending the sentence to probation.
Bellis previously worked for Leadwood police between 2011 to 2014 and then the St. Francois County Sheriff’s Department before he was rehired at Leadwood.
In addition to court costs, Bellis was ordered

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Missouri Police Association Sues Missouri Police Department Over Public Records Violations

Wednesday, December 7th, 2016

A Missouri police association filed a lawsuit against the city of Columbia, accusing its police department of violating the state’s public records law by refusing to provide records in a timely manner, then charging an exorbitant amount for the requested records.
Last summer, the Columbia Police Officers’ Association requested two months worth of email correspondence between Columbia Police Chief Ken Burton Deputy Chief of Police Jill Schlude.
But the emails were not produced within three days as required by state law nor did the association receive a detailed explanation providing “reasonable cause” of the delay as outlined in Section 610.023 of the Missouri Sunshine Law.
And when the department finally responded to the records request, it was charging the association $893.59, claiming it will take several high-ranking officers to spend hours compiling the records.
Evidently, they’ve never learned how to use the search function in their email system, which would allow the lowest paid clerk to compile the emails within an hour.
The police association was asking for emails from the months of June and July of this year. And it filed its lawsuit in October, which can be read here.
The Columbia Police Officers’ Association is a private organization that is not part of the Columbia Police Department although the majority of the department’s officers are members.
However, the organization is not a police labor union, even though it is lodge of the Fraternal Order of Police.
Missouri is a right-to-work state and thus does not have collective bargaining. Instead, the police association provides legal services to officers of the Columbia Police Department in the event that an officer is sued or is on trial in need of a defense attorney.
On September 22, the police association submitted a records request for copies of all completed morale questionnaires submitted to the city manager by Columbia Police Department officers.
Earlier that month,

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Missouri Man Remains Imprisoned Despite Police Commissioner and Prosecutor Saying he is Innocent

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2016

A Kansas City man who has been in prison for two decades for a double murder has long claimed he is innocent.
And now a Kansas City Police commissioner as well as a former prosecutor who have reviewed his case are also saying he is innocent.
But Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster said it’s too late for Ricky Kidd because he did not appeal it in time.
However, the Midwest Innocence Project, a nonprofit organization dedicated to exonerated innocent people imprisoned for crimes they did not commit, is fighting to get him freed.
Kidd is serving two life sentences at a maximum security prison in Cameron, Missouri without the possibility of parole for the 1996 double murder of two men.
Ricky Kidd was getting a gun permit at the time of the murders.
There is no physical or forensic evidence linking Kidd to the murder in which three men killed two men in a drug ripoff.
In fact, one of the convicted killers testified that Kidd was not involved in the double murder.
And the four-year-old daughter of one of the victims who witnessed the murders did not identify him as one of the killers.
Also, Kidd was at the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department on the same day of the murders, according to records.
However, his attorney at the time failed to obtain the VHS surveillance video showing him at the sheriff’s office.
But records show they conducted a criminal background search on Kidd at 1:37 p.m. that day, just over two hours after the 11:30 a.m. murder.
The only reason he became a suspect was because police received an anonymous tip saying he was one of the killers, which appears to have been placed by one of the actual killers, according to the Midwest Innocence Project.
The murders took place on February 6, 1996 when three men wearing black skull caps robbed and murdered George

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Missouri Pays $9 Million Settlement to Family of Brandon Ellingson, Man who Drowned while Handcuffed in Custody of Police

Thursday, November 17th, 2016

The family of a man who fell off a police boat while handcuffed and allowed to drown by the Missouri state trooper operating the boat will receive a $9 million settlement, attorneys announced Thursday.
And there is still a chance the cop will be convicted of involuntary manslaughter in the death of Brandon Ellingson, a 20-year-old college student from Iowa who had been arrested for boating while intoxicated.
Missouri Highway Patrol officer Anthony Piercy is scheduled for a hearing Monday for his upcoming trial.
The only reason the case came this far is because of another Missouri Highway Patrol officer   named Randy Henry, who blew the whistle, only to face retaliation from his superiors. The sergeant was forced into retirement last year, ending a 29-year career.
According to the Kansas City Star:
A spokesman for the patrol released a statement to The Star Thursday morning.
“The mission of the Missouri State Highway Patrol is to serve and protect all people, and any loss of life is a tragedy,” said Capt. John Hotz. “With this case now settled through the court system, the patrol will have no additional comment on this matter.”
The Missouri attorney general’s office, which represented the agency and troopers, did not immediately return requests for comment.
The Ellingson family — his parents and older sister Jennifer — filed the lawsuit in federal court on Dec. 5, 2014, two days before Brandon would have turned 21. The suit initially named the patrol and several top commanders and troopers, as well as Piercy, who stopped Ellingson on May 31, 2014 for boating while intoxicated.
Piercy’s actions and inactions that day caused Ellingson’s death, according to the lawsuit. The state and patrol were also responsible, the suit alleged, because of a lack of training for troopers after the 2011 merger of the Missouri Water Patrol into the Highway Patrol.

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Missouri won’t Exonerate Innocent Man Because He’s not on Death Row

Wednesday, October 12th, 2016

Eyewitness testimony from a 7-year-old girl who saw her mother stabbed to death was the “linchpin” that put Rodney Lincoln behind bars for life for the April 1982 murder of a St. Louis woman.
The deciding factor for the outcome is now doubting her own story, and she wants her mother’s supposed killer to go free.
On Tuesday the Missouri Court of Appeals Western District denied Rodney Lincoln a writ of habeas corpus that would have forced a retrial of his 1983 conviction.
In the opinion filed Tuesday by the Western District, the court agreed with the Cole County’s June ruling that Lincoln’s Constitutional right to due process was not threatened because he was not on death row.
Lincoln’s attorneys from the Midwest Innocence Project challenged the Constitutionality of Lincoln’s imprisonment using a 2003 case, State ex rel. Amrine v. Roper, in which Missouri man Joseph Amrine was wrongly convicted of a prison murder based on false witness testimony.
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The Missouri Supreme Court ordered a retrial when three witnesses subsequently recanted their statements. Amrine was released after prosecutors declined to retry him.
In 1982, JoAnn Tate was found stabbed to death in her St. Louis apartment, lying face down in a pool of blood. Tate’s daughters, then aged seven and four, were found stabbed but alive. The testimony of the older sibling, Melissa Davis (who now goes by Melissa DeBoer) was key to finding Lincoln guilty of murder and two counts of assault.
A relative identified Lincoln, who used to date Tate, as a suspect based on a composite sketch of the killer made with the help of Davis. Davis picked out Lincoln in his mug shot, next to a picture of a distant relative, and later in a lineup.
After his first trial ended in

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St. Louis Cop Charged with Murder After Video Footage Shows Him Planting Gun on Unarmed Driver

Thursday, September 22nd, 2016

“I’m going to kill this motherfucker; Don’t you know it!” an excited Jason Stockley said as dash cam footage recorded he and his partner engaged in a pursuit of an unarmed black man.
A St. Louis cop is out on a million dollar bail, paid for by the police union, after prosecutors finally decided to charge him with the 2011 murder of an unarmed black man, whom he shot with his personal AK-47, then planted a gun in his car to make it appear as if he was unarmed.
All so he could utter the magic phrase every cop says is trained to say after they kill someone, “I feared for my life.”
Jason Stockley used his personal AK-47 to murder 27-year-old Anthony Lamar Smith, which according to department policy, he wasn’t supposed to have.
Jason Stockley thought he’d gotten away with murder until Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce received “new evidence.” However, she did not disclose the nature of the evidence. DNA from Smith was not found on the gun, but Stockley’s was.
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Stockley was indicted in August for murder.
On Tuesday, several pieces of video footage were put together and dropped off to Fox2 in St. Louis, which, together, show the entire incident.
The video below contains footage from Stockley’s dash cam, surveillance footage, and from bystanders’ cell phones, which gave a clearer picture of the whole event than before.
It also gives a clearer picture of how naturally it comes to police to cover up murder.
It begins with St. Louis cops Jason Stockley and Brian Bianchi who suspect a hand-to-hand drug transaction at Golden Chicken.
Stockley gets out of the passenger side with his personal AK-47.
He shoots at Smith’s car after Smith drove away over a sidewalk after, according to his own report, Bianchi “inadvertently blocked him” while attempting to conduct a person-to-person interview with the suspects.
Anthony Lamar Smith holding is daughter.
Stockley gets in the patrol car and

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