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New Orleans Cop Rehired after Shooting at Unarmed Man to Receive Three Years Backpay

Friday, December 22nd, 2017

A New Orleans police officer got his job back earlier today after he was fired in 2014 for shooting at a suspect that supposedly had a gun during a high speed chase.
The investigation revealed that the suspect did not have a gun and was actually attempting to flee from the officer, but the New Orlean’s  Civil Service Commission cited a lack of evidence to support the officer’s firing, reports WWL.
The officer’s attorney Kevin Boshea said his client was eager to return to police work.
Isaiah Shannon was a six-year veteran officer with the New Orlean’s Police Department when in 2013 he encountered a Chevrolet Impala in what he described as a high-crime area. Shannon was on a special task force designated to target hot zone crime areas.
The two occupants in the Impala were not wearing seat belts, so Officer Shannon and the other officers on scene attempted to make a traffic stop.
The driver of the Impala refused to stop as it ran several stop signs and red lights, eventually losing control and crashing into a pickup truck.
Officers were then able to force the driver out of the car and onto the ground.
But the passenger identified as Terrell Chapman ignored Shannon’s commands not to move and instead reached for a gun jumped in the back seat and ran from the vehicle, according to the officer.
Shannon said when he saw Chapman reaching, he pulled out his department-issued gun and fired a shot at Chapman, narrowly missing him.
But higher ranking officer Lt. Ken Burns stated that Shannon shot at Chapman after he was already out of the vehicle and running away.
There was private surveillance video that captured the encounter, but the footage was grainy and without audio. The video revealed Chapman exiting the vehicle and the crowd reacting to a gunshot.
NOPD Superintendent Michael Harrison fired Officer Shannon in November 2014,

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WATCH: Off-Duty Texas Cop Slams Woman Over Parking Spot; Charges Dismissed

Saturday, May 6th, 2017

A Harris County sheriff’s deputy was arrested for assaulting a woman in a club parking lot in Houston.
Now the charges have been dropped by the district attorney.  The deputy in question has been identified as 29-year-old Brian Jones, reports ABC 13.
On last Sunday night Jones was at the The Live Oak Bar partying. The off-duty plainclothes Jones was standing in a parking spot with a woman dressed in white. Apparently Jones was holding the parking spot for a friend and as his friend attempted to park in the spot, the woman in white tried to block the vehicle from getting in.
It was then that Jones pushed the lady and then a brawl ensued.
Jones pushes the woman around and slams her to the ground several times. Jones even throws a few punches.
A Houston police officer was patrolling in the parking lot and rushed to arrest Jones immediately. Jones was pictured sitting in the back of the police car.
But Jones says that the woman hit him with a cell phone and knocked off his glasses. Jones was charged with misdemeanor assault, but on Tuesday all of Jones’s charges were dropped by the district attorney.
The video is below.
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WATCH: Minneapolis Cop Charged for Kicking Man in Face and Lying About It

Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017

These days it is not uncommon for cops to get arrested for assault.
But Officer Christopher Reiter, 36, of the Minneapolis Police Department took things way too far when he kicked Mohamed Osman while he was already down on the ground.
Osman suffered severe brain injuries, brain bleeding and ended up with fractures in his face, including sinus fractures in his nose.
Because of the injuries, Osman is unable to work.
The on-duty assault occurred in Spring 2016, but Reiter was not arrested until March 15, 2017 after he and fellow officers lied about what had taken place that night – only for a surveillance video to expose their lies.
According to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune:
In reports they filed after the incident, Domek wrote that as he approached Osman, he ordered him to get on the ground. Domek then wrote that he moved toward Osman “in an effort to push him to the ground to get him in handcuff position. While doing so, I felt resistance from the male, causing me to believe that he was going to attempt to fight as he had just been involved in a violent assault.”
In his report, Reiter said when the other officers ordered Osman out of the vehicle, “I could see [Osman] pushing off the ground.
“I made a split second decision and kicked [Osman] in the face one time with the top flat part of my boot.”
Reiter is charged with third-degree assault, but prosecutors plan to raise the charge to first-degree assault. The Minneapolis Police Department fired Reiter in Janurary 2017.
It all started in May 2016 when officers responded to a domestic violence call involving Osman and his girlfriend. The two were having dinner and an argument ensued about Osman’s wife.
Osman then hit his girlfriend several times and she called police. When police arrived to the couple’s apartment, they

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Newly Released Surveillance Video Challenges Police Narrative in Michael Brown Shooting Death

Monday, March 13th, 2017

Stranger Fruit, a damning documentary recounting the events that led to protests and rioting in Ferguson in 2014 over the shooting death of Michael Brown, spurred more protests in the Missouri city Sunday after unseen surveillance footage in the film reveals Brown had entered a convenience store the night before he was killed and made some kind of exchange with the clerks.
The filmmakers suggest that Brown exchanged a small bag of marijuana for two boxes of cigarillos.
But police have long maintained that Brown stole the boxes of cigarillos the morning he was killed, basing their allegations on a surveillance video of Brown walking out the store with the bag of cigarillos, then pushing the store owner away as he walked out.
The newly-released video shows Brown walk away from the counter with the bag of cigarillos ten hours earlier after making the exchange,, then walking back to the counter and handing the bag back to the clerk, who then placed it behind the counter.
Filmmaker Jason Pollock suggest Brown had returned to the store the following morning to retrieve the tobacco products after handing the bag back to the clerk for safekeeping the night before.
The film made its debut Saturday night at the SXSW film festival in Austin. The premiere was attended by Brown’s mother, Lezley McSpadden.
Although the newly surfaced footage disputes the original police narrative that Brown had strong-armed the cigarillos, which is what led to Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson confronting him on the street before shooting him to death, it was suppressed by St. Louis County police as evidence presented before the grand jury that decided Wilson was justified in shooting Brown.
The clip suggests, instead of barging in to commit strong-armed robbery later that day, he’d actually came back to retrieve the box of cigars the clerks had obviously given him in

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Michigan Sheriff Backs Staff who Forced Woman to Give Birth on Dirty Jail Floor

Monday, February 13th, 2017

A Michigan sheriff is defending a county jail’s decision to withhold treatment from a woman who gave birth in a jail after staff members refused to believe she was going into labor.
A lawmaker is now urging state investigators to look at the case, the same jail previously probed by federal investigators for the deaths of two inmates refused hospitalization in the past four years.
Jessica Preston was pulled over in March last year for a rosary hanging from her rear view mirror that police claimed obstructed her view of the mirror. After police discovered her license was suspended, she was arrested and a judge ordered her to pay $10,000 cash bond for her first-ever driving offense. She was also ordered to appear in court five days later.
Eight months pregnant and unable to post her bond, Preston spent the next five days at a Detroit-area Macomb County jail where she says she went into childbirth without being allowed to see a doctor.
As jail surveillance video shows, Preston was denied medical attention three times by jail staffers who believed she was lying before a deputy finally allowed her to wait in the jail’s medical area.
“(They said), ‘We don’t believe you,” Preston told WDIV. “‘We think you’re lying and you’re not in labor. We’d be able to tell. There are certain things that are more apparent, so go back to your cell.’”
Preston said blood was running down her leg by her third visit with jail staffers, who declined to allow her to be treated at a hospital. Minutes later, Preston was attended by jail staff as she gave birth to five-pound Elijah on a jail resting mat.
“When I was on the floor, like, ‘Please don’t let me have this baby in here. Please just call an ambulance,’” Preston told WDIV.
“I pushed him out right

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Chicago Pays $3 Million Settlement for Police Shooting Death of Teen Holding iPhone Case Mistaken for Gun

Tuesday, December 13th, 2016

Chicago will pay a $3 million settlement to the family of a teenager shot and killed while fleeing police on a busy street, claiming he had a black object in his hand that made them fear for their lives.
The black object turned out to be an iPhone case.
And surveillance cameras do not show Cedric Chatman, 17, pointing the object at officers as he fled as police initially reported, although the videos are grainy.
Nevertheless, Chicago police office Kevin Fry was found to have been justified in the shooting. But only after an investigator from the city’s  Independent Police Review Authority was fired last year after finding the shooting unjustified.
The incident took place in January 2013 but video of the shooting was not released until January 2016 after a lengthy court battle.
Cedrick Chatman
It all started when Fry and his partner, Lou Touth, tried to pull over a Dodge Charger they suspected had been carjacked, prompting its driver, Chatman, to take off running.
According to the Chicago Sun-Times:
The tragedy unfolded on the afternoon of Jan. 7, 2013, after Chatman and two friends allegedly beat and robbed a man driving a silver Dodge Charger before Chatman alone took off in the victim’s car.
Toth and Fry recognized the car on 75th Street, records show, and Toth pulled the officers’ unmarked squad car next to and slightly ahead of the Charger at 75th and Jeffery. Then, the officers, wearing plainclothes but in clearly marked police vests, jumped out of their car with guns drawn.
Toth ran around the front of the Charger, while Fry ran around the rear, records show. But Chatman appeared to reach down and grab something, opened the door of the Charger and fled southeast across 75th. He ran between two parked cars and then west on the sidewalk. Toth was initially on his heels but fell behind,

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REHIRED: Minnesota Deputy Convicted Of Drunkenly Beating K9 Partner After Groping Casino Patrons

Wednesday, November 16th, 2016

A Minnesota sheriff’s deputy who was convicted of animal cruelty on his own K9 service dog in a video recorded beating has been rehired by the Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office.
The Law Enforcement Labor Services police union fought to keep the convicted criminal cop Brett Barry on public payrolls.
State arbitrator Gil Vernon decided that the deputy will be forgiven for his rampage, even though it was a drunken frenzy that would land any regular citizen in jail for assaulting a police officer – his K9 partner.
Ironically, Barry will now be paid to guard Ramsey County’s detention unit, instead of spending time behind its bars to repay society for his crime.
The Minnesota deputy didn’t just beat his dog either.
Deputy Barry’s drunken on-duty rampage included previously undisclosed sexual assaults by the 20-year veteran which remained buried in the Ramsey Sheriffs internal affairs records until today, seventeen months after the incident, according to the StarTribune:
Ramsey County sheriff’s deputy Brett A. Berry forcibly kissed and groped patrons at the Black Bear Casino before beating his K-9 partner in frustration several minutes later, according to documents released Tuesday. An internal affairs investigation into Berry’s actions on June 15, 2015, said that he acted in an “aggressive manner” toward three people while drinking at the casino’s Cobalt lounge in Carlton, Minn.
“His conduct in the Cobalt Lounge toward [redacted] patrons was disrespectful,” said the investigation report. “He agreed that his conduct … was inappropriate.” Berry, 49, of Oakdale, pleaded guilty in January to beating his K-9 partner, Boone, but the full extent of his unwanted advances at the bar hadn’t been disclosed until the sheriff’s office released documents from its investigation Tuesday.
Judging by the redacted blow-by-blow about “someone identified in the investigation only as “off duty [redacted],” whom he grabbed by the shirt.
When security confronted the deputy, he demanded, “Who the [expletive] am I harassing? I have a right

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WATCH: LAPD Releases Video Footage from Carnell Snell Police Shooting Showing him Holding Gun

Tuesday, October 4th, 2016

Los Angeles police released surveillance video from the moments before they shot and killed an 18-year-old man Saturday, showing him wielding a gun.
However, the video does not capture the actual shooting of Carnell Snell, Jr., one of four police shooting deaths in Southern California within a week that sparked protests.
And the word on the street is that Snell ditched the gun as he was being chased.
But LAPD said he turned towards them with the gun in his hand, making them fear for  their lives. And that the gun was found less than five feet from his body.
Whether that’s true or not, the police narrative will be bolstered by the video, which shows Snell pulling a gun out of his waistband and holding it in his left hand as he crouches behind a car before appearing to place it back into his waistband as he continues running.
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The video shows him turning into an alleyway with a cop running behind him. The video contains no audio.
Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck said he chose to release the video in the name of transparency, but that only prompted activists to wonder why hasn’t he released countless other videos that are said to be under investigation.
According to the Los Angeles Times:
Local activists said Beck’s decision shows the department can release footage quickly without impacting an investigation and undercuts the agency’s routine refusal to release video in connection with controversial uses of force. Beck, along with other law enforcement leaders, has said he generally opposes releasing body camera footage, expressing concerns about violating privacy and possibly interfering with investigations.
“Now it just knocks out the rationale that police officials, LAPD officials, have for not releasing video,” said Earl Ofari Hutchinson, a civil rights advocate and

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Cleveland Police Justified in Killing 12-Year-Old Tamir Rice, Reports State

Sunday, October 11th, 2015

A rookie cop with a documented history of emotional instability and firearm incompetency was justified in shooting and killing Tamir Rice, the 12-year-old boy who had been playing with a pellet gun in a playground near his Cleveland home last year.
That is the opinion of so-called “experts” who were asked by the Cuyahoga County District Attorney’s Office to “investigate” the shooting that was captured on surveillance video and showed a pair of Cleveland cops driving up to the boy with one of the officers hopping out of the passengers seat and opening fire.
Cleveland police officer Timothy Loehmann later claimed that Rice had been “reaching for his waistband,” where he had the pellet gun tucked, which, of course, made him fear for his life.
But the video shows Loehmann did not even give Rice a chance, hopping out of the patrol car before it even comes to a complete stop and opening fire.
Within two seconds, Rice is laying on the ground with a bullet in his abdomen.
Loehmann also claimed that he had shouted warnings to Rice, but neither witnesses nor the video backs up that claim.
Nevertheless, a Colorado prosecutor and a former FBI agent released reports Saturday, stating that the shooting was justified. The Ohio State Highway Patrol also released a report where it tried to determine the speed of the police car as it pulled up to the gazebo.
But these opinions are hardly unbiased as they all come from people affiliated with law enforcement.
The case still needs to go before a grand jury to determine whether Loehmann or his partner, Frank Gamback, will face charges.
But not only are grand juries highly susceptible to a prosecutor’s influence, whom usually will try to justify any police shootings, the release of these reports will no doubt be introduced as evidence when it comes to the

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Florida Cops Arrest Woman for Recording, Refusing to Return Her Phone, Claiming They Never Had It

Friday, October 9th, 2015

Jacksonville sheriff’s officers arrested a woman who was video recording them while standing in front of a convenience store, confiscating her phone and refusing to give it back, even after she was released from jail – claiming they never had it in their possession.
But they probably were not expecting her attorney to obtain a surveillance video of the arrest, showing officers pouncing on her, even though she was not physically interfering.
However, that is exactly what they accused her of doing when they arrested her last summer.
On July 15, 2015, Kelli Wilson, 28, had pulled up to a convenience store after discovering her husband was getting arrested.
Police said she began interfering with their investigation by “interrupting the officers” as they were arresting her husband.
Wilson said she was only recording from the sidewalk when the cops demanded her phone.
She refused to hand the phone over, which was when they began punching and kneeing her.
The arrest report states that they had probable cause to shake her down because there was a “no loitering” sign in front of the store.
The report also states that she not only refused to provide identification, but attempted to make a phone call, which evidently made them fear for their lives.
According to the arrest report:
I asked the suspect who she was and she refused to answer. I asked her for her identification since she was continuing to interrupt the other officers investigation and was loitering in front of the store. She stated she did not have it with her. I asked for her name again and she picked up her phone and began to call someone. I told her to put the phone down and gave her another lawful order to identify herself and she did not. She put the phone back up to her ear and ignored me

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Louisiana Cops Shoot Man in Back, then Confiscate Video Witness Says Contradicts Police Version

Thursday, October 8th, 2015

In the early evening hours of September 12, Tevin Lewis and Robert Stewart were standing outside of a home on Sonny Street with several other men in the Best Subdivision in North Lafayette.
Witnesses to the incident say police rolled up on the two and jumped out of their patrol units with guns drawn.  Lewis began running and police, who were serving an arrest warrant on Stewart, gave chase.
Lewis is said to have ran through several back yards and jumped at least one fence before police opened fire on the fleeing man and shot him in the back.  They said he had a gun tied to his hand and that they feared for their lives.
Witnesses say it was cold-blooded murder and at least one video, which would confirm this, has been confiscated by police and has yet to be released despite protests.
Stewart, who was being served the warrant, was immediately taken into custody along with four other men who were not charged with a crime but were witnesses to the incident.
Three days after the shooting, Lafayette community leaders along with the local chapter of the NAACP held a press conference where several eye witnesses came forward to give their account of the incident, according to the Acadiana Advocate.
All of the witnesses present say they had yet to be interviewed by police.
Ronald Boute, a 15-year resident of the neighborhood and an eyewitness to the shooting, says Lewis did run from police and continued to run after the first of two shots were fired.  Boute says he saw Lewis fall to the ground and into a ditch after the he heard the second shot fired.  He also says he didn’t see a gun in Lewis hand but says it did appear he was running for his life.
Tommy Morovant, another resident in the neighborhood, says he saw police arrive

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New Hampshire Cop Caught Slamming Teenager’s Face into Wall Given Special “Capped” Deal

Wednesday, October 7th, 2015

Mark Richardson was caught on video slamming a nineteen-year-old Michael Bergeron’s face into a wall.
While most people would be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for such a brutal act, jailed for at least a year, Richardson luckily had a get-out-of-jail-free card.
He was a Seabrook police officer, after all.
That enabled the New Hampshire cop to receive a “capped” sentence, meaning he will only serve 21 days in jail instead of the maximum five years he was facing.
And he may not even have to serve the 21 days. That will be determined during his sentencing November 12.
The incident took place in 2009 but did not come to light until last year when the surveillance video from the jail was posted online.
The video shows Richardson and two other officers walking the skinny teenager down a jail hallway when Richardson suddenly smashes Bergeron’s face into the wall. All three officers stood over the teenager with smiles on their face after the vicious assault.
Prosecutors argued that the teen had mouthed off to the cops. Richardson testified that he had lost control of his submission move.
After getting his face smashed into the wall, Bergeron has trouble maintaining his balance, so another Seabrook officer, Adam Laurent, walks up to him and pepper sprays him.
Bergeron, who posted the video to Youtube, stated the following:
“Charged with a dwi and tried explaining that I wasn’t drunk and they could be out catching actual criminals. then after being in the cell for a while waitng for a bail bonds man I was taken out and brought in the booking room to call for a ride. after calling a ride I was told I could take my phone that I called from and my wallet. as soon as I grabbed my wallet from the table he officer with the glasses came at me saying

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New Jersey Cop Terrorizes Innocent Men at Gunpoint, Blaming Them for Stabbing his Son

Wednesday, September 30th, 2015

Angry that his son had been stabbed in a fight, an off-duty New Jersey cop grabbed his gun and began confronting random people on the street, including one man whom he ordered to the ground at gunpoint, slapping and kicking him in the process.
He then confronts another man at gunpoint, ordering him down on the curb as a crowd of people urge him to calm down and put the gun away.
“Who is it? Is it him or the other one?” the off-duty Paterson police officer demanded, still wielding the gun.
The cop then started chasing a man down the street with a man following him while recording.
Eventually, on-duty uniformed cops arrived, but made no arrests, indicating the men the cop was holding at gunpoint had nothing to do with his son’s stabbing, which took place a few blocks away.
The incident took place September 24. A surveillance video captured the initial incident. A man’s cellphone captured the second part of the incident.
According to ABC 7:
“He was saying, ‘I just want to know who fought with my son, who stabbed my son,’” a witness said. “He was just going crazy.”
Witnesses say the man is a Paterson police officer whose son had been stabbed in a fight earlier that night a few blocks away. We went to the man’s home, where a woman said she was the mother of the man with the gun.
“To find that they stabbed his son, he had to react, him and his wife,” she said through a translator. “All he said was every father has a right to defend his son.”
The video circulating is titled “Off duty South Paterson cop gone wild,” and when we asked the police director about the videos, he said the department doesn’t investigate YouTube videos and that no one filed a complaint.
But after we

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Alabama Prison Guards Fired For Beating Handcuffed and Kneeling Prisoner Caught on Video

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2015

One extra-legal jail beating has left two Alabama prison guards fired and one resigned.
The beating happened in front of two other male corrections officers at the Elmore Correctional Facility – one a supervisor – and was recorded in December 2014.
Sergeant Cole, the female Alabama corrections officer caught in the shocking video below, beat a handcuffed prisoner only a split second after he showed docile obedience to her command to get on his knees.
The female Alabama jailer identified by as Sergeant. J. Cole in the video, brought her charge into the room which was recorded without audio, and within 30 seconds he compliantly got on his knees.
That’s when Cole attacked the prisoner taking him to the floor with a series of open handed blows delivered with her full body weight.
The rest of the video shows the poor prisoner curled into the fetal position on the floor.
The Eighth Amendment of the United States Constitution prohibits “cruel and unusual punishment.”
Cole’s supervisor, Lt. Edmond Cooper was fired too, for failing to report the beating.
The Alabama State Personnel Board upheld Cooper’s firing in a ruling today after his attorney argued for a lesser punishment.
The other corrections officer in the room resigned in lieu of being fired.
While we don’t have full details of the prisoner’s crime, nor his offense at that moment, it is sufficient to say that no court would order a grown man to be beaten while in a submissive pose and handcuffed.
Both Cooper and the other corrections officer acted as if nothing at all had happened, one looking around his monitor, then continuing to work on his computer and the other officer passively watching the whole scene.
A few seconds after the beating, the Sgt. Cole left the room as if pacing, she then returned waving her hands in the air and then assaulted the prisoner again, scaring

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Phoenix Cop Knocks 5 Teeth Out of Teen Suspect, Rehired By Citizen Panel

Saturday, August 22nd, 2015

The Phoenix cop who was fired in this December for a brutal act of bullying on the job, has been given his job back. Phoenix police officer Kevin McGowan was fired fter chasing a teen into a store and stomping his head into the ground, on camera, for “not obeying commands”. Officer McGowan is a 17-year-veteran of …
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Video Contradicts Claims by Homeland Security That Man Tried to Run Them Over When They Shot at Him

Sunday, August 16th, 2015

Homeland Security agents said they were in fear for their lives, standing directly in the path of an oncoming vehicle when they opened fire on a man in South Florida last May. But now a surveillance video has surfaced that shows one agent purposely stepping into the street before opening fire as the vehicle sped …
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