Multiple People Hospitalized After Vehicle Crash In Miami, Florida, USA


Multiple People Hospitalized After Vehicle Crash In Miami, Florida, USA.Around 5am this morning two vehicles crashed at the intersection of NW 2nd Avenue and NW 29th Street in Miami, Florida, USA Exactly at this Google Maps dropped Pin:​ A witness told me off-camera that one of them did not stop at a flashing red light, causing the crash. City of Miami Police and Fire Rescue was dispatched and arrived minutes later. The first arriving police officer tried to free the trapped victims using a crowbar, but the Jeep was too damaged and the doors would not open. Since the victims were injured, but not seriously, they were able to be removed from the Jeep by lifting them up and out of the bent vehicle.In this video, you will see the early scene including victims being pulled from the damaged Jeep and a firefighter handing a young woman to a police officer who carries her over to a waiting rescue truck. There was at least one trauma alert amongst the people transported to a nearby hospital. Through various investigative means, police will determine if speed, alcohol, and/or drugs, played a part in this crash. There are several surveillance cameras on a business right on the corner that may help investigators.

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